The Origin Of Fear

As most often is the case - before God can reveal anything to his people - he must first prime your pump so to speak - by first causing the question to arise from your spirit. Before you jump to a wrong conclusion that God reveals his knowledge & wisdom grudge-ingly - please don't. James 1: 5 tells us "if 'any of you' lack wis­dom, let him ask of God, who giveth to ALL men liberally, & upbraid-eth not; and it (wisdom) SHALL BE given him." It would require an extreme stretch of the imagination to conclude that God may not want you to know the answer. One hard & fast rule that you can count on 100 % of the time - "If God put it in his Word - then he wants you to know - he wants you to understand. God's answer to any question we might ask is 'always' better than anything we might be able to imagine..

When the question posed in the title of this writing first popfifed into my head - my first thought was what was recorded in Gen. 3: 10 -Adam said, "I heard thy voice in the garden, & I was afraid - BECAUSE I was naked & I hid myself." a good answer to be sure BUT not THE right answer. According to Webster's - the meaning of the word 'ORIGIN' means 'the beginning of anything' - 'the place AND time of beginning1,or the cause. To find God's answer to our question - we must go much farther back than what happened in the garden of Eden.

In Ezekiel chapter 28 - verses 12 thru 19 God reveals the history & future of the one we now call Satan. Verse 15 tells us that he was created 'PERFECT1 until (before) iniquity (sin) was found in him. Not only are we about to discover the 'origin' of fear - but of sin. One very important thing to remember is that 'FEAR* is always a by­product of sin.

In verse 16 God begins to speak Satan's judgement. Now please do your best to put yourself in Satan's place.Ybuawere-;, created the most beautiful & perfect of all of God's creations - you have lived & walked in the very presence of Almighty God himself - In verse 18 God said he would bring forth 'a fire in Satan's very midst' - & that same fire will bring you to ashes. in verse 19 - God says - "thou shalt be a TERROR. That very self-same 'fire1 is nothing less than FEAR & terror.

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The word 'terror'as used here means the MOST EXTREME degree of FEAR. FEAR has no higher level or intensity than 'TERROR1.

When you sincerely desire to understand anything God has said in his Word - You will always be well advised not only to consider what he did say, but to eliminate everything he did NOT say as well. An excellent example should be pointed out. In verse 19 - God did not say to Satan -"you shall be filled with terror (fear) - but rather - that Satan should BE (become) terror (fear) itself.

In St. John 8:44 - speaking of Satan - Jesus said that Satan was a murderer from the beginning - (the beginning of what?) - the-beginning of his refusal to abide in the TRUTH). Because of refusing to live (abide) IN the TRUTH - (the result being) that henceforth THE TRUTH WOULD no longer be able to remain in him - From that day forward Satan became the FATHER of his own LIES. He became his own God.

In Isaiah 14: 13-14 - Satan, who was then called Lucifer, spoke 5 "I will: which as it turned out were 5 LIES. In his choosing to believe LIES over THE TRUTH he said THE TRUTH is no longer welcome here - WhereseverS&itn Who ever THE TRUTH (God's Word) is not welcome - God is not WELCOME either.

In the last few paragraphs - you have seen not only the origin of FEAR, but of LIES, & of SIN, & even the spirit of murder. None of these things originated in the Garden of Eden, but were brought into that garden, by the originator of these things, Satan himself.

Thus far we have seen God's TRUTH concerning the title of this writing but in order for that knowledge to benefit mankind - we must understand how these ungodly things were transfered to God's creation of man.

In God's creation of man - we read in Gen.1:26 -"that God created man in God's own image & likeness. Should you have ever assumed that man was created with FEAR residing in his heart - then you would have to believe that God himself was a being of FEAR. Can anyone really believe that it's possible for God himself to be afraid?? Who or what could possibly make God afraid??? I trust that all who read these words will know the cor­rect answer to these last two questions. If you have reached the only correct conclusion - then you should also know that God's man was not created with FEAR as part of his nature - but rather with the nature of God himself. The complete NATURE & character of God can best be un­derstood by knowing the answer to the question - "What are the 7 Spirits of God as mentioned in Rev. 3:1 & 4:5?" The 7 Spirits of God are -

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LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUDGEMENT, KNOWLEDGE, & WISDOM. Exactly as Lucifer was created perfect - so also was Adam created per­fect - in the image & likeness of God himself. Back in Gen. 2:31 we read that at the completion of creation - God himself said that ALL was GOOD - that included man. No one in their right mind could call or con­sider FEAR to be a GOOD thing.

One truth which will greatly aid your understanding of just exactly what FEAR is found in 2nd Tim. 1:7 -"For God has not given us the spirit of fear; (but rather) has given us POWER, & LOVE, & a SOUND MIND." There are two important things revealed here. 1 - FEAR is A SPIRIT -& 2 - FEAR was NOT given by God. The first determination you must make in your own heart - is to make the unchangeable decision that if FEAR did not come from God - "I will have me NONE of that". This will bring you into agreement with God & explain why he said hundreds of times in his Word - FEAR NOT or BE NOT AFRAID. He never said - "be afraid - be very afraid." How about giving God a little credit by realizing that God would NEVER command you to do anything - If that thing - were impossible to do.

As already stated - FEAR is a spirit & it originated in Satan. FEAR is Satan's exact opposite counterpart to God's Spirit of FAITH.

Perhaps it will be helpful to use the analogy of the difference be­tween LIGHT & DARKNESS. 1 - they are exact opposites - 2 - LIGHT & DARKNESS cannot co-exist in the same place at the same time.

Imagine if you will that you are standing in a light-proof room with­out windows or doors. That room will be totally filled with black darkness. Your hand however rest upon a light switch & the instant that switch is turned on - that room will be flooded with LIGHT. Now for some very important questions. Can you observe (see) darkness leaving that room? Where then did it go? Did it leave at the speed of LIGHT???

Next - make for yourself a light-proof container with an air-tight lid. You should be able to look into that jar & observe that it is full of LIGHT - screw the lid on tightly & carry it into another totally dark room. When you remove the lid in that totally darkened room can you see the LIGHT come out filling that room with LIGHT?? I did't think so. The reason is so simple that you probably would have never thought of it except for this silly experiment. LIGHT requires a continual SOURCE. DARKNESS requires only for that source to be cut off. LIGHT requires a presence - DARKNESS requires as absence. The strangest part of what you have just read - is that you can conduct this experiment with both eyes closed because you already know the outcome.

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Before we finish our analogy of DARKNESS & LIGHT & return to our main topic - & that being FEAR - we need to make one final determination. This can best be accomplished by asking & answering one final question. Does DARKNESS really exist - You cannot see it come or leave but you most certainly can feel it when it's there???? The answer is both sim­ple yet profound. Yes it is REAL but can only exist in the ABSENCE OF LIGHT.

Returning now to our original subject of FEAR - Let's ask & answer the same question. The answer is - YES - FEAR is REAL in the respect that it can actually affect & even shorten a persons life. The exact meaning of the word REAL - is something permanent & forever. Nothing however need be permanent & forever if - IF - IF - there exist a rem­edy for it. Just as God knew that the remedy for DARKNESS was LIGHT -he also knew that the remedy for FEAR was his Spirit of FAITH which only worketh by LOVE. Exactly as DARKNESS cannot exist in the presence of LIGHT - Neither can FEAR co-inhabit the same place or space filled with a FAITH-filled heart that loves God. Those who suffer from what they have perceived to be a FEAR problem are in & according to the TRUTH have made themselves victim by NOT BELIEVING some thing or things that God has already said. Picture God saying to you - FEAR NOT - & then Satan coming right along behind saying "I'm going to kill you." You're question then becomes - Who will you choose to believe?? Should you make the right decision you will answer Satan - "You can't kill me be­cause God told me I don't even have to be afraid." It's sad SO sad to say however - that many of God's children choose to believe the god of FEAR & in so doing allow Satan to take God's rightful place - the throne of your heart - & in so doing allow Satan to become god over your life.

Please understand that when the enemy tries to use his ultimate wea­pon of FEAR against you - & he will - your only defense is to believe what God has already said. Eph. 6:16 says -"Above all things, taking the SHIELD OF FAITH, with which you may be able to quench ALL the fiery darts of the wicked." Recall now on our very 1st page the FIRE God said he would bring forth in Satan's very midst??? That's where Satan gets all those fiery darts he intends using on you - out of his very midst. Each & every one will be some LIE, or accusation or threat. The tips of every one will be dipped in that fire (FEAR).

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In Hosea 4:6 - speaking of 'God's knowledge' God makes the statement "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge:" Then in James 3:15 speaking of earthly knowledge- God reveals that all earthly (so-called) knowledge is sensual & devilish. It is due to the lack of God's know­ledge that mankind has had to result to earthly knowledge to seek a cure from a spiritual problem with natural means. When it comes to seeking a solution for FEAR, ANXIETY, & DEPRESSION - because of not knowing God's answer they have resorted to drugs to dull both the pain & senses. The problem with that solution is that it cannot permanently cure the problem. When the drugs or alcohol wear off - the FEAR, ANXIETY, & DEPRESSION will remain. That's without even considering the harm done to your physical body in the meanwhile. The ONLY sure & permanent cure for FEAR is to drive it out by abiding continually in God's LOVE & then filling your spirit (heart) with God's spirit of FAITH. Living continually in God's LOVE is like living continually in an e-ternally lite room & never - never - NEVER - leaving that place. 1st John 1:5 tells us that God is LIGHT, & in him is NO DARKNESS at all. That's 'no' as in NONE - ZERO - UNO minus one. 1st John 4:16 tells us that God is LOVE & that he (whosover) dwelleth in LOVE, dwelleth in God. Verse 18 goes on to say that - "There is 'NO1 (none) FEAR IN HIM (God) but rather - perfect LOVE casteth (drives) out FEAR.

Ps. 119:130 says "The entrance of thy (God's) words giveth LIGHT:" The more of God's Word you receive into your spirit - the more of the LIGHT of God will abide in you. Next comes what may seem at first to be the harder part. Unless & until you have reached the unchangeable decision that God's Word is THE TRUTH, the ONLY TRUTH, & nothing but THE TRUTH, you will not profit one iota.

God has given us his guarantee & his requirement to activate & val­idate that guarantee in Hebrews 11:6 - "But he (whosoever) comes to God must believe - MUST BELIEVE - MUST BELIEVE - (two things) you must be­lieve that he is (God), & - and - AND - that he is - IS - IS - a re-warder of them (whosoever) who diligently (never cease from) seeking him."

The TRUTH as written here will be of little value without some prac­tical examples of how YOU can do these things 'God's WAY. So here goes.

In Matt. 11:28 Jesus said "Come unto me, ALL ye that labour & are heavy laden, and I 'WILL GIVE 'YOU' R-E-S-T." Now if you read & med­itate Jesus' words & you truly Love him & know that he cannot lie then it is impossible for you NOT to receive that REST he promised.

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Immediately you can expect Satan's fiery dart to come at you. It will be in some form or another a denial that the words of Jesus are not true, or at least their not true for you. You may even hear it internally as the sound of your own voice saying "But I can't REST." You need to understand that the last voice you hear - will be the voice you believe. Never let Satan have the last word. Every time you do - you can be for sure & for certain that along with that voice will come FEAR, DOUBT, & UNBELIEF. Let the next words out of your mouth be words of Praise & Thanksgiving. God has perfected Praise that we might 'STILL' the voice of the enemy.

Another promise of God that you would do well to feed continually into your spirit is found in Isaiah 26:3 - "Thou will keep him (whosoever) 'IN PERFECT PEACE', whose mind is stayed on thee: because that person 'trusteth in thee." Here again you can expect another fiery dart with some condemnation or accusation attached. Praise him who said that his Word was "forever settled in Heaven' - it can NEVER be changed or altered by any man, nor beast, & most especially by the Father of all LIES.

I can only hope & pray that you get the picture. For 'every' Lie, or accusation, or condemnation that the the enemy can hurl at you, there IS a promise of God in his Word - that promise contains the LIGHT of God, the FAITH of God, & the LOVE of God. Your job is to find it, to believe it to receive it, & never, NEVER, NEVER - let it go. Jesus said it best in St. John 6:63 - speaking of his words he said - "the words that I speak unto you, they ARE spirit, AND they ARE L-I-F-E."

Hebrews 2:14 - speaking of Jesus - tells us that it was through his death, he Jesus destroyed him (Satan) who by reason of "the FEAR of death, held all mankind in bondage. Satan's power over mankind has been broken & God has given his promise of eternal LIFE for all those "in his Son". Anyone who believes that promise of God no longer has the right to FEAR anything our adversary can do to them up to & including DEATH. The best decision anyone can ever make against FEAR is to command Satan to abdicate God's throne in your heart & then 'invite1 God to take his rightful place as God of you LIFE.

When we began - we searched out the origin of FEAR. IN that search we discovered also the one true & eternal source of LIGHT. God's en­tire purpose of Calvary was to provide for you the right to choose wheth­er to remain in DARKNESS or to abide forever in LIGHT - that choice belongs you & you alone. Choose wisely for it is a matter of LIFE or DEATH.

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I had in all sincerity believed this writing to be completed by the end of page 6 - but as often has proved to be the case - 'what I thought" - has been over ruled by a higher authority.

In St. John 14:30 - shortly before Calvary - Jesus said - speaking of Satan - "for the prince of this world cometh, & (he) has nothing in me." The word nothing as translated in this verse - means 'exactly' what it sounds like it means - NO THING - zip - nada - zilch. Do you recall our mentioning that Adam was created - with a place - a space - in his heart - the centermost part of his spirit???? Picture that space to be the throne-room of Adam's God - his Creator. When Adam chose to believe Satan's Lie - rather than God's Word - he gave God's rightful place - over to his new god. The very instant God vacated that throne - the LIGHT that God is - left also. When Satan took God's rightful place in Adam -along with the god of FEAR - came FEAR itself. When the source of LIGHT left - only DARKNESS remained. Right up & until Adam made that terrible decision to believe the Lie - rather than the TRUTH - he also, could have truthfully said to Satan - "you have nothing in me." The point you need to understand - is that all this was by Adam's choice - NOT GOD'S. Satan had no power to force Adam to believe the LIE. At Calvary - Jesus won back for YOU - that very same right that Adam had been created with.

In Eph. 4:27 - God's Word instructs believers "Neither give place to the devil." This letter was written to the saints at Ephesus - & you should know - that if it was possible for them to give no place to the devil - it must also be possible for you. The 'ONLY WAY' Satan can gain 'place1 in YOU - is to deceive you into choosing to believe & receive some LIE from this father of all lies - IN PLACE OF - 'THE TRUTH1 that God's Word 'IS1. That's 'IS' as in ALWAYS IS. Always remember that DARKNESS cannot exist where God's LIGHT abides. DEATH has NO power where the LIFE of God resides - & the spirit of FEAR is powerless in a FAITH filled heart that loves God.

Had God intended his children to live in FEAR - he would have included the spirit of FEAR when he created Adam. He did NOT! Adam was created perfect in the image & likeness of God himself & as we've already learned i no fear in God.

When Satan shoots his fiery - FEAR tipped darts at you - & he WILL -& you - as you should do - raise your shield of faith by quoting God's Word as did Jesus - you can be certain that every time - he will come back with a YEAH-BUT. Yeah but - blah - blah - blah. You must make up your

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HEART AND MIND - that it IS IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie - that his Word is ETERNAL & forever. Once you've made that unchangeable decision -NEVER hesitate to say SO - & SAY SO - often - OFTEN - OFTEN.

You must come to understand the ABSOLUTE POWER that God has vested in the NAME of JESUS - and - AND - AND - that the right, honor, & privilege of using that NAME has been given to ALL believers - not just to Peter, James, & John, etc. All believers includes you - YOU!!!

In Mark 16: 17-18 - you can learn what great & mighty things can be done in JESUS' NAME by any & all believers who will obey God by having FAITH in that name. 1st. John 3:23

In Philippians 2:9-10 you must learn that God has given JESUS a name which is above (higher) EVERY NAME that is named. FEAR is a name - DE­PRESSION is a name - DARKNESS is a name - SATAN is a name - CANCER is a name - & even UNBELIEF is but a name. ANY & EVERY name you can name is subject to obey the name of JESUS. Verse 10 says that everything with a name must bow - MUST BOW - MUST BOW - it's knee to the name of JESUS. If you command Satan to flee in the name of JESUS - he has to flee - he has no choice - If you command FEAR, ANXIETY, & DEPRESSION to depart in the name of JESUS - they have to go - they have NO choice.

As I sit here just now - the thought struck me - that this list could go on endlessly - names that have no choice but to obey - & suddenly it dawned on me that there is ONE EXCEPTION. That one exception is YOU - IF you already have by your own free will & choice - have bowed your knee & received Jesus as your Lord & Saviour. In so doing - you have invited God to once again take his rightful place on the throne of your heart as both Father & God.

If you can but realize how much God desires to abide in you & you in him forever & always - that you will NEVER again have to walk in DARKNESS or know the torments that come along with FEAR.

The ONLY way God's will for you is possible - is - IF you will LET his words abide in YOU. God's Word can only abide in you by your BELIEVING, RE­CEIVING, & LIVING your life - by that Word. God made his will for YOU known when he chose to send Jesus. Jesus made his will for YOU known - when he willingly lay down his life for yours. Satan no longer has any part, lot, or SAY in this matter. The only remaining decision to be made is YOURS, YOURS & YOURS alone. Who will you believe? Will it be the father of all lies? Will you decide by what you think or feel? Your choice -Your decision!!!! Whose words will you believe???????

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