The Moneychangers

Matthew 21:12-13 -

 "And Jesus went into
  the temple of God 
  and 'CAST OUT' all
  of them that sold and
  bought in the temple,

 and overthrew the tables
 of the moneychangers
 and the seats of them
 that sold doves,
 and said unto them,

  MY HOUSE shall be called
 'the house of prayer;
  but you (moneychangers)
  have made it into
  a den of thieves."

   Now when most Christians
   today read this scripture
   they may well think
   to themselves -
  "Good for you Jesus"
  you sure showed them
  what you thought about that!!!

   Should you find yourself
   asking whether or not
   this scripture has any
  application to 'THE CHURCH'
  of today -
  your very next thought
  may well be -
 'well that temple has been
  torn down so it would
  be impossible in our day.

  It will prove helpful
  if you consider that he
 also refers to the temple
 of that day, as 'MY HOUSE'.
 Right about now
 would be an excellent time
 for another Word from God. 
     Hebrews 3:6
"But Christ as a son
 over his own house;

 1st Cori. 3:16
"Know you not
 that 'YOU'
 and that the Spirit of God
 dwelleth in you"? 

 If we are to take these 2
 previous scriptures literally
 (and I do) is it possible
 that there would still
 be moneychangers 
 in the earth today,
  that they are still
  committing these same
  abominations in
 (Whose house we are)

   In Acts 8:20 we read -
 "But Peter said unto him
 (Simon an ex-sorcerer)
 "Thy money perish with thee,
 thou has THOUGHT
  that the gift of God
  may be purchased
  with MONEY." 

  Now while it is true
 that this scripture here
 speaks specifically
 of the gift of the Holy Spirit,
ALL would do well
  to ask themselves this
  question -
 'what has any man (person -
  EVER received from God
  that was not a gift?'

  Does the word 'gift'
  not mean FREE ?
  and if it does -
  then how much
 does that gift cost? 

 Satan can not comprehend
 the meaning of the word 'gift'
 and apparently, neither can a  MONEYCHANGER.

 Ask and answer for yourself
 the following questions. 
 When God sent his Word
 into the earth,
 was there a price on it,
 or was it also a 'FREE GIFT'?

 When in the fullness
 of time God sent Jesus
 into the earth,
 what was the cost necessary
 to receive him? 

  On the day of Pentecost
  what was the price of
  admission into that
  upper room? 
  When Jesus made the blind
  to see, the deaf to hear,
  and the lame to walk,
  how much did he charge?

  I pray you know
  the correct answer
  to all those questions. 

  In Matthew Chapter 10: 5-10
  When Jesus sent out
  the 12 to do these
  same works,
  how much money
  did he instruct them to take? 

   How much did he tell
   those same disciples
   to charge for the mighty
   works they would do
   in his name? 

  Again I trust that you know
  the right answer. 
  Quite to the contrary,
  did he not say,
  "freely you have received,
   FREELY give." 

  There's that word 'GIVE'
  that apparently neither Satan
  nor his disciples understand. 

  What about when Jesus
  preached the Sermon on
  the Mount??? What was the
  ticket price for admission?
  Did he charge 'even more'
  for a seat on the front row?

  Are you aware of the fact
  that MANY
 (so called men of God)
  Do exactly that?

  Are you planning on
  attending one of these
  clowns teaching seminars?
  Don't forget to send in
  your Registration fee.

  I will never cease being
  AMAZED at how blind
  many Christians are.
  Not only do they fall for
  but are 'quick' to justify
  these ungodly deeds.

 The easiest way of spotting
  those who were NOT sent
  by God is described perfectly
  in one single verse.
  "The 'love of money'
   is the Root of A-L-L
   Evil."   You did catch
   the fact that this verse
   says A-L-L evil, NOT
   Some evil?

 Should you have any doubts
 that there are STILL
 CHURCH today,
 just turn on your TV
 and it will NOT take long
 to find one. 

  I should have said
 "you'll find MANY". 
  Need a blessing from God?
  Send money!
  Need healing from God?
  Sow your seed here! 

  Need a better job? 
  Send money! 
  Need a loved one to be saved? 
  Send MONEY! 
  Need to learn more about God? 
  Send money! 

  Do these walking talking
  abominations only exist
  on Television?
  Hardly. You can find them
  by the tens of thousands
  standing in pulpits,

   in seminaries
   and 'oh boy',
   even on our wonderful
   modern marvel,
   called the Internet

   There are even some
    that ask for nothing up front
    but rather offer you their
    great revelations for FREE.
    Do not be deceived. This is
    only sucker bait.

    They pattern themselves
      after their real father SATAN.
      Their FREE bait is only to
      draw you in so they can
      make you 'like unto them'.

      After that will come their
      pitch for the bucks. This is
      most common among the
      Cults. After you have received
      their great revelations from God,
      only then will you be afraid 'NOT'
      to support their cause.

      Back now to those who
      turn God's Word, God's
      understanding into merchandise
      a product to be bought and sold

      It does not make one bit
        of difference, whether their
      merchandise comes in book
      form, a cassette tape, a CD
      or DVD, it still was never meant
             to be sold for money.

         Remember one simple Truth.
      If it's from God, it ain't FOR SALE
               And, if it's for sale,
                 it ain't from God.

      Let's take for example a man
      trying to figure out 'what he must
      do to be saved'.
      Or a Christian trying to learn
      how to receive Healing,
      or anything else from God

        He runs across one of these
        merchandisers of God's Word.
        They have the secret, how to
        receive whatever they might need
        from God.   

        First realize that that person
        has already BOUGHT the Lie
        that God's promises can be
        purchased with money, bucks,
        Filthy Lucre.

        Recall now the words God
        had Peter say to Simon in
        Acts chapter 8: verse 20
      "Because thou hast 'THOUGHT'.    

      Did you catch that?
      Peter just said to Simon
      that JUST FOR 'THINKING'
      this, his heart was NOT RIGHT
      in the sight of God. 

      Please explain me the
      difference between what
      Simon thought and what
      someone thinks who believes
      that Salvation, Healing or
      whatever, can be purchased
      for money.     

          If you still can't see
     the tale-tale signs of THE MONEYCHANGERS -
   that they still prowl the earth today -

        If you hear these words
            as condemnation -
             you may do well
                 to consider
       the following scriptures. 

              2nd Peter 2:1-3 -
      "But (just as) there were
     false prophets also among
                  the people,
         EVEN AS there shall be -
        Shall be - SHALL BE -

                 (not might be)
       false teachers among you,
        who privily SHALL BRING
             in damnable heresies,
                 (and in so doing)
            even denying the Lord
         that bought (purchased) them
                 ( not with money
                   But with Blood)
                 and (in so doing)
              bring upon themselves
                  swift destruction." 
                  "MANY will follow
                their EVIL teachings
           and shameful immorality."
     (words in parenthesis for emphasis)  -

                 Because of them,
          Christ and his TRUE WAY
                  will be slandered.
                     In their GREED
          they will make up clever lies
          to get hold of YOUR MONEY.

                  Those two words
                'clever lies' are just
              another way of saying
              what God's Word calls
                 'doctrines of devils'.

                         This term
    will always ( yes, I said ALWAYS)
    refer to God's Word (THE TRUTH)
        twisted or perverted into a lie.
           To believe and receive
 God's Word always (yes I said ALWAYS )
                     brings LIFE,

    the believing and receiving of 'A DOCTRINE OF DEVILS'
   will always ( yes, I said ALWAYS )
             bring hurt, destruction,
              and ultimately, DEATH.

       You need Always remember
         that those 'CLEVER LIES'
    are always, ( yes, I said ALWAYS )
          presented on the platform
              of being God's Word
                    when in reality
            nothing could be further
                from THE TRUTH.

                 Those referred to
                   in this article as
                     as it turns out,
             are the very same ones
             called by other names
                        such as,
                 FALSE PROPHETS,
                 FALSE TEACHERS,
        and also with the simple term,

           You need to understand
           that these different names
                  are describing
     the very same group of people.

         The answer to the question
             of WHY these (people)
              commit these things
         which God considers to be
         abominations can be found
               in Romans 16:18 -

               this verse not only
                   tells the WHY
               but also identifies
            their intended victims. 
            "For they that are such
                 serve not our Lord
                       Jesus Christ,
              but their OWN BELLY;

           and by good (smooth) words
              and fair speeches deceive
              the hearts of the simple."

               This term 'the simple'
              is Not referring to those
         of diminished mental capacity,
                         but rather

               those who are simple
                 concerning 'EVIL'

           because they would NEVER
           dream of deceiving anyone.
              These God refers to as
                        'the simple'
            make the mistake of believing
        that everyone's hearts are PURE.

     A short trip back down memory lane.     
Was Simon the ex-sorcerer's heart Pure??
   Not according to God if you remember Peter's words to him.
"Your heart is NOT RIGHT in the sight of God. "

            in the earth in our days?
            You decide for yourself.

       Have any names been mentioned?
        Has anyone be condemned and
                        pointed out?
          No !!! Why???? Because it was
                      NOT necessary.

            Those who do the exact
                 same things today
       that the Moneychangers in
                   Jesus' day did,
          have identified themselves.  

                    Let me see now -
               Who should I believe? 
                      The very one
            who gave his life for me -
             those who are seeking
                      to devour me
                  for the purpose of
            filling their OWN BELLIES? 

               I myself have chosen
             to TRUST and BELIEVE
      the ONLY ONE who was willing
    to die in my place, THE ONLY ONE
             who is able to save me.

           For some strange reason
           I don't feel led to believe a MONEYCHANGER
        could, OR even WOULD do that.      

                       You will NEVER
            hear a MONEYCHANGER saying
                      that  you 'CAN' go
                      into all the world
                 and preach the gospel
                        without money.  
                        I said NEVER!!!!

                You will NEVER hear
              a TRUE prophet of God
               say that God is Unable
                     to do anything
                   without ANYTHING. 

        The first time Jesus sent out
        his disciples he forbade them
                to take any money.
    Another time he sent another 70 out
           with the same instructions.

                      So much then
     for the MONEYCHANGERS' theory.
  They will look straight into the camera
        and declare that the GOSPEL
              can NOT be preached
            without fortunes in cash,
             20 million dollar planes,
                     and satellite TV.

          Beware the Fat Pastors
         who have become fat by
        fleecing the sheep. Beware
      of those who always refer to
    MY church, MY congregation,
           MY flock, MY sheep

  These moneychangers are driven
   not by a love for God, but only by
  their own greed, lust and iniquity.
  They will shear 'their' flock until
  many will freeze in the winter and
   starve in the summer.

 They will guard 'their' flock jealously
 and will attack viciously any other, for
 fear someone else will steal 'their' wool.

            of today will be none
          to happy at these words. 
                   of Jesus' day
               were also not happy
              when he overturned
        their tables and drove these
            thieves out of the temple.

          Had Simon the ex-sorcerer
          lived in our day, he would
          more than likely pastored
          some giant mega-church.
        He had exactly the same kind
      of heart as today's moneychangers.

   God's temples today are the hearts of
those who LOVE HIM.
    The sacrifice God requires today
               is our obedience
          out of our LOVE for him.

     He never intended that believers
                pay 'someone else'
   to perform 'their' obedience to HIM
           in exchange for money.
1st Peter 4:17 warns
 that judgment will come
 and when it begins,
 it WILL begin at the house of God.

      spoken of  in this article
     will be among the very FIRST
      to receive their just rewards.

        Pray that the Spirit of God
      will always warn and protect
       you from being deceived
            by any and all lies
       regardless of how 'cleverly
       they have been disguised'.

                   MY prayer for all
               who read the words
                  written here is
        simply that God can and will
           make you able to discern
                  between the REAL
                and the Counterfeit -
             between a PROPHET
                    and a PROFIT.

              May God by his Spirit
           lead and guide you into
                   ALL the TRUTH.
                God bless all who
         "who hear what the Spirit
             says to the churches".

   AMEN and God Bless all who love him
 in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.


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