The Invisible Snare

This is a last days warning for Jesus Lovers only.
One might read this first line and think to themselves
'wow', that sounds kinda cold.
What about the poor lost sinners?
Don't they deserve to be warned also?
Praise God I'm glad you had that thought.
At least it proves that you do have concern for men's souls.
That is a step in the right direction.
The main reason for my saying that in the beginning
is simply this. Only those who truly love Jesus
will keep his commandments and only those who
are keeping his commandments will believe what
he said anyway. In these evil days in which we
find ourselves, 'only those' who love Jesus 'MORE'
than their own lives can survive.
As you will (hopefully) soon understand, this word
'survive' entails much more than one's physical life.
The part-timers and Lukewarm christians
have 'little' to 'no chance' of survival.
Jesus used the words 'Great Tribulation'
and even went as far as to say that this
period of time will be greater than anytime before
OR, 'ever' will be again.
Please take a close look at Christians from
the early Church even unto our day.
Christians has be persecuted, mained, hunted,
tortured, and murdered in every way
evil men can imagine.
Consider the Holocaust. There were more
Christians murdered then than there were Jews.
Were all those things horrible ?
You better believe it.
Now look back at the words of Jesus
and see what he is really saying.
He warns us of a 'time' even 'more horrible'
than any of those just mentioned.
For any and all who claim Jesus as their
Lord my first suggestion would be that
you better start believing exactly what
he said. How can you believe what he said
without first 'knowing' what he said?
If you have chosen rather to take some man's
word about what Jesus said, than to learn
for yourself, well, the Truth is, Jesus is
not your Lord, but the one you chose to believe.

These are very strong words and I know of
no other words which can say it more plainly.
Any person who has heard the gospel including
the words of Jesus when he said, He was THE WAY,
and the ONLY  WAY  to the Father, and yet,
they have rejected those words as Untrue, well,
to say it as simply as I know how, that does not make
then 'A  BELIEVER '
Believing the words of some man dressed
in a 1500 dollar monkey suit does not qualify.
Perhaps now you might be better able to
 understand the opening lines of this article.

 All who might read these words without the understanding
that comes 'only' from God's Holy Spirit will not
be able to understand these words or receive them

This article is intended to be short, sweet and to the point.
I am only intending here to point out something
that the Lord showed me.
It pertains to a prophecy of God found in
2nd. Thess 2: 3
It describes a 'Great falling away' from the Faith.
The enormous number of 'once a week' church members have
NOT  'that far' to fall.
They could well be described as 'couch christians'.
Their concept of a christian is to walk an aisle 'once'
in their lifetime and then lay back on their couch
and live out their life in ease and comfort.
Something I observed a few years ago might
prove helpful to picture in your mind exactly what
I mean about these pretend 'christians' not having
that far to fall.
Several years ago I was seated on our large (aprox.)
7 feet in length couch. It was very late perhaps 2 AM
in the morning. Our grandson was asleep on
a smaller couch across the room. He tends to
be a very restless sleeper anyway and the
fact that this smaller couch was not really
long enough for him to stretch out on did
not help. I was just watching him toss
and turn and praying for him to rest peacefully.
About then he rolled off and onto the carpet,
a distance of barely one foot. For about
3 or 4 seconds there was absolute silence.
Then suddenly he let out a faint groan
Of course I knew he was not hurt because
as I watched this it was as if it happened
in slow motion.
Some might be wondering right about now,
“what does this have to do with anything ?”
It illustrates perfectly my previous statement
that these couch 'christians' don't have 'very far'
to fall. The important things to notice are,
The 'fall' did not even wake him up and
other than the faint groan I heard, and fact
that I saw it with my own eyes it would
have been 'as though' it never happened.
Now we can return to our subject of
'the couch christians' .
While they think they are indeed
'Christians' and claim to be such, they are in
reality only imitations, actors playing out the part mainly
because that's 'what and how' they've been taught.
 Those who believe as these do are simply ,
and it will take far more than a short
fall from their couches to awaken them from  slumber.
The Slumber I speak of is spiritual and
unless they awaken before it's too late
it will prove to be a Sleep of Death.
The period of time Jesus described as
will 'wake up the deceived church', but,
sad to say , many will awaken too too late.
Picture if you will, your life is going great,
you have a great job, you have a nice home,
you have a wonderful family, you have great health,
you have a great retirement nest egg, and all
in all 'Life is GRAND.
You've even found you a nice church.
The people are nice, the choir sings great,
the pastor has a pleasant voice, much education,
there is 'no' Word of God spoken.
You do feel so much better for having gone
though so all is well in your little rosie world.
A wonderful meal and Five or 6 hours of
football and you are ready for some well
deserved rest.
You have a passing thought to pray
but that is pushed out of your heart
and mind by the thought of how very
well pleased the Lord must be with me.
You lay down in tranquility and drift
off to enjoy you peaceful dreams
Then BAM !!!
You wake up in the middle of World War Three !!!
It will be exactly as God's Word says.
“When they say Peace and Safety, sudden
destruction will come upon them.”

God gave 'for us' the ONLY  son he had.
Jesus gave up everthing he had with his Father
since the beginning
and laid it ALL aside to purchase us 'out of destruction'
and offered us the very life of God 'in him'.
How do many show God their gratitude for
God's great Love and unbelievable sacrifice?
A tip of the hat and a yes and amen, I believe
it all. The question is, just exactly 'what is it'
that they're So Proud of believing?
 In all likelyhood they have no idea beyond
the sad truth that have been convinced into believing
 that  'just saying' they 'believe it all'
is all that God requires.

The lukewarm, the part-timers, the once a week
God worshippers will NOT  endure this
time of testing which God has already warned us of.
They can barely endure a sermon which goes beyond
the noon hour. There is also a great likelyhood
this could be understanderable considering the
drivel coming out of most pulpits today.
One might also need consider that they could
have sought God for themselves.
They did not because they have also
'chosen to believe' the lie that God's plan
for them was to hire a 'man' who would
seek God in their place, return to their
couches of comfort and ease.
Come next Sunday this same hireling
will spoon feed it into their ears and spirits.
Just as I wrote these words the Spirit
of God brought an interesting story to
my rememberence.
When I was young (around 14 or so)
I had went into a small mom and pop
type neighborhood grocery.
A mother and her young son were there
and the Mom had bought the boy
a very large jaw-breaker type gum ball.
As she handed it to him, he handed it
right back and said, here Mom,
can you chew this down for me.
The woman was very embarrased
and it was very obvious that this
was their normal practice.
I feel like the purpose this 50 plus year old
occurrence came to my mind and spirit
because it illustrates perfectly those
today in 'the church' who have been
deceived into trusting in some man (any man)
to hear from God for them.
They have handed and entrusted the  
Words of Life from God into anothers hands.
As many are about to learn (the hard way)
God 'never' intended it to be that way.

One good reason that this occurred in God's Church
 is the sad but True fact, that mankind (by it's very nature)
has this unquenchable thirst for the pleasures
of this world 'far more' than learning
of God and learning 'from' God.
The majority of those who are not 'God minded' have
no clue of what is coming.  
They have been deceived into believing that
they can pay someone else to seek God in
their place and then spoon feed them with
the TRUTH.
“Here momma, can you chew this down for me.”

They are spiritually blind and are in fact
under a curse because it is written that
cursed is the man (person) who puts their
trust in 'man' .
They are so spiritually blind that they can NOT
discern a REAL  Shepherd from one
who is 'only a hireling'.
They love the appearance of Godliness but
have absolutely NO concept of the power of
Godliness, which is evidenced by a changed life.

The drastic change from the day of Pentecost
until now, is 'so great' that it's hard to describe.
From then to now, it has not evolved 'upward'
but instead, it has diluted, and in a constant downward
 An old time preacher described itwith these words.
 ' 'Getting use to the dark.”
Genuine Jesus Lovers' love' the Light and want all
of it that they can get.
Because Jesus is 'THE  LIGHT' who came
to bring the LIGHT of God's Word into
a sin sick, lost and dying world, When God sent Jesus
into this world The Light camein with him,
because He is The Light.
Many have received Jesus with joy and gladness
but as they begin to realize that God expects, no, DEMANDS
that his children walk in that LIGHT, many have
'chosen' to return to the same darkness out of which
Jesus had delivered them.
Even in the time when Jesus walked this earth
in the flesh, there were many who started out
following him but when they realized that
He was not leading them to a comfort couch,
they turned away and ran back into Darkness.
God explained the exact reason for this with
the words 'because men loved darkness rather
than Light' because their deeds are evil.'

Many famous (in the eyes of the world) preachers
have demonstrated this by not even having the
courage to stand up for the gospel of Jesus
Christ and answer a direct question about Jesus
 with God's Word.
I have witnessed with my own eyes and heard
with my own ears the answer these false preachers,
these deceivers, these wolves in sheep's clothing give
in answer to the simple question, “Can someone
be saved (inherit eternal life – go to Heaven )
without believing on Jesus Christ.
The answer these deceivers give is a politicians answer.
Their mealy mouth answer will be something
along this line.
“There are 'many paths' which lead to God.
“People of 'all ' faiths are members of
“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Blah.”
These spineless, darkness loving twits
have just stated that there are 'many' paths to God.
God has already said there is ONLY  one.
Even stranger is the fact that these 'clowns'
call Jesus their Lord when they
just got thru saying that Jesus lied.
Please do not miss the fact that these are men
who are LOVED by the world.
These are the most exalted, the most gloryfied,
the MOST respected men in the entire earth.
Why wouldn't they be?
These 'minions of Satan' have just tickled the
ears of millions with only what the world
'wanted' to hear.
They just gave them permission ( supposedly from God)
to live their lives in absolute darkness and
unrighteousness and still inherit eternal life with God.
It would not require but very little of God's
Word to find God's promised reward for these.
These are the deceivers as it were.
Does this excuse the 'deceived' from any
responsibility for receiving and believing these
liars from the pit of hell?
If you are willing to accept God's answer to
that question then simply turn to
2nd. Thess. 2: and read verses 10 thru 11.
Notice especially the words, because they
received not the love of the Truth, that they might
be saved.
AND for 'this reason' God shall send them
strong delusion that they (the deceived) should
believe a lie.
Put as simply as I know how to say it,
Anyone and everyone who desires to believe
that those things God said are NOT  true,
and the lies spoken by deceivers are The Truth,
then God being fair and just as he is, He will
grant you the desires or your heart.
Sounds very fair to me and those who think
otherwise are now excused from reading further.

How very sad that such men are not only
believed, but, are exalted by men as 'Great men of God'.
Men such as these are nothing more than wandering
clouds without water and tares who have been
sown into the Body of Christ.

These are but manifest tokens of how easily
'professing Christians' are deceived and how
little they understand of God or His Word.
Will the blame fall on these deceivers alone?
No. Because God has commanded all believers
to seek God for themselves. Much easier of course
to kick back and watch the electronic beast and
leave that task up to some man.

All those who believe that God no longer speaks to men
are excused and may now go back to their electronic beast.
I have no doubt whatsoever you will be able to find
someone who will confirm whatever you have chosen
to belive.

Using YouTube as an example there are thousands of
videos posted there describing the horrible things
now coming on this planet and it's inhababitants.
Many well meaning Christians are posting 'many' very
scary happenings.
Most have good intentions but the thing I have noticed
most, is that very few include exactly 'what it is'
that Christians are suppose to do about it.
One sure way of knowing exactly who these warnings
are 'from' is to look and see what effect they have on you.
Should you watch one and are left only with fear, dispair
and hopelessness, then you can be sure they are not from God.
They were not sent by God and those who do such
things are merely helping Satan achieve his goal
of instilling FEAR in the hearts of men.

When our Great and Loving God warns of things to come
he will 'always' include the way out and exactly what we
 must do and are to do.
If FEAR is the only thing you receive from watching
these things it is simply another of Satan's devices, an invisible snare.
Satan on the other hand has a far different outcome in mind
than a warning from God would accomplish.
 The results of believing his 'threats' that leave the hearer
with 'only' Fear are a guarantee of defeat.

An example would most likely explain far better than
a multitude of words ever could.
A very popular topic of new videos today is the warning
of being forced  into taking the Mark of the Beast.
The general consensus is, that the government will literally
force all people to take injections and contained in these
injections will be a small microchip inplant, and once that
is accomplished, those who receive this implant
 are doomed to hell  and destruction by God.
Now that 'would be' a very scary thought 'IF' it were true,
But, it's not.

According to God's Word, the receiving of the Mark
MUST BE PRECEDED by denying God and Jesus
and AGREEING to worship the BEAST.
Stop and think Saints.
If it 'were possible' that these scary videos were true
then Satan would have overpowered all mankind long, long, long ago.
He would have given 'all of us' the big hypo and then
 just killed us all.
He did not, because he 'can not'. He can NOT
do one thing to us that God does NOT  allow.
Real  God and Jesus lovers take great comfort
is believing this.

Of course enough men could gang up on any individual and
inject them with anything they like, they can kill that person,
they can torture that person, they can do everything in their
power to make a believer deny Jesus and God, BUT ,
they can not MAKE you believe anything.
It all comes down to this question.
Do you love your own  life more than you love God?
The saddest part to this question is that if God
is not MORE important to you than the small
mundane things of this present life are, then yes, you certainly
would'nt give you life rather than to deny him.
Why would you. You won't even give 30 minutes
of your day for prayer or seeking God for yourself.
All who agree to deny God and worship some
floppy eared Clown who has declared himself to be God
have no reason to believe God can save them.
The God you 'will not believe' has 'no way'
of saving you or anyone else who has rejected his Word.
God has made it perfectly clear that men
can ONLY   be saved 'thru Faith'.
The very meaning of that word (faith) means
you must believe what God said.
All devils believe there is but one God
and tremble. Does this mean they will be saved?
Faith means that you believe 'what
God said', NOT,  just 'that he is'.
God delivered the nation of Israel and
set them free from bondage in the land of Egypt.
This is exactly what Jesus did for us.
As soon as they were set free they turned
immediately 'away from God' and returned
to loving sin more than God.
They loved darkness more than Light.
All who made this dreadful mistake wound
up being destroyed in the wilderness.
Who has deceived God's Church into believing
the same lie that Israel chose to believe,
 but for some unknown reason we (the church)
can do the exact same thing that Israel did
and yet we can expect a different outcome?
Who indeed?

When Jesus spoke words like, “take up your
cross and follow me”, and, 'He who seeks to
save his own life shall lose it”, What did you think
he was saying?
You may think God is some short fat bald headed
man with no legs. If that is the God you worship
well, then only he can save you.
You may have chosen to believe that your
dearly departed grandmother left this life
but has now returned in the body of a cow,
 then perhaps that cow can save you.
When you learn too late that you have chosen
deception instead of TRUTH, at least
perhaps you will have a goodly supply of milk.

Then there are those who teach that you need
to arm yourself to the teeth and flee to the
wilderness and kill your enemies before they
can kill you.
Stange thing to believe since
Jesus said to the government of his day that
'if' his kingdom were of THIS world, then his
servants would fight.
BUT, he did not do that but rather trusted
in his Heavenly Father to deliever him.
Some might need to ask themselves exactly
what kingdom it is that they hope to inherit.
This world and the things of this world are
fit only for destruction and likewise are they
who love this world and it's ways.
 The sad news is,  that many will do these very things
and it shows in the lives that most Christians live.
It is a most dangerous thing to love anyone or anything,
more than you love God.
 If that is the case with you,
you have 'already' made Satan your god.
It will be only a short step from there to worshipping
some clown who believes himself to be God.

In a case like that, God can not help you because it's
always been every person's choice to make. It will remain
so until the end.
Satan has 'no power' to MAKE anyone choose him
over God.
If he had then he would have made that choice
for us, long, long, long ago.
If you are planning to blame Satan for 'making'
you choose him over God, forget it, that excuse
will not carry any weight and it will not hold water.
God would simply say to you, No, you 'choose'
Satan over me.
Every person will spend eternity with the 'god'
of their OWN choosing.
Sounds fair and just to me. How about you?

Satan has sought to destroy God's creation, MAN,
from the beginning. He has never changed, he never will.
 Satan sought for a way to destroy Adam,
 because he hated God's creation
and burned with the desire to become Adam's God.
Endeavoring to keep this short I will give only a few
examples from the Word. Satan hated Able because Able
sought to please God. He used a 'man' to accomplish
his murder and please note that Satan's tool of choice was
 Cain, a man who happened to be Able's 'own brother'
. And so it will be in our days.
God has already said that men will be betrayed
into the hands of evil men by their own brothers.

 Satan sought to kill Moses while Moses
was just an infant. He used Pharaoh in that attempt.
Don't overlook the fact that Pharaoh was but
a man, but was 'absolute ruler' of Egypt.
Why then be surprised then when in our
day any godless man who obtains absolute
power would seek to kill you.
Satan used 'Goliath' in his attempt to kill David.
Again please note that although Goliath was
one big scary dude, he was still 'only a man'.
Satan used Herod to attempt to kill Jesus at birth.
Herod was a king, an absolute ruler, but,
Still 'only a man'.
 Did you notice that every one of
these attempted murders had one thing in common?
How many of these attempted murders did Satan
do personally?
Now why would you think that is?
In each and every case mentioned above, Satan always
used, or tried to use, evil, corrupt and wicked men
to accomplish his evil desires.
Why then should these scary and terrifying anouncements
that evil and corrupt men are intending on murdering
God's people produce fear in those who claim
to love and trust God?
Simple answer. It can 'only' bring fear to
the masses of pretenders.
To a real Jesus Lover, God believing, born again
Spirit filled, living by Faith believer, these terrifying
and error filled videos can only bring Faith into
their hearts.
Evil and wicked men will always try to kill, torture
and destroy God's people.
There is nothing new in this supposed 'NEWS'.
 These things have been so from
the beginning of time.
It will be so until the end is reached
and time is no more.
You could have just read these things in God's
Word and chosen to believe them simply because
God said it.  
 How very pleasing unto God it must
be that those who claim to be his
have chosen not to receive these things
'because He said them', but have chosen instead
 to believe men's words and shake in fear
and trembling.

Backtracking now for just a moment.
Do not miss the prelude to Goliath and David's
Goliath came out before the armies of Israel for
40 days, morning and evening.
He spoke his evil intentions and the results were
exactly what Satan desired.
Satan's methods never change. First instill FEAR
and then destroy.
Israel's army hid in holes like frightened rabbits.
Perhaps Goliath had just released a new video
proclaiming all that he intended on doing to God's people.
One thing Satan did not count on was simply
this. There was a young boy there named David.
 Because David had Faith in his God and 'because'
he had FAITH, he trusted in his God,
He had 'NO FEAR' .
Fear is 'no match' for FAITH in God and David knew it.
God's FAITH and FEAR of men's threats
can not abide in the same heart.  
God is looking at you and I in the same way in these evil
days ahead.
Keeping all of these things in mind we can now return
to these fear filled videos of today.
His eyes search to and fro thruout the whole earth for those
to whom he can show himself strong.
'If' these warnings suggest there is 'no way out' and that 'all
is lost', then they are 'from Satan' , not God.
Am I suggesting that the makers of these 'scary'
videos are knowingly serving Satan?
 NO !!!
Are they unknowingly serving Satan by instilling
Fear and yet offer NO HOPE?  Yes, absolutely.
Are there wicked, evil and ungodly men today who
have equally deadly intentions for Christians
and Jews?  You'd better believe it.
God has long ago foretold us of just such a man.
This man is 'exactly' like his father Satan.
Kill Steal and Destroy.
Of course he pleasures in Death and Destruction but
one needs to look further and deeper into his motives.
Surprise surprise surprise. This man has exactly the same
motive as does his father Satan.
Almost 2000 years ago Satan made an offer to Jesus.
That offer was simply that if Jesus would fall down
and worship him ( as God ) that he (Satan ) would give him
all the kingdoms of this world.
Guess what else? Jesus turned down that offer flatly
with the words, “ It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord
thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”
We could camp all day here but not at all necessary.
We have now reached that point in history when another
of Satan's lackies has many, many, many intentions and
all of them evil for both Christians and Jews.
The entire point of this article is so you can see
that this is no different than it was with Goliath.
Just a loudmouth blowhard trying to instill fear
in Jesus Lovers and Jews.
His purpose in this is simply to instill  Fear in
our hearts to drive out our Faith, and THEN
to kill us all. All who love God more than their
own lives are a threat to his ego.
This man has received the same offer Satan made
to Jesus, only, he 'accepted'.
It is impossible for him to cease his desire
to be worshipped exactly as it is impossible
for Satan.
Yes, Satan intends to kill us all. Where is the news in that?
As always, he uses evil ungodly and wicked men
to do his evil deeds.
Where is the news in this.
What does it matter which way he chooses
to accomplish his evil deeds?

We have two choices that I can see, and only two.
We can either believe and trust in our God or,
we can believe in the lies and threats of Satan.
It is written in God's Word, “Fear NOT those
who are able to kill the body, but 'rather', fear Him
who is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell.”
Our mortal lives are but for a short time, whereas
eternity is forever.
Someday, which now looks to be sooner rather than later.
 'many' are going to have to choose.
Deny God and live a few more years 'maybe' ,
or choose God's precious gift of eternal life
thru Jesus and let the temporary consequences
of physical death be damned.
Doesn't seem to be much of a comparision to me,
but then, that's just me.
God has know from the beginning who would choose
Life with him eternal, and as well those would love
this poor old mortal life more than him.
For those who are not certain, will they make the
right choice? I can only recommend that you pray as never before.
Pray as though your eternal life depended on it.
It does.
When the blade is lifted up and ready to fall
it will not be the best time to make your decision.
God has already told us in his Word that many
will give up their lives for choosing him.
When you are willing and able to trust God
that whatever he has chosen for you, well,
then you might want to consider the words
the three Hebrew children as they were
about to be cast into the fiery furnace.

“Our God whom we serve is ABLE to deliver us
from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us
out of thine hand, O king. BUT IF NOT, be
it known unto thee, O king, that
serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image
which thou has set up.”
Multitudes of God's people have been killed,
threatened to be killed, tortured and maimed.
Some received deliverance and some did not.
Do you have a problem with trusting God
to make the right choice for your life?
Don't you believe God would know better
than you would about your life?
If you might possible think that he does NOT,
perhaps you are thinking MORE HIGHLY
of yourself than you ought.
Perhaps you might even not KNOW  God
nearly so well as you think.
What I'm endeavoring to get all to see is simply this.
'If' it is God's will that you be among that multitude
who will lay down their lives, why would you
'not' understand that he has your best interest at heart.

For any and all who can NOT understand that
God might just know what's best for you
 FAR  better than you yourself do,
then perhaps it might be worthwhile to seek God.
If there 'ever' was a time to pray and seek God
for Strength and for Faith to endure unto the end,
NOW would seem to be that time.

Paul, Peter, James and multitudes of others have
already made the supreme sacrifice. There is no
higher honor than this.
Can't you just 'know' that God has the perfect end
for you life here on earth. How foolish must a man be
to presume that he knows better than God?
This sound exactly like the man called the Antichrist.
My first thought would be, 'pretty foolish'.
For those who don't see, or who refuse to see
that, you might want to re-evaluate your love for
God and for Jesus.
What a simple choice this should be to make.
You must choose between someone who loved
you enough to die in your place, or,
an evil wicked who's only intentions are
your death and destruction.
Looked at in that Light, this should be
the easiest choice you've EVER made.
My advice to every person is this.
Choose wisely because your decision is eternal.

It is written that in the last days that men's
hearts will fail them for fear, for looking at the
things coming on the earth.
I hardly think that would indicate anyone
 who is a 'real' Jesus Lover.
God is searching for more men like David.
Hole-hiders there are a plenty but men
of Faith are more precious to God than anything else on earth.

I can only hope that these few words cause some
to think, to pray, to ask God, AM  I Ready?
In the history of this earth there have been many
who desired to 'BE GOD'. Thus far none
have succeeded. Where do you suppose they
are now?
They will be joined soon by this last days joker who
believes himself to be God.

Will you be able to stand before some flop eared
wanna-be Goliath, and tell him straight out,
No, I will not worship you, because it is written,
“Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him
ONLY  shalt thou serve?”

My prayer is that many will, you and myself

Amen and Amen

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