People might well picture almost anything after

reading the title of this article.

Ask yourself what first popped into

your head when you first read

the above title.

Perhaps some exotic and nearly extinct species

of animal.

Or, perhaps it could be some strange

crossbreed offspring of two different


The path to our learning the answer to our

question may well take some very strange twists

and turns, but in our patience lies our success.

Let's begin our search by first eliminating

all things that are so commonly in abundance

that they have little or no value.

You see, the word ABUNDANT and the

word RARE are exact opposites.

Rarity 'increases' value and an 'over abundance'

of anything can only end with that THING

becoming worthless, or, at the very least

'taken for granted'.

Please understand that this

article is not speaking of elements necessary

for sustaining the life of living things.

A couple of good

examples of this would be air, water and food.

These things of course are not worthless but

are often treated as tho they were unless

they somehow come to be in short supply.

The most ABUNDANT 'thing' in this earth

can be described with ONE word. “OPINIONS”.

OPINIONS are undoubtedly the most abundant

'thing' on earth by reason of being also


This word 'PROLIFIC' means fruitful, and, as

you will soon learn, opinions are the most prolific.

The only thing necessary for 'an opinion' to multiply

is for someone to share it with another person.

One could accurately say then, that considering

there are more than 6 billion people on this earth

and each of them has hundreds, if not thousands

of opinions, well, that would involve numbers far

beyond my skill at math.

The biggest catch to placing some great value

on any opinion is that they are subject

to change. Because of this fact, an opinion

one might be willing to 'die for' today

becomes absolutely worthless the instant

it is no longer believed and held as TRUTH.

Let it suffice to say there are LOTS of

opinions in this earth.

Now, if the opinions of mankind were of any value the

inhabitants of planet earth would be

in wonderful shape. Unfortunately however,

because of their TEMPORARY nature

OPINIONS can 'NEVER' have any Eternal Value.

All opinions that is, except one, and the one

of which I speak, is GOD'S.

PERMIT me to give a short example.

Let's say that I (one person) give 'my' opinion

to you. The results will immediately be, a new

opinion and that being 'yours'.

Your opinion may well be, “I don't believe

what you said for one second.”

Now, that one opinion has quickly become TWO.

I could carry out this seemingly ridiculous

example forever, but that should not be necessary.

All that IS necessary is for you to understand

that for every opinion shared with someone

else, it will be, self generating.

Consider that there over 6 Billion people on

this earth, and each one having hundreds, if not thousands,

of their own opinions, well, you will find

it impossible to number them, due to the fact

that that number is increasing continually

at a rate impossible to keep up with.

As stated before there is only ONE

opinion that does have eternal value and that

OPINION, is God's.

God's opinion 'NEVER' changes and it is

the ETERNAL NATURE of HIS opinion

that gives it such great value.

Now, having said all that, we can continue

our search for the RAREST creature on earth.

St. John chapter 1: verse 1,

''In the beginning was the WORD, and

the WORD was 'WITH' God,

and the Word 'WAS' God.”

verse 2, ''The same (WORD) was in the beginning with God.”

verse 3

''All things were made by 'HIM': and without 'HIM'

was not anything made that was made.”

( An interesting note) In this verse, this same 'WORD'

was identified twice with the pronoun 'HIM'.

Apparently 'THE' WORD we are exaiming is

a person and obviously male in gender.

Verse 3

''In 'HIM' was life: and the life was 'the' LIGHT

of men.”

Please do 'NOT' overlook the small word before

the word 'LIGHT'.

This little word 'the' is so often overlooked

but suffice to say, that 'the' anything

denotes it as being, 'ONE OF THAT KIND'.

If this were not true, God would have had

written 'a light' not 'THE LIGHT'

( note ) Right about at this point one might

begin to wonder if we haven't abandoned

our search for, “THE RAREST CREATURE

ON EARTH.” Time and patience however, will prove that

to be untrue.

verse 5

''And 'the LIGHT' shineth in darkness:

and the darkness comprehended it not.”

( Note ) Pay particular attention to this word

COMPREHENDED. This word is normally understood

to mean 'to understand'. It might therefore

be worthwhile to understand the difference

between LIGHT and DARKNESS.

The natural state of all things (before being changed

by God) is darkness, not LIGHT. DARKNESS was not

created because it did not NEED to be.

Without God that is simply ALL there is.

Notice that here, this

verse speaks of DARKNESS as tho it were

a living entity. Hopefully we should understand

that some things (including many people)

are only comfortable in the Dark.

Darkness creates the ILLUSION , or , (perhaps

even more accurately) we could say,the DELUSION

that their deeds and actions can NOT

be seen by others.

Some creatures were created to live in darkness.

They will never, nor can they EVER, be comfortable

or feel safe in THE LIGHT.

God did not intend it to be so with his

most beloved creation, 'MAN'.

The first man Adam was created 'in the image'

of God himself, a creature of light,

a being of light, the originator therefore


Recall now to yourself the story of

Adam's sin. What was the first reaction

after that act of disobedience? The answer is

simple and obvious. Fear came immediately

as Adam sought to hide himself from

God. Adam had chosen Darkness over LIGHT.

We are speaking of course of Spiritual

LIGHT, not the natural light of the sun.

To use once more that old saying, “I said all

that to say this.”

We are seeking to understand THE LIGHT,

The ONE TRUE LIGHT, as written of

in John 1: 9

Why, someone might be asking

themselves, do we need know all this to

continue our search for the rarest creature

on earth? The answer is simply to make

certain that all might understand what a mighty and

powerful thing THIS LIGHT is. It is 'one

of a kind', it is another name for THE WORD

which was 'with' God 'IN THE BEGINNING'

We are speaking of 'a being', 'a person',


Would not this fact alone make it RARE?

Think about what you have just read.

It is possible for ANYTHING to be

more Rare than something which is a ONE OF A KIND?

Less that that, it would NOT, could NOT be RARE,

because it would be 'non existant'.

verse 9

''That was the TRUE LIGHT,

which lighteth every man that

cometh into the world.”

verse 14

''And the Word was made flesh,

and dwelt among us,

and we beheld HIS glory,

the glory, as of, 'THE ONLY' begotten

of the Father, full of Grace

and Truth.”

note – These two words “THE ONLY”,

can ONLY mean ONE, ONE of a kind.

Can anything be more rare than this??

To be the ONLY ONE of anything.

Now, consider this fact.

There is 'nothing' higher than The Word of

God as spoken of here.

God has spoken MANY words BUT, each one

individually can only be, small parts

of a much greater whole.

We are however, looking for a person,


Before rejecting these words as being

only MY opinion, it would be best if you understood

that this opinion is NOT mine, but 'God's'.

God himself is the one who declared

His 'WORD' to be 'equal

to' HIMSELF and every bit as much

God as he himself.

'Please re-read verse 14'.

I will repeat that verse but with the more

literal translation.

“The Word (took upon himself flesh), (became flesh),

and dwelt among us.”

Think about what you have just read.

The Word of God, THE LIGHT, 'This person', went

from being (the highest being in the entire

universe) to the lowest person he could become,

'A MAN'.

Now ask yourself this question. Did this HIGHEST

being come into this earth as a king?

You might think so, but not

the case here.

Why you might wonder????

I'm 'so glad' you did.

Had this person, THE WORD, THE LIGHT,

taken upon himself the form of a Great King,

then he would have been received, ONLY

because of his position of great power

and authority.

Remember we are trying to see this

thru God's eyes and not man's.

Suppose that God HAD sent Jesus as the

Greatest King this earth had ever seen.

It would NOT have served God's purpose

at all.

The reason for this is very simple.

Had he done so, where would the hope have been

for the lowest of men? Men like you and I

for example.

Hopefully you will understand

that the word (men) has nothing to do with

gender but means (mankind).

Men can 'choose' a king or 'appoint' a king. They

can vote for a ruler or draw lots for that matter.

The man chosen by men only,

may become 'their king', 'their ruler',

'their president'.


Only God can 'MAKE' someone a KING.

He who God makes a KING is a


There have been many kings, some good,

some bad and some better than others,


'only A MAN'.

Because God's Wisdom is SO SO SO

FAR ABOVE men's, he knew that all men

are likely to worship a GREAT KING.

To give honor and glory 'to' a great king.


Who then, would have received the Glory

and Honor meant 'ONLY' for God himself?

The Greatest king who ever lived 'might

be able' to save someone in certain situations.

Just for examples sake let's say

we use King Solomon.

Was he wise? Absolutely!

Was he rich? Without a doubt!


Could Solomon

give Life Eternal?


Because 'it' was NOT 'his' to give.

No king, no man can give to someone

else, that which he does not have himself.

Another good question, how many KINGS

have ever saved anyone, at the cost

of their own lives?

It is possible that there may have

been one or more

who gave up his (physical – temporary)

life for his subjects.

Those for whom he died would have still

been subject to physical death.

They would have still been in bondage

to the fear of death. They would have

still walked in darkness.

Why then, did God choose to send

Jesus in the 'form' that he did?

Philippians 2: 5 – 8

''Let this mind be in you, which was also

in Christ Jesus:

Who being in the form of God, (The Word)

thought it not robbery to be EQUAL with God:

But, made himself of NO reputation,and

took upon him(self) the form of a servant,

and was made into the likeness of men:

And being found in fashion as a man,

he 'HUMBLED' himself, and became

obedient unto death,

even the death of the cross.”

Not only did this HIGHEST creature give

up that station to become a mere mortal,

but, to become the lowest of men,

a servant (slave).

There is a story in God's Word about

a very rich young ruler.

Jesus said to this man, “sell all you have

and give to the poor and come follow me.”

Guess what? This rich young man

could not do it.

This rich young ruler had a lot to

give up, but, those were only temporary.

'All' earthly riches, power and glory

are far far from being 'ETERNAL'.

Why? What was missing in this man

that was obviously 'NOT' missing in Jesus?

Consider that Jesus was, in the beginning,

THE Word of God. The highest creature

in the universe. He, of his own free will,

laid aside all the Glory of God and became but

flesh and blood.

What Jesus gave up 'for us' were ETERNAL

things, not temporary.

The entire point of this article

was to find the rarest creature in this

entire earth.

We are much closer to finding that answer

than you might think.

It is the nature of mankind to seek power, wealth,

and the praise and adulation of men.

That NATURE is the 'farthest thing' from

being RARE.

It is common, it is worthless, it is at best


I can not help but smile when I hear

any man of greatness (so called at least),

saying, “I have dedicated my life to

public service.”

Listen and see thru God's eyes.

These hypocrites serve only themselves and

not others. They lie, they cheat, and they

steal, from the poorest of the poor,

to line their own pockets.

      Has anyone reading these words ever

      saw a politician leave office with

      less than they came with?

      I never have and neither have you.

      Kings and rulers and politicians desire 'only'

      the glory of this world.


      Hardly !


      Who serves who?

      Thieves and Robbers !

      You better believe it.



      Surprise surprise.

      Those who seek power, worldly glory

      and the praise of men can NOT

      at the same time desire to serve others.

      These people have exactly the same value

      as do men's OPINIONS.

      NONE !

      They are exactly extreme opposites of Jesus.

      Not only are they opposite,

      but 180 degrees opposite.

      Jesus had nothing to gain because he

was 'already' as high as it was possible to be,

'in the beginning'.

From the HIGHEST to the lowest.

It is impossisble for someone to do that

and still hope to gain.

What could there be, to be gained?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus

was willing to do this?

This question can be answered in one word.

LOVE !!!

Because of HIS LOVE, 'not for himself',

but for US.

We started out searching for the RAREST

creature in the earth.

We are about to find our answer.

I should better have said, God's ANSWER.

The most important thing God required

of Jesus was that he 'HUMBLE' himself.


Jesus himself said, “Greater Love has no man

than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.”

This is exactly what Jesus did.

He HUMBLED himself and became obedient

even unto death, even the shameful death

of the cross.

In the beginning Jesus was the Word.

The HIGHEST thing in the universe.

He came into this world so he could

be the LIGHT of this world.

He came to show us the WAY

out of the great DARKNESS that

filled this earth since Adam's sin.

He laid everything aside and became

the 'most' HUMBLE man who ever lived.

There will never be another as HUMBLE

simply because there will NEVER

be another who had 'as much' to give up.

There are perhaps a few 'truly humble' people

who have ever lived on this earth.

When I say 'few' I mean by comparison to

the great multitudes who have lived

and died on this planet.

I would not venture to name any because

only God would know that.

One thing I do know however is this.

A truly HUMBLE man ( or woman) is

extremely rare.

Any person who has ever met someone

who truly was HUMBLE has been

truly blessed by God.

I am certain that this trait (HUMILITY)

by God's standard and definition, is a creature highly

esteemed by God.

The proud, the greedy, the vain, the

covetous, the self seeking, well, they

are as plentiful

as are men's OPINIONS.

Worthless to the extreme.

It seems very clear to me that

not only have we found our answer

but an extra bonus as well.

Hopefully you will now be able to distinguish

between the Priceless and the Worthless.

The answer to our quest is simple.

The rarest creature in this earth,


The most HUMBLE man who ever lived, was

'this man called JESUS'.

He alone could be the most humble

because he had the MOST to give up.

Jesus was, is, and will always be, the

rarest creature ever to walk

on the face of this earth.


Should any reader of these words still

feel some 'bit' of pride in just how

HUMBLE they are, there can

only be one explanation.

You have obviously looked around

and compared yourself to other men.

You're looking in the wrong place.

Unless you were once the highest

creature in the universe and willingly

laid that aside to serve others, even

to the point of laying down your life,

then you have missed the mark set by Jesus

'so far' it's not even close.

Think about these words, and 'then' take a close

look at Jesus.

The rarest creature on earth?

Only you can answer that question

for yourself.

If you think you have come close,

then you've still got quite a ways to go.

God said, it was Jesus!

As for me, I have NO DOUBTS!!!

There's only ever been ONE truly


He was in the beginning “THE WORD”

He alone is the 'LIGHT' of the world.

He alone is the WAY, the TRUTH

and the LIFE.

He willingly laid aside all the Glory

he had with God from the beginning.

He was and IS, beyond a shadow of a doubt,


He is indeed and in TRUTH,

The RAREST CREATURE to ever walk

on the face of God's

green earth.

His name is Jesus!!!!

To our great God be all the Glory

and Honor.

“Thank you Father for giving us eyes

that can see and ears that can hear.”

Thank you Father for sending your Word,

The ONE true LIGHT into this world.

Thank you Jesus for laying aside

all the majesty and glory you had

from the beginning.

Thanks for being willing to come in the

form of a servant rather than some

great king. Because of your willingness

to come in that form and fashion

you have brought HOPE even to the lowly

and the meek of this earth.

Thank you Father for sending your only Son,

thank you Jesus for being,


on earth.


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