The Mystery Of GOD

If ask what is THE MYSTERY OF GOD spoken of in God's Word, MANY would answer by quoting 1st Cor. 15:51 - "Behold I shew you a mystery" (partial) . MANY teachers and preachers (so called) are quick to reach and grab on to any scripture when they believe it will avail them just one more opportunity to extol one of their PET doctrines.  In this particular case their answer will only prove to be a much smaller part of a much larger TRUTH.  Please notice in the above quoted verse that Paul uses the word 'A' to prefix the word MYSTERY.  There is a great deal of difference between 'A mystery' and THE MYSTERY.  The word mystery as used by Paul describing what men now love to call 'the rapture',  is a favorite subject of those who teach what I call 'THE GREAT ESCAPE' theory.  I use that term because that's exactly what it is.  A man-made theory, which if believed in strongly enough, has been designed and created for one  purpose and one purpose only.  That purpose is to set up believers for being deceived by the man who is called in God's Word 'The anti-christ.'  This subject termed 'the rapture' by men is however incidental to what this study is about.  I mention it only to say that this mystery Paul speaks of in 1st. Cor. 15:51 is only a small part of 'THE MYSTERY' as described in the title of this article.  Let's first understand the 'Big MYSTERY' before we determine  exactly how and where the much smaller 'a mystery' fits in.  To approach this subject in any other way would be like 'trying to put the cart before the horse' so to speak.  God's Word must be understood by using God's order, not man's.  Eph. 3:9 reads "To make ALL MEN (people) to see (understand) their part of THE MYSTERY OF GOD which has been hid in God, from the foundations of the world." (partial and paraphrased).  What IS this MYSTERY?  Eph.3:19 - "And to know the love of Christ, which surpasses all knowledge, (so) that you (all) might be 'filled with' ALL the FULLNESS OF GOD."  (paraphrased)  God is telling us here that it is His intention and His will that the Body of Christ (the church) be FULL 'as' God is FULL.  This TRUTH is so big that it's almost impossible for the mind of man to comprehend.  Dr's of Philosophy and Theology will be none to happy with the words written here.  The Church in the earth today has had about all the 'ologys'  it can stand.  The results of so called 'wise men' teaching their theories rather than 'what God actually said' is the main reason that the Body of Christ has become, at least for the largest part, Laodicean in both their beliefs and as well as how they live their lives.  Let me save you some time and say that God is 'little' impressed by anyone's titles and number of degrees they hold.  You should also include flattering titles like 'reverend so-and-so, Dr.Do-Dad and so on and so on.  I couldn't help but be amused recently when I read a article exposing one of today's false prophets ( of which there are MANY) and of course it was written by one who seeks to impress others by proudly displaying the title of DR. in front of his name.  Be that as it may, the humorous part was how, as one of his first proofs, he  wrote  that the man in question had to be false because the man being discussed had absolutely no formal education.  No college or even a bible school education.  The implication being this lack of formal education proved that this man could not be qualified to teach anyone 'anything'.  When I hear something like this, or a any statement of a similar nature, I immediately think of 'poor old Jesus'.  That's exactly what the Pharisee's and Dr's of the law said about him.  Jesus' only accomplishment I know of which took place in a cemetery, was that he raised the dead.  More false teachers have come out of the 'educated in a cemetery' crowd, and their numbers far exceed those who have become the very same kind of false teachers they condemn. Instead of being trained in a cemetery however, they somehow managed to figure out their own cons and did so on their own.  You have educated false prophets ( preachers ) and un-educated false prophets. If you feel better about being deceived by one who is educated then be my guest.  I don't care to be deceived by anyone whether he's educated or not.  Jesus had much to say about those who do this very  thing in Matthew 23: verses 1 thru 9.  I have watched with my own eyes as so called christians fall at the feet of 'some man' in tears crying "my father, my spiritual father." Were it not sad enough that anyone would commit this abomination, it's even sadder that 'some man' would stand there and not only receive this praise and adoration but so obviously glory in it. Men were not created to 'be worshiped' but to 'worship'.  Where indeed are the believers of today who seek with all their hearts to learn 'what God said' rather than what they have observed others teaching and doing.  Satan's strongest desire was to be worshiped 'as God' so it's not surprising when we observe his children doing likewise. Mere mortal men ( and women)  commit this same abomination and when push comes to shove, they have only demonstrated exactly who's child they are.  It is the nature of mankind to imitate 'their fathers' and guess what, these who do such, their father is NOT God but rather the father of all LIES.  Just as I began to wonder whether I had wandered away from our subject, I realized that the last few words are indeed relevant to the subject at hand.  Whom do you suppose  loves the idea of men believing that they are limited to living their lives after being (saved), or so it's called, exactly as they did before?  The simple answer is 'the father of ALL LIARS'.  The deceivers who hear and obey his (Satan's) voice love having you believe that there can be NO DIFFERENCE in a person's life after receiving Jesus, and that it is foolish to even try.  Who indeed? Whom do you think prefers you to believe that someday (after you reach heaven) God will give you the 'BIG HYPO' and then you'll have the FULLNESS OF GOD as described in Eph. 3:19?  The deceivers motives are easily understood when you see how this keeps you dependent upon them and under their guidance and control.  As an added extra bonus they can always use this as an 'excuse' should it ever be found out exactly who and what they are and who they really serve.  Quite contrary to God's will, which is for all men to submit to God by allowing your life to be guided by the renewing of your mind and by walking in His Spirit exactly as Jesus did. This is exactly the opposite of following some self-proclaimed glory seeking man who is but flesh and blood.  In simple words, God's intention is that his children be FULL as He is FULL and that's pretty FULL.  Self proclaimed and self ordained men ( and women) are full alright, very full, but not of God.  Read and re-read the verses above in Eph. chapter 3 then pray until you understand and KNOW that this is God's will for ALL believers.  Would the term 'ALL BELIEVERS include YOU for example?  I myself believe it does but the only thing that will  matter in your life, is not what I believe, but what you believe.  To accomplish anything, there are usually more ways than one.  Most often there is man's way and then there's God's.  I can save you some time here by saying that man's way will ALWAYS fail and God's way cannot fail, and will NEVER fail.  Which of these two ways sounds like the wiser choice? God's Word often shows us both ways - man's way as well as God's.  First let's look at what God describes as man's way.  In 2nd Cor. 10:12 we read "Measuring themselves 'by themselves' (comparing themselves to others).This can best be described as the way of the flesh.  Why would men choose to do this?  The simple answer is that the flesh way is always ruled by pride, vanity, vainglory, envy and strife.  The main reason this will never work is because God said it will NOT and He also teaches us that man's way can never lead us into becoming pleasing to God.  On the God's Way side of this coin, we can learn exactly what God has commanded us 'TO DO' that we might become pleasing unto Him.  In Phil. 2:3 we read "Let each (every christian) esteem others better ( more highly ) than themselves."  No one has ever achieved God's will by doing exactly the opposite of what God said to do.  MANY have tried and ALL have failed.  Unfortunately, it is the nature of mankind to desire to be smarter, stronger, faster, richer and more powerful than EVERYONE else.  Where would you suppose this nature came from?  To be more correct I should have ask, from whom did this nature come?  When compared to God's way it becomes obvious that man's way and God's way are exact opposites.  To see this in God's Word you have only to read Mark 9:34-35 - "for by the way they had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest.".  In verse 35 Jesus said "if any man desire to be first, the same (man) shall be last of all, and servant of all."  Had the disciples took one good look at Jesus at that point, that question would have never came up.  There you have it in Jesus' own words.  God's way as opposed to man's.  Those who seek to be great in the earth today are only repeating the same mistake the disciples made.  The difference being,  the disciples heard Jesus' words and received correction and repented.  MAN today will 'not hear' those same words of Jesus and have no intentions of changing their desires or their lives.  The Body of Christ in the earth today has been infiltrated by MANY who desire to be the GREATEST but 'few' who are willing to be 'the least'.  Now I think we have made our way back as to learning how we might go about accomplishing God's MYSTERY in our lives. First we must stop doing the things he said DO NOT DO, and secondly we MUST stop listening to and believing lies that are only telling you what your flesh 'wants to hear'.    Recently I heard a minister (so called at least) make the statement that they wanted to have a great multitude of wonderful works to show Jesus.  Upon hearing these words, my first thought was , wouldn't Jesus already know?  Why would anyone believe it necessary to show Jesus anything.  It is written that we must all appear before Jesus to give account for our works whether they be of God or of the flesh.  Giving account for is quite different than looking into Jesus' lovely face and feeling the need to tell him about all the wonderful things you've done 'for him.'    Those who do these very things are those described in Matthew 7:22 - Jesus said "MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we ( or I ) not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name have cast out devils, and in thy name done MANY wonderful works?"  In verse 23 Jesus will say to those who say this - "I never knew you: depart from me you that work iniquity."  The words from those who feel it necessary to declare unto Jesus just how wonderful they are and were, well to say it as nicely as I can, those words may not be such a wonderful idea.  News flash for those who are now rehearsing   this very thing - God already knows, Jesus already knows and neither Father or Son need you to tell or show them anything. Not only that, but they also 'already know' those who love sin more than righteousness.  Neither Father or Son are fooled by someone calling Jesus Lord now, and they will NOT be fooled on that day.  Years ago God taught me that the group who will do this very thing can be described as the 'WE-DIDS' in stark contrast to those whose praises are limited to what both God and Jesus has done for them.  This latter group can be described as the 'HE-DID's.'  If you examine your own heart honestly, into which group will you fall?  Before going  ahead to the subject at hand, I'll just add that the 'WE- DID's' are seeking to be saved by works and the 'HE DID's' know they can only be saved by Grace thru Faith.  This desire of men for GREATNESS is the exact opposite of MEEKNESS as taught by God.  Study Matthew 23: 11-12 and you can only reach the conclusion that God's way is that we humble ourselves and leave the exalting to Him.  Man's way is to exalt themselves.  It is indeed sad to say that MANY so called famous ( as measured by men) preachers are continually declaring before multitudes "What great and mighty things 'the lord' is doing thru "US".  Big emphasis on the US instead of the Lord.  Recall now that man's way is to compare themselves to others who are but men.  All who choose this path will have little difficulty in finding someone who looks really bad in comparison as to how a deceiver might perceive themselves to be. I have often had the thought that it's possible that in 'that day' the MANY Jesus spoke of might stand there awaiting their turn believing that they are in the sheep line only to find out 'too late' that theirs is the 'goat line'. Can't you just hear the thoughts of THE MANY who are really expecting praise from Jesus. Thoughts like, "Boy, I bet Jesus will really be impressed when my 'turn' comes."  I can almost hear one saying to Jesus - "but, but, but, Jesus - don't you know who I am?  I've written and SOLD over 10 million books about you."  If you feel a strong and overwhelming desire to compare yourself to someone else,  let that someone be Jesus himself. I challenge every reader of these words and if you take this challenge, you'll never again  esteem yourself MORE HIGHLY than you should.  The ONLY thing you can or will ever do that will impress God, is allowing Him to conform you into the image and likeness of His dear Son, Jesus (Romans 8:29).  Jesus was FULL of God, Jesus is the ONLY WAY, Jesus is to be our ONLY EXAMPLE, not some man you're trying to outdo or emulate.  Try outdoing Jesus and you can forget about ever getting a bad case of the 'PRIDES.' Now do you understand what 'THE BIG MYSTERY' written about here is? It can be and will only be accomplished in the lives of those who truly KNOW the love of Christ ( Jesus ).  To those who truly KNOW this LOVE, it IS 'possible' to be filled with ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD (Eph.3:19).  I did not make this up. I did not say this,  God did.  Whether or not YOU choose to believe, or not to believe, is the very 'right' that Jesus gave his life for. That choice is no longer Satan's or those who are but his disciples. That choice is now yours and yours alone.  Choose WISELY.  Choose GOD'S WAY.  As it was from the beginning, so will it be until the end. Believe what God said and live. Choose to believe Satan, or one of his minions, and "YOU WILL SURELY DIE."                   

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