With every passing day it becomes and more
obvious that those described in the title of this article have become more and more emboldened and brasen
in their attempt to change things that God
has already written in his Word.

It would seem that multitudes now see
God as unworthy to be believed and his Word
often is incorrect and therefore may be altered to suit the whims of men.

Some of the most common examples will be
included in this writing.
Absolute multitudes consider themselves to
be expert teachers of God's Word.

In the vast majority of cases they have only
to speak or write a few words and it becomes
obvious to any but the blind that they
have no knowledge of God or his Word.

One has only to visit a web-site, as for exampleYouTube
to see this for yourself.

The majority of these self proclaimed teachers are doing nothing more
than parroting the words
of some man or woman.

One needs only to listen for a few moments
to know beyond a doubt, that clowns are
expounding on something learned from men
and not God.

These fit exactly the description God's Word
teaches concerning false Prophets, false teachers and wolves in sheep's clothing.

The CHURCH by in large have been lulled
into believing that 'everyone' who says they
are speaking or teaching 'God's Word'
are speaking THE TRUTH.

A perfect example of blind leaders of the blind.
To make this work even more effectively, Christians
have for the most part been brainwashed into taking the path of least resistance.

By nature, people love to feel good about themselves
and having the appearance of Godliness, but denying the power thereof is a most comforting feeling.

They have been deceived into believing that
they can hire someone to do the actual
study necessary to know what they should
and should not believe.

The great danger of this is that if the man
they have hired to teach them about God
becomes deceived he will likewise deceive them.

This is the meaning of the phrase which states, “deceiving and being deceived.”

In these last days people will seek out
those who prophecy SMOOTH WORDS.
The most simple explanation of these
SMOOTH WORDS is simply,

'That which one's flesh wants to hear'.

Jesus warned Peter of exactly what his end
would be. Peter could have sought out
some smooth words prophet and chosen
to believe that. He did not. In spite of Jesus'
words not being pleasing to Peter's flesh, Peter spent the rest of his life serving the one he knew to be 'THE TRUTH'.

Every Christian would do well to do likewise.

Now for a few examples which are now
taking place, but, in ever increasing numbers.

Just today I watched a video titled,
“The microchip mark of the beast” (666)

Here is the comment I left for the maker
and promoter of this video.
“Interesting premise, BUT, has it ever occured to anyone to believe exactly what God's Word says.

Rev.13:16 say, "to receive a mark (engraving) on, ON, ON their right hand, or, in their forehands: (partial) re-writing God's Word is forbidden in Rev.22-18-19. I have serious doubts this comment will ever be allowed to stay. I guess if someone will change 13:16 they might also feel free to disregard 22:18 also. Sounds pretty dangerous to me.''

I believe this video has been viewed about ¼ million times.
This video is probably only 'one' of millions of videos of the same ilk. Pure conjector. It has absolute nothing
to do with what God's Word states. Nothing more than
speculation which seeks to change what God saw fit to have written.

If anyone reading these words can, please explain to
me why millions are so fasinated by Fables and fiction
and yet never take the time to compare with what God's Word actually says.

Another interesting subject of interest to millions of 'Believers' is anything to do with the subject
called by men 'THE RAPTURE'

Out of curiosity I watched one on that subject
just yesterday and the second or third thing
this self proclaimed 'teacher' stated was that
2nd Thess. 2: 7 speaks of the Holy Spirit
must be removed from the earth when theRAPTURE takes place.

The question I ask in their comment section was simply this. If the Holy Spirit is removed from the earthat this time,
 then how is it that millions upon millions
of people will become believers because of the Rapture taking place.
 Since the Holy Spirit is the
one who watches over God's Word
 to perform it,
How then could anyone be saved?

Of course I received no answer to my question and I can no longer locate my comment or question
that I posted on that video.

Would anyone care to guess why?

This is one sure and certain sign of a false

teaching. They will not answer because they

have no answer, because there is 'no' answer.

One good thing to understand is that every false

teaching or doctrine is built upon adding too, taking away

or putting the wrong scriptures where they do

NOT belong.

I have often heard unbelievers say that one can

make the Bible say anything you want it to say.

This use to make me so mad, but I have long

ago realized that there is merrit to what they


What deceivers failed to consider is this. God is

much smarter than any man so in his Wisdom

he has written his Word where that any

and every time man seeks to change what he

said, it will ALWAYS lead to a contradiction

somewhere else.

Jesus said that in the last days (end times) the love of MANY

will wax cold. God had Paul write in Thess. Warning of the

great Apostasy (falling away from the faith)

Multitudes of men now teach that in the last days more

people will be saved (become believers) than in the entire

history of mankind. Both can NOT be right.

Should we believe God and Jesus or the multitude of


The deceivers of our day have reached a wrong

conclusion mainly because they don't understand

what Peter said in Acts 2: verse 17.

“And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS, saith God,

I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh: your sons

and your daughters shall prophecy, and your young

men shall see visions, and your old men shall

dream dreams.”

When a man seeks to understand God's Word using

man's knowledge he will make assumptions which

are not in agreement with the Word.

Had these same deceivers listened to the Holy

Spirit he would have pointed out that only one

verse before (verse 16) Peter said very plainly

that the LAST DAYS he spoke of 'began THEN'.

“But this is THAT which was spoken by the prophet


In the almost 2 thousand years since that day, there have

been more people saved than any time in history.

This time Peter refered to as the Last Day is

simply God's way of seperating the days BEFORE

Jesus and the days after Jesus.

One who still does not understand this might

considering stooping so low as to pray and

ask God for understanding.

For any and all who might believe that they

could ask God for understanding and him

not answer perhaps might not know God

nearly as well as they think.

Now there are also multitudes who preach and teach

that God no longer speaks to men since the day

John finished the Book of Rev.

They simply discount the words of Jesus which

say, “my sheep hear my voice, and the voice of

a stranger they will not follow.”

Ask yourself this question. Did Jesus say these

words will only be true until the Cannon is closed?

No he did not. What right has anyone to change exactly

what he did say. This is nothing less than men (or women) who

have taken unto themselves to take away from God's


Do you suppose that they learned this from men or

or from God?

Permit me to answer this question for you. Of course

every person has the right to choose who or what

they will believe.

If you will be honest and try to remember where

or from who you learned this. I'm speaking of the

lie that God or Jesus no longer speaks to men.

If it were possible you to trace the origin of this

doctrine of devils all the way back to it's

origin, I can promise you it did not originate

in God's Word. It originated with Satan and

was passed along from man to man until it

finally reached your ears, and unfortunately

you finally and 'You' chose to believe it.

You may have read it some book written by

a man, you may have learned it in some

CEMETARY, excuse me, I mean some

Seminary school.

Satan's army of tares is beyond counting.

Take comfort in the fact that it really

doesn't matter where you first heard this or

from who.

Simply compare this Twisted Truth to

the words of Jesus and decide who you

are entrusting your eternity too.

The worse thing a man can do is to

claim Jesus as his Lord and then choose

to believe ANY man over him.

This teaching could go on and on forever

but if you haven't gotten the point yet

you more than likely never will.

So let us conclude this article by quoting

God's promise to all who either add too or

take away from what he has already written.

Rev. 22: 18 and 19

“For I testify unto EVERY man that heareth

the words of the prophecy of this book, If ANY man

shall add unto these things, God SHALL add unto him

the plagues that are written in this book.”

“And if ANY man shall take away from the words of the

book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out

of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things

that are written in this book.”

It is not at all difficult to recognize those mentioned

in the title this article.

It is nothing more than making a simple comparison.

All that will remain after that, will be

choosing WHO you will believe.

Who will you put your trust in?

I pray that you make the only wise choice.

The only advice I could possibly make is

to strongly recommend that you chose to

believe the one who gave his life for YOU.

The only one who is able to save you.

His name is JESUS.

GOD bless all who love, believe and trust

in HIS Words over any Word Changer,

Truth Twister, or Fable Fabricator.

The End


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