Just in case some might wonder why such a strange
sounding title, I will attempt to offer the following
Regardless of whether one is writing a book, a
short story, a song or a teaching article such
as this one, you may want to consider the following
Nothing can be accomplished or  gained unless
'something' prompts people to read or listen
to the words offered.
Curiosity would seem to be as good as anything
 could  be for that purpose.
Often people have a general idea of what the actual
meaning of certain words are, but I prefer making
certain that the strange title of this writing is
understood as intended.
Let us begin by examining the words of this title
according to Webster's definitions of same.
Without going deeper than what is necessary
let's go with the 'long story short' version.
After close examination of Webster's I was rather
surprised to learn that the word 'mime' and the word
'mimic' are both 'rooted in', but slightly
 different forms of the same word.
One could accurately say that they are cousins.
Both can be used as either a noun or a verb depending
 on how they are used.
The main difference between these two is simply
that to 'mime' something is usually done without
sound and the word 'mimic' most often includes sound.
Hence something mimed denotes the appearance of,
and to mimic something means to 'SOUND LIKE'.
For the purpose of this article however, the point
not to be overlooked is that BOTH are but
To sum up everything thus far' let's boil everything
said thus far, down to these words, 'NOT REAL OR GENUINE'.

Hopefully the definition of the word CLOWN will
require no explanation other than to say that all
three of our words in question are normally
thought of to be, primarily, for the 'purpose' of

Now let's move ahead to the place “where the rubber
meets the road”, another very old but useful saying.
Let us continue by stating that, more often than not,
that which is amusing in the eyes of man, is 'seldom'
 viewed that way by God at all.

The greatest threat to THE CHURCH, The Body of Christ
comes 'not' from outside itself, but from WITHIN.
Even Satan himself is NO PROBLEM for a genuine
Jesus overcame this world, the evil in it,
and the prince and god of this world 'for us'.
He broke the power of sin and the 'fear
of death' which had held mankind in
bondage since the day that Adam chose
to love SIN more than he loved God.
Jesus has 'made us to be' (IN HIM), more than
overcomers. He has given us his NAME and
the right to use his NAME to become victorious
in 'every' area of our lives.
Jesus' victory over sin, hell, death and the grave
has made it possible 'for us' to escape God's
eternal TRUTH, “The wages of sin is death.”

Having said all that, we have come full circle back
to the subject of this article, THE MIMES, THE MIMICS
THE CHURCH, The Body of Christ in the earth
is filled to overflowing with those mentioned above
and it 'would be' amusing' were the consequences
not so serious.
The word CLOWNS as used here
 only applies because the 'very
thought' that men can fool God and that he can NOT
see them for what they really are, is ludicrous.

Now, we are left with only the MIMES and MIMICS
but keep in mind, that while appearing to be
exactly what they claim to be, they are often
very good imitations, but, 'as far from' REAL
as anything or anybody could possibly be.
Has anyone reading these words ever seen
advertisements such as this one?
“GENIUNE 'faux' pearls.”
Have you ever wondered about the contradiction
contained in those three little words?
Many people fail to pay much attention
to contradictions.
Consider that the word GENIUNE can only mean
REAL but the word 'faux' can only mean
imitation (fake or phony).
How many people spot the deception contained in
that little contradiction or even wonder why
that ad is worded as it is.
Millions of sales have been made from advertisements
worded in this deceptive manner and I can NOT
help but wonder how many by comparison would
have been sold had they worded this same
sales gimmick 'Genuine FAKE pearls'.

Far too often I find myself saying 'as the old saying
goes' . My only defense for that is often
 many old sayings do contain many elements of truth
 'hard to deny', yet easily seen and understood.
So, once again, there is a very popular 'old saying'
“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles
like a duck, it probably is a duck.”
Much truth to that one, but, very often UN-true when
it comes to Christians.
When it comes to 'CHRISTIANS' there are two
varieties. There are REAL Christians, and
there are FAUX Christians.
It is extremely difficult to tell the difference
and therein lies the 'rub', the catch as it were.

If we took every person in this earth who CLAIM
to be 'Christians' and did a head count it would
add up to a most sizable number.
The Catholic church alone boasts of members
in excess of 1 and ½ billion members. A sizable number
to be sure and they all 'call themselves' 'Christians'.
Unfortunately the largest majority of these
 have been deceived into believing that joining some group
 or organization is a guarantee of Salvation
Sadly to say,  this is in fact,  opposite, a contradiction,
to what God actually said on this subject.
This deception is but a manifest token of exactly the opposite.
  God's TRUTH teaches that it is ONLY by Faith (trusting
in Jesus) 'thru which' Salvation comes.
How many people have been lied too concerning
this MOST basic Truth?
My first thought is, A LOT.
Nowhere in God's Word is it written that
a man can be saved by JOINING anything.
but by 'trusting in Jesus', and by trusting in him alone.
'All' who believe otherwise are only those who
have based what they believe on the words of,
Mimes, Mimics and Clowns.
Add to that number all the members of the more than 38 thousand
 protestant denominations and you end up with
a 'great number' of 'PROFESSING' Christians.
A far better word choice instead of saying 'great number',
would be the word MULTITUDES.
Anyone who sincerely desires to believe 'ONLY THE
TRUTH', according to God, had best take
the time and effort required to learn what
God himself said. Consider the fact that
eternity is a long, long, LONG time and that once it
begins for anyone, it is irreversible.

Understand that these numbers mentioned
 represent only  men's 'estimates'
 arrived at by some mathematician somewhere and un-named.
In a recent poll conducted by NBC last year their
results showed that SUPPOSEDLY, 70%
of Americans 'claimed to be' CHRISTIANS.
Using today's population estimates of these
United States of America, that poll would translate into
210 MILLION Christians in America, but , remember
that this number is, 'at best' ONLY an estimate.
The REAL TRUTH of the matter is that
the vast majority (well in excess of 90%
of this number) are Christians 'in name only'.
In God's eyes they would have the word 'faux'
preceding the word CHRISTIAN.
 In the case of our article and it's strange title
 we could well say that a perfect
description of a 'faux' Christian is actually nothing more
than a Mime (all the right moves and appearance,
 or a Mimic, ( sounds like )
and a 'Clown as well' because they believe that if
they can deceive men they can deceive God as well.
As a missionary once said, “I could go to a
barn every day of my life, and that still would
NOT make me a cow.”
I have often thought about that man's statement, and
never do but that I also think about
 how wonderful that illustration 'was' and 'still' is.

Millions, upon hundreds of millions, of professing (faux)
Christians, who have NEVER known God and have
NEVER been known 'by' God, have been DECEIVED
into believing that
they are indeed and in TRUTH a Christian.
Is it any wonder, then, that Jesus said in Matt. 24: 4
“Take heed that NO MAN deceive you.”
Have you ever given the time to wonder
why he described the deceivers as MEN?
In the very next verse he even describes the
'vastness of their numbers' with the word MANY.

Keep in mind that it was God who gave his only Son,
it was Jesus who gave his life for us, so therefore
it is God's right to say what is required to make
a REAL Christian, not some MIME, MIMIC or CLOWN.
The multitudes who have chosen to believe and
follow these 'deceivers' rather than God
have in reality become only 'clones' of the same.
False prophets, false teachers and deceivers
can only bring forth others like unto themselves.

The most difficult people to reach with the TRUTH
are those who believe they already know the TRUTH.
Jesus described these as 'blind leaders of the blind',
and then, went on to say that both would fall into
a ditch.
It seems to me that a wise man would prefer to
follow The One who made it all the way and
is now seated at the right hand of God.

Now back to our story.
 Considering the facts with which we have to work,
“IF” this poll number were correct, then
America would be THE MOST Christian NATION
on earth percentage-wise.
Based solely on the number of abortions
performed in this nation annually, this
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be 'both' a Christian and a
justifier of MURDER, and/ or, MURDERERS.
 I repeat, I said 'IMPOSSIBLE'.

  This fact is pointed out very clearly in Gal. 5: 21.
Here we find a very lengthy list of sins, the
doers of which it plainly states SHALL 'NOT'
Included in that list is the sin of murder.
If the taking of a human life is murder, this would
certainly include taking the life of a defenseless
unborn child. Otherwise,  there would
be 'no such sin' as MURDER.
Well, God said there is such a sin as murder
and then went on to say that NO MURDERER
has eternal life in him.
Using America for our example, this nation
is pretty much equally divided between
'Pro-Abortion' and 'Pro-Life'.
America's government has slowly
and methodically been taken control of by
the ungodly, the murders, and the whoremongers.
Seeking not to stray far from the subject of this
teaching, let me say that a great majority
of these 'elected' or appointed leaders call
themselves 'CHRISTIANS'. You will
find many of those sitting in churches come
They are but men (and women) who go to
the barn believing that they are indeed cows.
They may look like cows, they may sound like cows,
but that will 'never' make them COWS.
Like manner Americans turn out in elections
by the millions and put these CLOWNS in
office and so, we are now a nation controlled
Those who put them in power are but 'their'
offspring and equally as guilty of the blood
of the innocent.
For anyone 'to elect' into public office some
ungodly politician who promotes and
passes laws declaring Murder to be lawful, while
claiming to be a CHRISTIAN, is just as guilty
as the politician who calls himself a Christian
while enacting laws justifying this abomination.
Both will suffer the same punishment and NEITHER
will inherit the Kingdom of God.
What we have then in America is a nation of 'goats'
who believe that if they call themselves 'sheep'
that they are indeed,  God's 'sheep'.
They are not sheep, they are not cows, and,
MOST importantly, they are not CHRISTIANS.
They are MIMES, they are MIMICS, they are CLOWNS.
 The entire point of this article is NOT based on
what 'men's ideas' are of what constitutes a 'Christian',
but the 'real truth' as viewed by God.
Having the 'appearance of Godliness' (MIMES), or
'sounding like' (by quoting God's words) MIMICS,
or even a combination of both, MEANS NOTHING.

Some of the worst of false prophets alive today
are the most proficient WORD QUOTERS of
the Bible this earth has ever seen.
I might point out at this juncture that
Satan is THE most proficient WORD QUOTER of all.
Would that make him a Christian?
Could it? 
That answer should be obvious to all.

Let us return for a moment to the warning Jesus gave.
In Matthew 24: 4 Jesus warned of 'a multitude
of deceivers among men' and even numbered
them with the single word, 'MANY'.
This word MANY could mean many different
things to many different people.
One person might think it means simply,
A LOT. Another might describe it with the
words 'a really LARGE number'.
In reality this word MANY means the LARGEST
PART of a whole. The majority. Our question then
becomes 'the largest part of WHAT WHOLE.
That answer is found in the very next verse.
Verse 5 – Here Jesus describes the GROUP
'out of which' this multitude of deceivers will come.
“For MANY shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ;
and shall deceive MANY.”
Many have taught that this verse is speaking
of men like Charles Manson, Jim Jones and on
and on and on.
Now look back at this verse 5 and apply that understanding
to exactly what Jesus said.
Can you see Charles Manson (or anyone else) come
and say “I come in 'the name of Jesus', and 'I am' Jesus.”
That does not even make 'walking around sense'
and even a goose is smarter than that.
NO, Jesus is describing a particular group
of people. The group he is describing are those
  written of in this article.
Those who 'CLAIM' to be Christians and compass
the earth saying “I come 'in the name of Jesus'
saying that 'I (Jesus) is the Christ'.
How MANY Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus or atheist
have you ever seen preaching that Jesus is the Christ?
My best guess isn't 'NOT MANY', but 'NOT ANY'.
One of Satan's most successful deceptions
ever bought by the Body of Christ is simply this;
Anyone and EVERYONE who comes preaching Jesus
was sent by God and every word they speak
is FROM GOD and is indeed speaking THE TRUTH.
What kind of human reasoning would one
use to believe that the DECEIVERS Jesus warned
of would come saying that they are deceivers?
(Another useful old saying, “Less sense than
God gave a goose.”)
In the 7th chapter of Matthew, beginning at verse 15,
Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets, which come
to you in sheep's clothing, (disguised as Christians)
but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
Question. Why would Jesus warn you to beware of
men (false prophets) if you had no way of recognizing one
when you saw one?
Don't settle for being a goose. Read on.
Verse 16 - “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men
gather  grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”
Verse 17 - “Even so, EVERY GOOD TREE bringeth
forth GOOD FRUIT;  but a corrupt tree bringeth
forth evil fruit.
Of course, you need consider that a ministry of
false prophets have their proof' of the fruits
they have BROUGHT FORTH.
You might notice however, that 'their' proof of
that will only be 'their' own testimony.
Would not that be something left to God
to judge?
Bragging on their impressive numbers seems
FAR more like 'self-exaltation' than it does 'humility'.
As with all lies and deceptions of course, they do
often contain 'SOME TRUTH'. Many of the largest
worldwide ministries, have and ARE, producing fruit.
Problem with that is simply this. If they are but
corrupt trees, then likewise, the fruit they have
brought forth, is corrupt also.
Not exactly something to brag about. What was
that Paul wrote of concerning fruit?
1st  Corinthians 3: 6 “I have planted, Apollos watered,
but (But, BUT,) God gave the increase.”
Question time. Who does it sound like Paul
is exalting?  Sound to me like all the Glory
belongs to God and to no man. How does this
compare to when you hear large worldwide
ministries BOAST of 'their' tremendous
accomplishments for God?
To describe these in two words or less, they
are simply 'GLORY GRABBERS'.
Vanity has 'NO PLACE' in the Kingdom of God. I said,
Should anyone reading these words find their
heroes to be only men, you need to go back to
the beginning and get to KNOW the only
real Hero in God's eyes. His name is Jesus, and
should that last statement come as a shock to
you, you would do well to go back and re-evaluate
WHY you believe WHAT you believe.
If you have been deceived into following one
of these vain white-washed sepulchers please
know this; You will end up wherever that man
(or woman) does.
If however, you have heard the voice of  'THE ONE'
True Great Shepherd JESUS, and have followed him
and him alone, you can be equally as certain, that
you will end up exactly where he did.

At this juncture, I would be remiss if I did not say the following.
If the words of this short article turn out to be true,
you will be expected to believe and receive them.
If not, then God will expect you to reject and
to cast them aside. That choice is yours and
only the SPIRIT OF TRUTH will be able to make
it known to you. He will. but you'll have to ask,
you'll have to believe that God sent Him for
a reason, and that reason is so that he
'can' lead and guide you into ALL the TRUTH.
John 16: 13
You can be absolutely positive beyond a
shadow of a doubt that God did NOT send Him
to lead and guide you unto some MIME, some MIMIC
or some CLOWN.
In either case, you will never again be able to say,
you were 'not' warned.
The Mimes, Mimics and Clowns described in this
article, and described by Jesus with the word
“MANY”, are more plentiful in 'the CHURCH',
(The Body of Christ), today than ever before.
That number is not diminishing but every day
 Deceivers today are thicker than fleas on a dog.
In Matt. 23: 15,  Jesus gave an excellent description of those
written of in this article. Remember now,  Jesus
warned of MANY deceivers and said very plainly that
they were 'of a group' who came saying that He,  Jesus,
In order for their disguise to be effective, they will
give every appearance of being 'Christians' but
when all is said and done, they are nothing but
MIMES, MIMICS and ClOWNS. They will have every appearance of
being Christians. They will sound like what you
think a Christian should 'sound like'.
Their true motives however will be kept hidden.
Their true motive is however revealed by God in
HIS Word.
Verse 15 - “Woe to you
scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea
and land to MAKE ONE PROSELYTE, and when he is made,
ye make him twofold more the child of hell
than yourselves.”
In this short article Jesus has given you warning
to beware of THESE, he has called them by many
names and told you exactly what they would come
Well guess what?  He was exactly right, of course,
and he expects those who love him, TO BELIEVE
HIM, and NOT some deceiver.
The fact is, these deceivers have 'all' the appearance
of real Christians. They are NOT.
The degree of success achieved by any particular
type of deception is dependent upon the skill of
the deceiver and in particular the amount of
God's Word they use as their proof.
The best example I can think of to include here
would be those who are most proficient at
using God's own Word to nullify or cancel his
Word somewhere else.
For our example, you would do well to study
the entire 10th chapter of John but in particular
verse 4. “And when he (speaking of Jesus) putteth
forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and
the sheep follow him, FOR THEY KNOW HIS VOICE.”
Also consider that 7 times in the book of Rev. chapters
2 & 3 Jesus says in slightly differently worded forms,
“He that hath an ear, let him HEAR what the Spirit
saith unto the churches.”
The most proficient deceivers of all will simply
on these scriptures and every one similar.
In short, and in today's language, they will
seek to convince 'believers' who simply take
Jesus at his Word that GOD 'NO LONGER' SPEAKS
TO MEN. The cannon has been closed and blah,
blah, blah.
These who do this very thing are simply seeking to pass
God's Word away. They are simply those whose
ONLY knowledge of God is from the HEAD
rather than the HEART.
Bad news for any and all who are guilty of doing
this very thing.
God takes a very dim view of those who do
These deceivers are the most difficult to spot
unless you remember a few simple truths.
God's Words are ETERNAL. God does not CHANGE.
Neither do his Words. These Clowns will quote
out 'one side of their mouth' these LIES
and at the same time, out 'the other side' will
quote Hebrews 13: 8 - “JESUS CHRIST the same
yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”
Those who do these things are Word changers,
Word Adders, Word Twisters and Word passer-
away-ers.  They are not on your side, they
are the worst of the deceivers. They are only
Mimes, Mimics and Clowns.
They are counting on the fact that they have
more of God's Word in them than you do.
They are 'of those' who creep into houses to
deceive the Simple (concerning evil).
They are those who are 'ever learning'
but NEVER able to 'come to' the KNOWLEDGE (to KNOW)
 of the TRUTH. Jesus is THE TRUTH.
A good example of this is as follows.
 One who sincerely is seeking the TRUTH
might find it on the Internet at what first appears to be a
wonderful work of God.
The first time you visit this site, you notice
NO MERCHANDISE for sale there. You think,
“Well, that's a good sign.”
Then  as you begin studying the articles, teachings,
and etc. there you find that everything seems to
be in perfect agreement with God's Word.
Slowly  but surely you find yourself trusting these
people more, and more and more.
As your trust begins to build, it is only natural to
begin to let down your guard.
Then, just about the time you have decided that
these 'people' are trustworthy, Wham !! Here comes
the deceptions of men.
Satan is a most patient of devils. He will quote chapter
and verse, and chapter and verse, and on and on.
Then, when you are at your least guarded moment
he will execute his real plan.
His Word stealers will reveal how God has changed,
how His Word has passed away, expired, or  does not apply
to Christians. They will begin to quote and exalt
'men' and their doctrines rather than God's.
Without realizing what has happened, the lies,
the doubts, the unbelief will begin to do it's
deadly work.
This can be summed up with one word.

There are hundreds if not thousands of inmates in mental
institutions who believe themselves to be George
Washington, Napoleon or some other great historic
figure, but, their believing that, and saying that,
 is far from making it so.
God has even warned us of a 'man' who would come
claiming to be God 'himself'.
Now just 'where', should one suppose, would a mere man
  get that idea?
Did I say from where? I should have more
correctly said, 'from whom'.
The origin of that vain thought is written in Isaiah 14: 13-14.
My only point in mentioning this is to say, that thinking
something, and saying something, 'DOES NOT MAKE IT SO'.

In the very next verse (15), God says exactly what the end
will be for this Clown of all Clowns.
Should it come as any surprise if the Father
of all Clowns would also ('like God'),
have a Son of 'his own', and, Satan's
son (the son of perdition) would be exactly
'Like' his father?
How vain would a 'man' have to be to declare
himself to be 'GOD'?
My first guess would be 'just about as vain
as his father Satan'.
Jesus himself described Satan as “the thief
who comes but for to kill, to steal and destroy.”
Be on watch for one like this. Remember those
great old sayings. “Like father, like son.”
Watch for the sudden ascension of a man
of these characteristics (those of Satan),
and WHEN you do, LOOK UP, for the coming
of the Lord is very near, even at the door.
God's judgment for Satan and Satan's son
has already been written. It can NOT be changed
because once God speaks his Word it is ETERNAL,
it is FOREVER. It can NOT be changed or altered.
This judgment applies not only to the originator
of this vanity, but to 'ALL' who follow and serve him.
This includes, therefore, all the MIMES, MIMICS AND
CLOWNS masquerading as Christians.
If you claim to be a Christian but believe any part
of God's Word has passed away, you are nothing
more than a MIME, MIMIC or CLOWN.
If the things you believe turn out to be only
what you have learned from deceivers, then
you in turn have 'become' a deceiver.
If you find yourself among those who have
never heard the voice of THE GREAT SHEPHERD,
JESUS, then you need to go back to square one
and meet the ONE who died in your place.
It is written in Rev. 19: 20 that the beast and
the false prophet will be cast alive into the
lake of fire. Then in Rev. 20: 10 it says that
the devil that deceived them will also be cast
So far, it doesn't sound as if that should be
of any concern to anyone else. That is of course
unless you go ahead to verse 15 of this same
20th chapter where we read, “And whosoever
was not found written in the book of life
was cast into the lake of fire.”
Should someone, anyone, be wondering what has
these facts have to do with MIMES, MIMICS
and CLOWNS I'll answer that question as
simply as possible.
There are no, No, NO, MIMES, MIMICS or
CLOWNS whose names are written in that book.
That should be sufficient for the wise.
Should there be any 'geese' here, perhaps
they should be 'getting used to hearing'  the saddest
words any man will ever hear,
“Depart from me, I NEVER KNEW YOU.”

There is but ONE way out for any man,
woman, boy or girl.
That one way has a name.
It is the name which God himself has exalted
above 'every' name that is named.
That name is JESUS.
He is the Son of the Living God.
How much time remains for your eternal Salvation?
How much time remains for the MIMES, MIMICS
and Clowns to repent?
If you place any value in God's answer to
these questions, his answer for YOU
is simple.
It can NOT be misunderstood.
You need NOT go to any man to find that answer.
Simply open up God's Word to 2nd Cor. 6: 2
“For he (God) saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted,
and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee:
'NOW' is the accepted time;
is the day of Salvation.”

My prayer is that YOU will allow
 to lead and guide you

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