This Bible study originally took place in 1986.

The truth as revealed here is the direct results of God's answer to my search for the TRUTH concerning the identity of the Two Witnesses.

I had heard so many 'different' answers from so-called Bible teachers and so-called prophecy experts that even one with the limited mind of man could

'know' that so many 'completely different' answers to the same question could NOT' be right.

Picture this in your mind if you will. Imagine myself and 4 other people standing in the middle of Oklahoma.

I ask the question, “in which direction from here is Canada?”

The first man pointed North and I felt much better because now I knew.

Much better that is, until a second man spoke up and said, “no that's not right” and he pointed to the South.

Just about the time I was trying to decide which one to believe the third man spoke up and said, “No they're both wrong Canada is in this direction from here” and immediately pointed toward the West.

My next thought was “I'm getting confused.”

About then the forth man spoke and said, NO, they're all wrong. He then very confidently pointed to the East and began to explain 'why' only his answer was correct.

My head began to swim in confusion. All four men began to speak at once and just as confusion was about to convince me that perhaps we were Not intended to understand the answer to this question,

all at once, a brilliant thought hit my mind.

Why not ask God?

Of course our real question is not “In which direction from here is Canada, but rather 'The Two Witnesses, who they are and who they are NOT.

I included that 'only as an example' of just how confusing it is for Christians to get a straight answer to any question, especially prophecy.

The original question I sought the answer too was, who are the TWO WITNESSES of Rev. 11?

I had been told that they were Moses and Elijah. Others said they were Enoch and Elijah and they then went to great lengths to prove why. Some other off beat examples of what men teach on this subject are, they are the Old and New Testament, they are the 'church' and 'Israel' or, they are the apostle John and the apostle Do-dad because of yakety-yak, yakety-yak.

Like I said, I had already considered an extreme thought. Why not ask God? If anyone would know he would. If I ask in faith and he doesn't answer it could only be because he doesn't intend our knowing.

I think I can be fairly certain that I just lost many because many Christians (so-called) truly believe that God no longer speaks to anyone since the Book of Revelations was completed. Many Christians also believe that God no longer performs miracles today and so forth and so on. Two important things to notice about this myriad of different answers is, ONE, all these answers couldn't be right, and two, ALL are based not on 'what is written' , but upon the asumptions of men or upon 'adding too' or 'taking away' from God's Word. I believe we've covered beforehand God's reward for those who do the latter as written in Rev. 22: 18 – 19/

I did however at that time have a few things going in my favor. One, I had seen God perform miracles with my own eyes and I had already heard his voice with my own ears.

This brings us back around to the subject of this article.

The question I ask was simply, “The Two Witnesses” of Rev. 11 – Who are they really?

As it turns out the answer I did receive could better be as 'Who they are NOT' rather than 'Who they are' but I ended up receiving 'much more' than I than I had even ask.

One helpful bit of information for all lovers of THE TRUTH is this. When anyone seeking to teach the Word finds it necessary to explain why their version of the Truth has to include reasons why words God saw fit to have written don't really mean what they appear to mean, you might perhaps pray that you see a flashing railroad crossing sign in your spirit. You are about to get hit by a train driven by a 'WORD CHANGER'. Any time you ask a simple yes or no answered question and it takes 20 minutes and 20 pages for them to give their answer 'which' they should have been able to answer with a simple yes or no, you may as well ask God to start singing the famous Johnny Cash song which contains the words “I hear the train a coming!” It's the 'WORD 'ADDER'S SPECIAL' and I can only advise you to get off that track. Back to the subject at hand.

As it turns out, God's 'reason' and purpose for sending these two mystery people is 'much more important' than their actual names.

An extremely long introduction to be sure but it just seemed important for readers to understand where I'm coming from and from 'WHOM' these truths came.

Let's begin by reading Revelations Chapter 11 beginning at verse number ONE.

“And there was given me (John) a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court that is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. These have the power to shut up heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, 'AS OFTEN AS THEY WILL'. And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”

Everybody loves a mystery. The Lord loves a good mystery because he knows all the answers. These two witnesses that we've just read about here in the eleventh chapter of Revelations brings us back full circle, WHO are they, WHO are they NOT?

Every search automatically becomes 'a process of elimination'. I'll just give you a brief example as to why I would make such a statement.

Let's say you were searching for something you'd lost in this house. You'd would more than likely start in ONE area, say in this room and after you'd searched this room completely and did not find it, then you could go on to the next room because you've eliminated this room as a possibility of being the answer to your search.

So let's just remember that every search is a process of elimination. Of course we're NOT searching for some item lost in a house but rather The TRUTH from God which will shed his LIGHT on his ANSWER.

Of course the only place we can find God's answer to anything is in his WORD. We need always remember that if God saw it as important enough to bother placing it there, then he must desire for us to know and understand.

So let's start by looking at three of the most suggested candidates as taught by today's Prophecy experts, Bible teachers, the Phd's, etc. etc. etc.

We're going to look first at Moses but before we do, let's look once again at Rev. 11: 6. Here we read that one of the miracles performed by these two witnesses requires the power to turn water into blood. This also is very likely the reason why many of our modern day experts pick Moses as being one of these two witnesses. Another likely reason is because of what occurred on the Mount of transfiguration. This story is found in Matt. 17: verse 3 There both 'Moses' and 'Elias' appeared with Jesus. As it turns out, this is also the favorite pairing by our modern day scribes as to the identity of 'both' of the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11

We will leave the subject of Elias (Elijah in the Hebrew) because right now, we are focusing on Moses only.

Remember we were looking closely at verse 6 and we've noticed specifically that these two 'mystery' witnesses both have the power over waters to turn them into blood.

Hopefully every reader also knows that this sounds very much like one of the miracles performed at the hand of Moses in the land of Egypt when God brought upon that land the ten plagues.

Let's go back to Exodus 7: verse 17 “Thus saith the Lord, In this thou shalt know that I am the Lord; behold, 'I WILL' smite with the rod that is in 'mine hand 'upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned into blood.” Please notice that the Lord said “I will smite” speaking of himself. This is a most important truth. In verse 19 God commands Moses to 'say unto Aaron' thus and so and thus and so. Please don't lose sight of the fact that although God had Moses to tell Aaron to go thru the motions, according to verse 17, it was God doing the actual 'smiting'. Here we have a man (Moses) hearing God's voice, believing what he heard, and doing what God said to do and doing it in faith. Moses heard God's voice and obeyed. Aaron heard Moses' voice and did as Moses said, But it was God who performed this miracle as he did with all of the other nine plagues brought upon Egypt at the 'hand of Moses'. At this point you might begin to wonder why these facts are important to the subject of our article. Just be patient and we shall find out.

Before we return to Rev. 11: 6 you need to make sure you have the Truth we've just covered fixed firmly in your memory. It was God who said it and God who performed this miracle of turning waters into blood, AND especially the TRUTH that God did it at 'his WILL'.

Now we can return to Rev. 11: 6

I want you to notice that this same power has been given to them (The Two Witnesses) and also the power to smite the earth with all plagues, (but the last 5 words you need not miss are) 'AS OFTEN AS THEY WILL' .

The question you need ask yourself is this. Did God give Moses a blanket authority to perform this miracle as often as 'he willed' or was it a 'one time only' occurrence?

Back in Exodus we read that it was God himself saying it and God who did the smiting of the waters. God never said to Moses, “ if you ever see the need for this miracle to be done again, just go right on ahead.”

The answer should be plain and simple. No, he did not.

One needs understand that God does not throw his words around casually. Every word spoken by God has a reason and a purpose. Unlike men, God does not bandy his words about lightly.

The authority given by God unto The Two Witnesses is entirely different from any and all other prophets before or since with one noticeable exception.

That one exception of course being Jesus but we may return to that later in this article.

Now, let me remind you of what we started out looking for. We are looking at the 'possibility' of Moses as being one of these TWO WITNESSES.

Let's go back and learn some very interesting facts about this man called Moses.

Deuteronomy 34: 5 – 7

“So Moses the servant of the Lord 'died there in the Land of Moab, 'according to the word of the Lord' and he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day. And Moses was a hundred and twenty years old 'when he died': his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”

The three most important things to learn from these 3 verses are as follows. One is, this man Moses 'died' and he was 'buried'. If Moses died and he was buried then Moses 'died' a physical death. Now it should not require some great education for anyone who believes that God's Word is 'absolute' TRUTH to believe exactly what God said here.

I have actually heard men teach that Moses

didn't really 'die' but was only hidden away by God to be used by God centuries later as 'one' of THE TWO WITNESSES.

Now you talk about grasping at straws this is about as 'extreme' as it gets.

Making this as simple as I can I'll only add this. It's like everything else you find in God's Word. It's up to YOU who you will choose to believe. God said Moses 'died' and was buried and now some modern day nut-cases teach that Moses did NOT really die, but has only been 'hidden away' on some deserted isle. I can't help it but that absurd theory always reminds me of Satan's words in the garden of Eden, “Surely you shall 'not' die.”

The second thing important to notice might better be found by answering for yourself this question. Why did God bother pointing out that Moses did not die from any sickness or disease? That answer also is very simple. God wanted to make certain that you first knew what Moses did NOT die from so you could then look for the reason why Moses did die. The answer to that question is found in verse number 5. Moses died there in the land of Moab, 'ACCORDING TO THE WORD of the LORD' . He died then and there because God said so. That's what Moses died from. It was God's Appointed time for Moses to die. That time was appointed and set by God the moment he spoke what he did to Moses.

The third thing you can glean from these 3 verses will also come in the form of answering for yourself these questions.

If, as is taught, Moses is to be one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, keeping in mind that both of the TWO WITNESSES must die a physical death as it plainly says in Rev.11: verse 7, our question then becomes – Would God require 'any man' to die 2 TWO physical deaths?

Even Jesus himself was only required by God to die ONE physical death. Would God require more from Moses than he did of Jesus? I would hope that anyone having read thus far should know the answer should be NO, NO, and NO.

We still need to find out the answer to our last question, would God require any man to die 2 physical deaths and for God's answer to that we need go to Heb: 9: 27. Here we find a law of God and it reads “It is 'appointed' unto men (mankind) ONCE to die (he speaks here of physical death) and AFTER this the judgment.” The two most important things 'not' to miss here, are the phrase “ONCE TO DIE” and the word 'APPOINTED'

The first is super simple. The phrase ONCE TO DIE means exactly what ONCE sounds like ONCE means. Once means one time and ONE time only. This is a law of God and God does not violate his own Word. Look back now and recall that Moses has already died a physical death and he died at his APPOINTED TIME as it was set by God when God spoke the time, place and manner of Moses' death.

It might prove beneficial to remind you once again that both of the TWO WITNESSES die a physical death in Rev. 11: 7 because God has already chosen and set 'their' APPOINTED TIME TO DIE. It should become obvious then, that in order for Moses to be 'one' of the TWO WITNESSES God would have to break his own law which we just read about in Hebrews 9: 27

I hope and pray that you KNOW that God would not do such a thing.

The conclusion to our search as far as Moses being one of the TWO WITNESSES can only conclude by us seeing very clearly that Moses is therefore 'excluded' from being the answer to our search by reason of 'PHYSICAL DEATH' .

If you're really sharp you might come up with an interesting question. “Well, what about someone like Lazarus, friend of Jesus, who Jesus raised from the dead? Did he not die 2 TWO physical deaths? The answer is YES he did. But – not two physical deaths at 'his' appointed time to die as God sets for all mankind.

The first time Lazarus died did he die as did Moses? No, he died from a sickness. He was killed by Satan, the thief who comes for but to kill, to steal, and to destroy. The 'first time' Lazarus died, he was killed by Satan before, Before, 'BEFORE' God's appointed time arrived for Lazarus to die. Had that not been the case the next thing to happen to Lazarus would have been his Judgment, Not his resurrection. We SHOULD also know that Lazarus went on and lived for some period of time before keeping his appointment (once to die) as is set by God for 'all' of mankind. The exact time, place, or manner in which Lazarus later died a physical death is 'Not' recorded in God's Word. Why then did God allow Satan to snuff out Lazarus' life 'before' his appointed time came. That answer is not only simple but also self-evident. Hopefully you will remember the story. God did not allow Jesus to go to Lazarus until 4 days 'after' his death. It is taught and believed in Judaism that the spirit of a person remains with the body of the deceased for 3 days before it is allowed to move on. Upon what that belief is based I have no interest in knowing. The church in the earth today believes enough silly superstitons. It does look very much like God eliminated any possibility of the Jews denying Lazarus' resurrection by saying that Lazarus' spirit had not left yet and just re-entered Lazarus' body.

This story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus is MOST important to this study but you may not be able to see why yet, but before the end of this study you will.

This story is found in John 11: 1 -26 The verse you must not miss is verse 26 where Jesus said, “I AM 'the' resurrection and the life.” (partial)

You might have began to wonder by now just what this story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus has to do with the Two Witnesses but I have every confidence you will by the conclusion of this study. All good things in time.

So that we do not become distracted or confused, a very short recap seems to be in order as well as perhaps a warning to those who find it necessary to 'add too' and or 'take away' from God's Word 'as written'. That warning from God is found in Rev. 22: 18-19 and God's reward for those who violate God's Word as written there, perhaps might not be a reward greatly to be desired.

Where were we? Oh yes.

We were looking at a law of God as found in Hebrews 9: 27 and seeking to understand why Lazarus' double dose of death was NOT a contradiction to this scripture. Hopefully you have. We were then looking at a man named Elijah who according to God's Word 'NEVER' experienced physical death not even one time. Hopefully you will know that there are only two men written of in God's Word who left this earth without ever dying a physical death. One was a man called Enoch and the other this man named Elijah.

If an honest person were to ask the question, “If all men have a set time (appointed by God) to die a physical death how then is this not a contradiction of God's Word?

For all who love THE TRUTH that answer will seem so so simple once you understand why God found it necessary to remove two men from this earth without first dying a physical death.

You can rest assured that God did have a reason and that reason is of vital importance in our determining whether either Elijah or Enoch or both, could possibly be the answer to our search for the identity of the TWO WITNESSES.

First of all one needs to understand how this 'taking' of these two men without first keeping their appointment with physical death is NOT an exception to Hebrews 9: 27.

Read that verse again carefully. It may well prove to be that that verse did NOT say what you thought it did. What it 'did' say, is that God has set an 'appointed' time to die for all men. What it did not say, is that every person would 'keep' that appointment. The simple yet profound answer is that both Enoch and Elijah had an appointed time for physical death set by God, but 'were removed from this earth 'BEFORE' their appointed time came. Ask yourself this question. Have you ever had an APPOINTMENT but for one reason or another had to cancel that appointment?

The thing you must Not miss is to understand WHY God did this.

In order for us to know and understand the WHY we need to understand 'another' law of God.

This law is found in 2nd Cor. 13: 1 “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall 'every' word be established.”

This was not some new thing at the time God had Paul write this. This law had been in effect since Moses' day and should you doubt that fact, you can go back and read Num. 35: 30 and Deut. 19: 15

This same law of God was given unto Moses by God. Moses did not just make this up or simply grab it out of thin air.

First we might make certain that we understand the phrase “in the mouth of two or three witnesses.” (partial)

To make certain you don't miss the meaning of 'two or three' let me say the same thing in several different ways. It means 'at least two' and it means 'one' is not sufficient, and it can be very easily understood by saying 'two or more'. Another important point to realize is the phrase 'every word' and this also includes 'every word' spoken by God. God keeps his own law. Anyone who believes differently might well perhaps 'Not' know God so nearly as well as they think.

Perhaps the best way to make certain that you understand this is by example. Since we've already mentioned the story of Jesus and what occurred on the Mount of transfiguration we'll just use that. Matt. 17: verse 1 “And after six days Jesus taking Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,” (partial) We could come up with some interesting questions here. Why did Jesus take 3 disciples with him? Simple and honest question and guess what? A simple answer as well. He took them 'to be witnesses' that this story is Truth. Remember God's law. “Let every word be established (as TRUTH) out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses.” (partial)

Many things in God's Word were witnessed to as being Truth by 2 witnesses, others 3 witnesses, and some TRUTHS by even more witnesses, MANY MORE. For our example take the resurrection of Jesus. 1st. Cor. 15: 6 Here you can see God had the resurrection of Jesus witnessed to by 'over' 500 witnesses. Now that's a lot of witnesses which incidently should also show you the importance God places on our believing in THE RESURRECTION of Jesus. More about that later. The important thing for us to focus on at this moment is to understand is that God's Law requires 'at least TWO' witnesses. Once again it might seem that we have wondered far far away from our study but that is NOT the case because only 'now' we can return to our search for God's reason for taking Enoch and Elijah from this earth without first dying a physical death. God had a reason and that reason was simply to establish his Word about something 'written of' in his Word. Would you be interested in knowing exactly what Word of God he established by taking two men from this earth without experiencing physical death? We'll find God's answer to that question by turning first to 1st. Cor. 15: 51 – 52.

These two verses describe an event which most Christians have chosen to call 'THE RAPTURE' . Our second scripture is found in 1st. Thess. 4: 17 and both of these two scripture refferences speak of the same 'for sure and for certain' event. They both speak of an entire generation of believers who will leave this world 'without' having kept their appointment 'ONCE TO DIE' . God 'has' established the TRUTH of these verses and he did so by taking both Enoch and Elijah from this earth without first dying a physical death. As it also turns out, these two men are probably the second most likely candidates as being The Two witnesses and as it turns out, they 'kinda' are. Notice, I said 'kinda'. Back 23 years ago when I sought God's answer as to who are the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11, as stated before, it turned out that I received much more knowledge than I believed myself to be seeking. Enoch and Elijah 'ARE' God's two witnesses of 'something', but not the Two who are written of in Rev. 11. I have no choice at this point but to tell you exactly what God said about Enoch and Elijah. This is 'not' written in God's Word so no one is required to believe the following statement. God said, “Enoch and Elijah are MY two witnesses of “NO DEATH”. You might need to think about that statement for a minute or two.

The TWO WITNESSES of Rev. 11 – are they witnesses of NO PHYSICAL DEATH? They can NOT be because these Two Witnesses are killed. They die a physical death. Is this not correct? This makes for an interesting question. Can these same two men be witnesses of both 'NO PHYSICAL DEATH' and witnesses of the opposite side of this coin? What are the TWO WITNESSES of Rev.11 witnesses of?

Answer for yourself and me a simple question.

Considering the plain Truth that the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 are killed and their dead bodies lie dead in the streets for 3 and ½ days and are THEN brought back to life by God. What exactly do these unquestionable facts add up to? Can you give me a simple and precise one word description for what this would be called?

Let me help you. These events are describing what God has chosen to call 'RESURRECTION'.

This word resurrection means 'from' physical DEATH back 'to' LIFE.

The importance of this occurrence can NOT be overstated. What is God's purpose for having the entire world see this with their own eyes? It is also important to know that Enoch and Elijah can NOT be God's witnesses of “NO PHYSICAL DEATH” and also His Witnesses of resurrection from physical death. One precludes the other. There are many reasons given in God's Word proving that Elijah is not one of the Two Witnesses written of in Rev. 11

To keep this article as brief as possible I will only give one.

The chief reason why Elijah has been taught as being one of the TWO is based on an old testament prophecy found in Mal. 3: verse 1 “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me; (partial)

Elijah is specifically named in Chapter 4 and verse 5.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:”

These two verses when looked at alone would seem to give pretty strong evidence that indeed Elijah must indeed come again.

Let's go to Matt. 17: verses 10- 13

“And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias (Elijah) must FIRST come? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias (Elijah) truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say unto you, That Elias (Elijah) is COME ALREADY, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. Then the disciples UNDERSTOOD that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.”

The scribes of Jesus' day taught that Elijah must come first. First means ONE TIME not TWO. Jesus said plainly that Malachi's prophecy had already been fulfilled. That prophecy was fulfilled in John the Baptist. The disciples understood exactly what Jesus said. Do you?

At the very least, anyone should be able to see and understand that Malachi's prophecy having already been fulfilled is 'NO' grounds for proving Elias (Elijah) must come again and will be 'ONE 'of the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11

As already stated there are other scriptures we could include but should not be necessary because anyone who loves Jesus should KNOW that Jesus knew far more than 'all' the scribes of both then and now 'combined'.

Once more it all comes down to 'who have you chosen to believe' ?

Enoch should take much less time to eliminate as being one of the answers to our search.

Let's look at Heb: 11: 5 “By faith Enoch was translated (taken) that he should not 'see' (know) DEATH; and was not found, because God translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.”

A short verse to be sure even though we could write and talk about it for pages and pages and for hours and hours. For the purpose of this study however one only needs to understand one simple TRUTH. In this verse 5 God tells us 'WHY' he took Enoch. God tells us the WHY in 6 short and simple words. “That he should not see DEATH.” Almost as important as what God did say is what this verse did 'NOT' say. This verse does NOT say God took Enoch so that Enoch could come back a few thousand years later and see (know) physical DEATH. If Enoch was taken by God so that he should NOT 'see' (taste or know) physical death only to come back later and taste of death, then the same would have to be true of all belivers who are taken 'raptured' at the end of this age. That's what someone would have to believe if they believe Enoch is to be one of the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11

What right has anyone to change what God 'did' say into something God did 'NOT' say?

I'll answer that question by reminding you of God's promise in Rev. 22: 18 – 19

We can continue forward with one simple reminder that has been stated earlier.

Our examination of these 'three' most popular candidates should have brought you to the conclusion that none of these three could be correct.

As I said before there are more man made theories than you could shake a stick at so I'll cite here only a couple of examples.

One in particular which comes to mind is that the TWO WITNESSES of Rev. 11 are in TRUTH only representative of The OLD and The New Testament.

I'm not certain but if memory serves me I believe this 'THEORY' originated with the Worldwide Church of God. This can be seen for exactly what it is by reading Rev. 11: verse 11 - “And after 3 days and a half the Spirit of God entered into them, and they stood upon their 'FEET'; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.” I can NOT speak for you but as for me, I was never aware that the Old and New testaments even had feet. Were you?

Would you care to hear one more absurdity?

The most recent explaination as to 'WHO' these 'two' Witnesses are is as follows. They are according to this newly hatched theory, the Church and the nation of Israel. Their explaination begins by saying the TWO WITNESSES are not two actual living people but are two 'CORPORATE ENTITES' . “Wow grandma, what big teeth (words) you have.” Two very impressive sounding words to be sure but the catch is, they are not found in God's Word anywhere, especially in Rev. 11.

I fully expect for a new theory to be born in the minds of the 'WORD ADDERS' just any day now. Perhaps someone of simular persuasions might teach that the 'truth' is, that the TWO WITNESSES of Rev. 11 are really Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. You might think I am saying this only in jest, well kinda, but I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Enough time spent on absurdities so now let us proceed onward to find out God's reason for his sending THE TWO WITNESSES. As I stated in the beginning, God's reason for doing this is far 'MORE' important than 'who' they are.

Romans 10: 9 “That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him (Jesus) from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

Once more we find ourselves needing a simple one word description of what this verse speaks of. That one word is simply (RESURRECTION)

That word means 'from death unto life'. For any and all who do NOT believe in the RESURRECTION, there can be 'no salvation'. Believing in 'THE RESURRECTION is a requirement set by God himself. How could anyone who refuses to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, believe God's promise to do the same for all believers? They can't.

To understand WHY God resurrects the TWO WITNESSES and does this in the view of the entire earth will become obvious shortly. Be patient.

The answer to this question can be answered by turning to John 20: and beginning with verse 29.

“Jesus said unto him, (Thomas) because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen, and YET have believed.”

The first thing you need to see is Jesus made a distinction between those who believed only after they had seen with their own eyes and those who would believe 'without' seeing.

Believed what? Who believed that Jesus had been raised from the dead. (Resurrected) It's not hard to understand that this is what Jesus is talking about. Thomas had been with Jesus for 3 and ½ years so it can NOT be that Thomas had never seen Jesus. Both Jesus and Thomas are talking about 'after Jesus was raised from the dead' , RESURRECTED if you please.

Thomas had made the statement “Unless I see it with my own eyes, I will NOT believe.”

Believing something God has said without seeing is not pleasing unto God because 'without faith it is impossible to please God.” The word FAITH means believing without seeing. Equally as important is to remember that Thomas did end up believing.

Using our generation for example, have we ever seen Jesus with our own eyes? Not very likely. We have took God's higher road. We have chosen to believe based solely on God's Word. Don't miss this important point.

Believing that God raised Jesus from the dead (the resurrection) only after you see is 'NOT' pleasing to God. It is however true that in the days in which we live there are multitudes who do NOT believe God raised Jesus from the dead because God had it written in his Word. Some will believe, but exactly like Thomas, only AFTER they witness a RESURRECTION with their own eyes.

Now we are approaching the reason why God shows the entire world that He alone has the power even over DEATH.

When God raises the TWO WITNESSES from death unto life and does this before the eyes of an unbelieving world, it's to give one last chance to believe in 'THE RESURRECTION. What a mercyful God we serve. If anyone ever ask you why God raises the TWO WITNESSES from the dead you can just answer, The world's LAST CHANCE to be saved.

Will everyone who witnesses this event believe and call on Jesus? Sorry to say ALL will not.

Can you now understand what great lengths God will go, to save his creation of man?

For all who will not believe even after seeing with their own eyes there will remain NO HOPE.

In conclusion what exactly have we learned?

Hopefully we've learned that the reason WHY God does something is far more important than 'who' he uses in doing it.

We have learned a few things regarding who they are not. We've also learned to beware of those who go to extreme lengths to prove their man made theories.

We have also learned that whoever the TWO turn out to be, they must be two physical mortals and they must have NEVER suffered physical death yet.

Remember back in the story of Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus Jesus spoke these words, “I AM the Resurrection, and the life; (partial)

This is THE TRUTH that the TWO WITNESSES testify of. A warning is well in order here.

Anyone who's taken the time to read this rather lengthy article must still choose who they will believe. Some might well respond by saying, like Thomas, I will believe it when I see. The problem with that is the simple truth that none of us have any guarantee of being still alive to witness this event. You might very well die in your sleep tonight. Your appointed time to die may be before morning. If I were you, I would NOT take that chance. You can call on Jesus today and not ever have to wonder again. You can choose to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead just because he said so.

If you would be willing to do that, not only will you have God's PROMISE for your salvation but will have also the honor of pleasing the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD, CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, and from this day forward you will have the greatest privilege and honor any man could ever hope to have. You will now have the right and privilege of calling God 'your heavenly Father'.

I pray that you make the right choice. Jesus bought and paid for your salvation with his very own blood. Your eternity depends on your making the RIGHT choice. This is my prayer for ALL who have taken the time to read the words of this article. May God's Spirit of Truth come upon you and that you will hear and obey his voice.

“The Spirit and the Bride say, Come.”

Amen and Amen

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