Matt. 13: 24 – 29

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying,

“The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

But while men (his servants) slept, his enemy came

and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

But when the blade was spring up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

So the servants of the householder came and said unto him,

Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field?

From whence then hath it tares?

He said unto them, An enemy hath done this.

Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares,

ye root up also the wheat also.”

Hopefully, readers will realize that the 'man' spoken of

in verse 24 is represenative of Jesus.

The enemy in verse 25 is none other than Satan.

 What you may have overlooked is,

 that the servants in this story


For anyone who does
not yet understand this,

you can jump ahead
to verses 37 thru 39.

In verse 37 Jesus says
very plainly that
the one who sowed
the 'good seed'

is the Son of Man
refering of course,
to himself.

In verse 38
Jesus goes on  to
explain that the
good seed
are the children of
the (God's) kingdom.

He also says
 in this verse 38
 that the tares are
 the 'children of
 the wicked one'.

So much then
 for the widely popular
 saying, that
( we are ALL God's
children )

We all have to choose
 whether we will believe
what Jesus said,
OR , what the likes
of, let's say, an Oprah
Winfrey preaches.


How someone who claims
 to be a Christian
can listen to such drivel day
after day is beyond me.

No only do 'many' Christians
(so called) listen to such
utter nonsense
 but,  they hang on
 every word like it

was coming straight
 from the mouth of God.

Even more amazing
is the fact that
they see absolutely
'nothing' wrong
in doing so.


MANY have listened
so long to the lullaby
 of the world

until they can no
 longer distinguish
 between what is
Godly, and what is

 between what is Good,
 and what is Evil.
Confusion reigns
supreme in Jesus'

and sadly to say,
MANY have 'chosen'
 to believe that
 a long spiritual nap
is just what
Jesus ordered.

Guess what?

Jesus said, 'WATCH'
 and 'PRAY'.
By in large
 the CHURCH does.

The largest part
(so claiming at least)
do WATCH and PRAY,

but the real question is
'what' are they watching
 and 'what'
are they praying for?

To far too MANY,
or so it seems,
God has become
 nothing more than
 some kind of 'beck
 and call girl'

He is called upon
only in times of
trouble or
A bad case of
the I WANT's


The good seed
that Jesus sowed
is the Word of
the Living God.

Even when we hear
those words
Satan comes
immediately to
dig it back up.

He does this
 by creating doubts
that Jesus really meant
what he said.

He does not need
to do this personally
because he has
 MANY children

who are only 'too
happy' to do
'THEIR' father's

 tho their teeth
 may be pearly white
and have enough
 makeup on

 to paint a battleship,
and tho they speak
 in a voice so sweet
 that it sounds like
 sugar would NOT
melt in their mouths,

we need to awaken
and realize that their
words are every bit
as poisonous as any
venemous serpent.


Jesus meant exactly
 what he said
 and ALL who
say otherwise are
 nothing less than liars

and not only
are they NOT
 to be believed,
BUT, NOT to be
 even listened too.

In today's high tech
world of computers
 I can think
of no better analogy
 than, GARBAGE in

How very 'subtle'
are both the voices
 of our enemy Satan
 and the multitudes
 of those

who are in reality
 his children and
not God's.

 Jesus Christ has
 become so intoxicated
on the spirit
of this world

 that's the ONLY thing
 they feed continually
 into their spirits.

So MANY Christians
(so called at least)
have put so many things
ahead of Jesus that
he hardly even rates
a passing thought.

Todays 'slumbering Church'
has created so many
false God's
and placed them all
 above the very God

who created and
loves them.
The inevitable result is
that they now look,
act, talk and LIVE

exactly like the WORLD.

Stop listening to
 every voice who
pipes while you dance.

These are nothing more
than Satan's Pied Pipers
They play his tune
 Many Christians
love that dance

They are nothing
more that tares
that Satan has sown
among us.

Learn to look,
listen and realize
what is happening.

Exactly as Jesus predicted
and warned of in Rev. 2: 4 ,
MANY have left

Drawn away
by their own lust.
I'm speaking here
of the MANY

who first
 heard the gospel
of Jesus Christ
and fell head
over heels in love
with this man.

This man who gave his
very life in exchange
 for theirs.

Where, does this same
 Jesus rate in your life

Where indeed!
I am not for sure
and certain of how
many times the CHURCH
 was warned to WATCH
and PRAY.

My first thought would be
 a lot. By in large
 the CHURCH does.
They do WATCH
and they do PRAY.

They WATCH Oprah
like she was some
oracle sent by God
 and they 'do' PRAY.

They mostly PRAY
for more, More,
and MORE Stuff.
 Dear God,
give me more STUFF.

They worship before
 a electronic beast
which spews forth
 and glorifies sin

All the while they do so,
their spirits are being fed
on vanity, greed & LUST

“Get what you deserve.”
“Live the good life.”
“You deserve a break

If you believe
only one thing
written in this article,

The last thing you
want to GET, is
'what you deserve'.

We are baraged 24/7
with the lust of the
the lust of the eyes,
 and the pride of life.

There are 24 hours in a day.
Fourteen Hundred
and forty minutes.

How many
 of those minutes
 do you reserve
for the 'ONLY' ONE
 who was willing to die
for YOUR sins?

Let's say you need
 8 hours sleep,
8 hours for work
and 2 hours for
preparing and
eating meals.

That would total
18 hours & leave you
 with 6 hours to spend
as YOU choose.

What part
of those 6 hours
 do you give to Jesus?

That 6 hours equals
 360 minutes.
Does Jesus rate even
one TENTH of that?
36 minutes a day?

What do you choose
 to do with your
leisure time?

Let's say you might
be a 'dedicated'
Oprah lover. HEY!
Oprah is NOT about
to die for YOU!

She will however
joyfully LIE to you.
She will continually
 dig up the good seed
 that was planted in you.

Listen to her version
 of the gospel !
“God would NEVER
 send anyone to Hell
just because they
don't believe in Jesus
because God is Love!”

Well, La -Te- Da!
So He IS.
News flash Church!
God is not SENDING
anyone to Hell.

He never has !
Now get this
straight Church.

All of mankind
was doomed to Hell
long before
God ever sent Jesus.

God in his mercy
 knew we could 'Never'
become sinless
and perfect enough
to inherit his Kingdom,

Before God sent JESUS
we were all ALREADY
on that Broad Way
that leads only to

'Because of' his great
He made for us
a way out.

That Way was Jesus,
 it always HAS been
and always WILL be.

An example
would be good here

Suppose you were
in a burning building
and there was ONLY
One Way to safety
ONE way out

God appears
and tells you
what that WAY is
BUT, you choose
NOT to believe Him

You choose your
OWN way
Or Oprah's way
When and IF
 you perish in that fire

ONLY a Moron
would then say,
God caused you

Am I condemning
Oprah Winfrey.
No way JOSE !

Am I condemning
 the false gospel
she preaches?
You'd better believe it !

You need to realize
that God is
the Creator of
ALL things,

ALL things
includes US
has the right
 to decide what
the Rules are

News flash!
God is GOD!
Oprah is NOT,

Our God made
 the way of
Salvation for us
 NOT Oprah.

He gave you
and me a choice.
You can choose
to believe the God
 who made you,

THE God who paid
our price for us,
you can choose

to believe some
 self-glorifying BIMBO
whose every 'good deed'
 is done only for
the purpose
of being seen by men,


No one should be
 preaching a gospel
they do NOT
OR believe.

Perhaps there was a day
 when you 'knew'
that God alone'
was God.

You have fed
 you mind and spirit
 with so much drivel
until you're no longer
 certain that Jesus
 is even real?

Certainly not sure
 enough to give up
your life of ease
 and pleasure.


“I really intended
 to spend time with
 Jesus Sunday
BUT, the Super Bowl
 was on.”

Oh really!
What about Monday?
Uh, Uh, well I
got home late from work
 and had to watch
all my favorite soaps
 that I taped on Tivo!

Perhaps onTuesday
 you weren't feeling
all that well
so you just
decided to kick back
 until you felt better!

Hey, another news flash.
You ain't fixing
to get better
so you might as well
call one of your other
'little gods' (your doctor),

ASK him for some more
You can rest assured
 that you 'ARE'
going to need them.

Until you learn
that people were never
 intended to be made
 into ' little gods'
to worship


What you need
to do IS, RETURN to
the God of your YOUTH

Men and women
were NEVER
intended to be 'gods'.

Can you dig back
 far enough
 into your memory
to recall, that same
vain desire

Spelled the downfall
 for another
Creation of God.

Can you remember
 God's promised
destiny for him?

Humans can NOT
handle being worshipped
 and just having
that desire to BE
 worshipped is guarentee
of failure

It does not matter
 if that someone
 is the world's
greatest golfer,
ball player, movie star
T.V. Icon.


It's time to get honest.
 Learn to listen to the
words that come
 from your own mouths.

Jesus said it best
when he spoke the words
“Out of the abundance
 of the heart,
the mouth speaketh.”

The thing you speak
most about is
the thing most
important in your life.

It matters not
 whether it's a person,
 a thing, or whatever.

Your false god
 can be anything
 you give your time,
and devotion too.


You aren't any
 more likely
 to have time for Jesus
 than you did today.

Stop lying to yourself.
The darkest days
 'ever known to man'
are upon us

 Things WILL
 get much worse before
they get better.

This is NOT the day
or the season
for putting aside

If you can find
 a reason for doing
 that today,
you will find another
reason tomorrow.


Not only have you
 fallen asleep
but you're as much
to blame

As are Satan's Crooners
who sang you to sleep.

Another new flash!
Church is not some
 place you go to
 on Sundays

The CHURCH is you.
Every voice you have
chosen to listen too
 will determine what
you end up believing.

You dozed peacefully
 while they sang
you their lulabys.

Your spirit has grown
 so dull of hearing
that you can
 NO longer discern
between Good and EVIL.

Would you like to know why?
The answer is simple.
You loved having it so,


 It was the
 'EASY' way.

It was the EASY way
Because it was exactly
what your flesh
'WANTED' to hear.


Every one who comes
 within your hearing
was NOT
sent by God.

Beware of anyone
and everyone
who comes talking
about Jesus

like he was real
 but then turns around
AND in their next
breath plants doubts
about what he said.

Had you made time
 to stay in God's Word,
you would
 have known that.

Yes, Yes, I know.
You would have
if only there weren't
SO MANY important things
to do.

Answer THIS question!
A hundred years
 from now,
will you even REMEMBER
 what Oprah
talked about today?

I don't think so!
In a hundred years
 will you even remember
who won the SuperBowl
 this year? I doubt it.

How about who
won the world
series 10 years ago??

Allow me to let you in
on a little secret.
In a hundred years
from now,
ONLY ONE thing
Will matter.

That ONLY thing
is whether or not
 you had time
 for Jesus today.

Today's gospel is

Translated into
 the most simple of terms
it means, “I WANT

The message
of this article
is simple. It is plainly

 These words are
easy to understand.

It does NOT matter
 one iota what some
smooth talking clown
or 'clowness' has
told you about anything.

The Truth-twisters
you choose to believe today
can NOT determine
 your eternal destiny

   to let them.

These little 'gods
 and godesses'
 will not even be able
 to save themselves
much less anyone else.

All of your idols
 that you now
so willingly worship
will NOT be able to save you.
There is only ONE
 who can.

His name is JESUS

his message today
 is CLEAR.
Listen carefully
 and you will 'never'
 again be able to say
 you were not WARNED.

This is Jesus' message
 to ALL those
who call themselves
 by his name.

You can 'NOT'
be a Christian
if you believe
it's okay with God
 for you to murder
 unborn babies.

You can NOT
be a Christian
if you justify
those who do.

You can NOT
be a Christian

if you LIE,
Cheat and Steal
just to satisfy
your own lusts.

You are only
'self deceived'
and it will NOT
matter who
 your deceivers were.

The deceivers
will pay for
'their' own sins
and YOU
will pay for 'yours'.

Jesus gave up
everything he had
to give you the right
 to choose where
and with whom,
you would spend
 YOUR eternity.

What will YOUR choice be?
Will you choose to be a
child in God's Kingdom,
a child of the wicked one?

Will you cling to
 and hold fast to
that God sent HIS Son
 to speak?

will you continue
to worship some clown
who's only love
is for themselves.

Jesus is 'calling'
 HIS CHURCH to repentance
and back to trusting in Him.

JESUS only
can give us the strength
to live a Godly life.


It is entirely possible
that this short little
article will be
you'll ever get.

Many have went to bed
 and never again
in this world.

It is highly unlikely
that when they fell asleep
that they were expecting
to wake up in another world.

The tares 'will be'
 and it will make
absolutely NO difference

whether you believe that or not.
Jesus is the TRUTH
 and He does NOT lie.

Men (and women) can
 and 'most often' do.

You WILL spend
 eternity with the God
 of your own choosing.

If that god
 turns out to be
 some man, some woman,
or some thing
please at least
be honest about it.

Don't blame God
should you end up
in Hell.

The only ones who will
 spend eternity there
 will those who chose
other things
over seeking God.

This short
 little message
you just read here
can only end in
one conclusion.

I end this short
writing with two
questions and a statement.

Do you really believe
 you can have NO TIME
 for Jesus in this life
 and then inherit eternal

Do you REALLY,
 believe that?
I DON'T believe
that for one moment

My advice
 to the Church
is simple.



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