Son of Perdition

2nd Thessalonians 2: 3

For as long as mankind has had God's

Word to study, there have been

opinions on top of opinions.

The majority of these have never

proved to have much longevity

because history has most often proved

Bible prophecy is like viewing

something while still a great

distance away,

but grows much more clear

as the time of it's fulfillment

is at the very door.

More often than not, we end up with

more questions than answers.

It is not at all uncommon that

once our future becomes history

we do understand somewhat,

but prophecy not understood

until it has been fulfilled

seems to serve little purpose,

or, be of any real benefit.

This short article can promise

nothing more than one

more possibility.

Every person has the God given

right to choose what they will

believe and what they will not.

The subject of this article can

promise nothing more than

one more question to add to

our list of unknowns.

If nothing more is gained

than just adding one more

question to our growing list

of things we do not understand,

at least we

might achieve the goal of

thinking on things eternal

rather than on the sorry state of

our World in this, the 21st century.

The subject of this article

is the person described by God


The Son of Perdition.”

Hopefully, most Christians have

at least an understanding of

the meaning of this word sin.

Just in case there may be some

who read this who don't, allow

me to offer a very simple


Sin, is the transgression of God's Law.

This word 'Perdition' has slightly

more word choices and meanings

but they all point to the same end.

Included here is a complete list

of words explaining all the

possible meanings according

to the Strong's Concordance:

“Ruin or loss, (physical, spiritual,


Destruction, Die, Perdition,

Perish, pernicious ways,

or waste.”

The King James translators chose

to use the word 'Perdition', but

one thing is certain.

Whichever one they had chosen,

I find no good end in any of them.

For the sake of our present day

readers let's choose to use


This seems to be a better choice

for our modern day English

speaking people, and everyone

capable of reading should

clearly understand this to be

something NOT to be desired.

Having said all that, we can

think of the person written of

in this article as 'The Son of Perdition'

or 'The Son of Destruction'

Of course he is called by many different

names in God's Word but the name

most often used is 'The Antichrist.'

The Scriptures we will center up on

are found in the Book of Daniel chapter 11:

Verse 36

''And the king

shall do according to his will;

and magnify himself above every god,

and shall speak marvelous things

against the God of gods,

and shall prosper till

the indignation be accomplished:

for that, that is determined,

shall be done.''

Verse 37

''Neither shall he regard the God

of his fathers, nor the desire of women,

nor regard any god:

for he shall magnify himself above all.''

Verse 40

''And at the 'time of the end'

shall the king of the South push at him:

and the king of the North shall come

against him like a whirlwind,

with chariots,

and with horsemen,

and with many ships;

and he shall enter into the countries,

and shall overflow and pass over.''

Verse 41

''He shall enter also into the 'glorious'

land, and many countries shall

be overthrown:

but these shall escape out of his hand,

even Edom, and Moab, and the chief

of the children of Ammon.''

Verse 42

''He shall stretch forth his hand

also upon the countries:

and the land of Egypt shall not escape.''

Verse 43

''He shall have power over the

treasures of gold and of silver,

and over all the precious

things of Egypt; and the Libyans

and the Ethiopians shall be

at his steps.''

Verse 44

''But tidings out of the EAST

and out of the North

shall trouble him:

Therefore he shall go forth

with great fury to destroy,

and utterly to make away many.''

Verse 45

''And he shall plant the tabernacles

of his palace between the seas

in the glorious holy mountain;

yet he shall come to his end,

and none shall help him.''

Now, as the old saying goes,

I said all that to say this:

Did you by any chance notice

that every direction from Israel

was mentioned

by the names of those directions,

(North, South, and East)?

There are only 4 directions from

anywhere and of course those

are North, south, East and 'West'.

Egypt and Ethiopia are very

obviously South of Israel

but likely not mentioned

because they have no military

might or power, hence no

threat or trouble to this 'Son of Perdition'.

The two other directions

which are mentioned by name,

are the North and the East.

Did you by any chance notice that

'not one' mention is made of any

problems, troubling news,

or conquests

as coming from the West?

The two which are mentioned,

the North and the East

are commonly taught

to indicate Russia and her confederates,

from the North,

and of course, the East as meaning

the hordes of China and Asia.

The question we still have remaining

is simply this,

why no problem or threat

coming against this 'Son of Perdition'

from the direction of the West?

As I stated in the beginning, everyone

has the right to their own opinions.

Feel free to do so now, as will I.

I see only two possibilities.

The United States of America

is constantly mentioned as

'the greatest and mightiest'

military power on earth.

I feel certain that God is

weary of hearing that, but, be

that as it may, either the U.S.A

has to cease being the greatest military

power on earth, OR,

for some 'unfathomable' reason,

refuses to come to the aid

of Israel.

Most Bible scholars

(at least so called by men)

teach that this 'Son of Perdition',

The Antichrist, will come from

the 'revived' Roman Empire,

and this term explained

as describing Europe.

A wonderful theory as far

as it goes


answer for yourself this question,

if Germany, or France, or England,

or any other country for that matter,

tried to invade and possess Israel,

would the America of today stand by,

and do nothing?

Have these self proclaimed experts

forgotten that America came

'out of' Europe?

If a new World Order were to

begin tomorrow, would the United

states of America be left out?


Would it not be much more likely

That America would not only

be a part of this new world order,

but, the Head

of same?

If this New World Order, One World

Government, began tomorrow,

who would likely be the HEAD?

If anyone could get a peace treaty

signed between Muslims and Israel

and guarantee

Israel's safety,

what country could

accomplish this and have the power

to back it up?

As I said in the beginning of

this article, my purpose is not

to get anyone to agree with me

about the identity of this 'Man of Sin',

this Son of Perdition, this Antichrist.

This will become self evident

in it's own time.

My only purpose here is to cause

you to think, so that you 'will' watch,

and, so that you will know what

you are watching for.

Daniel 9: 27 tells us very plainly

that a 7 year peace treaty between

Israel and her enemies will be

signed and guaranteed by this 'Son

of Perdition', The Antichrist.

I am only asking that you watch

and pray that you be not deceived.

When you see this come to pass

you will remember.

You 'will have been warned.'

My prayer is simply that

when these things 'do' come to pass,

you 'will' remember, and you will

recognize this 'Son of Perdition'

for exactly 'who he is'

and of his future plans for mankind.

God bless all who hear

what the Spirit says

to the Churches.



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