The purpose of this article is solely to make the Body of Christ in this earth 'AWARE' of this great danger that 'all' Christians face.

Before we can benefit from this warning the first thing necessary is to learn the identity of the subject of this article.

Genesis 3: 1

“Now the serpent was more 'subtle' than 'any' beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he ,the serpent, said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall 'not' eat of every tree of the garden?”

The very first word we need to focus on from this verse is the word 'subtle'.

Webster defines this word as meaning 'ingenious' , clever, acute, crafty and tenuous.

The best choice to help our understanding is perhaps, the word 'crafty' .

One mistake often made by so many Christians today, is that the truth as contained in this article has little relevance for us in this twenty-first century.

Oh, but if only that were true.

The truth is, not only is it relevant but also necessary if we are to understand the 'secret of this master deceiver's great success.

Believing a lie to be the truth, 'or' the truth to be a lie, are both equally as damaging .

In God's Word, he warns of a last days event, not one that 'might' take place, but one that is a certainty.

In 2nd. Thessalonians 2: 3 God uses the phrase, “except there come a falling away first” (partial).

Let's first consider those two words 'falling away' . The following example only serves to prove my point concerning just how much 'deception' exist in God's church in the earth today.

One of today's most renowned prophecy experts (according to his own opinion, of course)teaches that this term,'falling away' means 'caught up'. Personally, I've never seen anything fall up. Have you?

Talk about being deceived. I can only describe this teaching as 'stupidity in the extreme' .

Many of today's modern day teachers love to delve into ancient languages but often 'too many words' lead only to confusion, rather than to understanding.

For that reason I will only say that this term 'falling away' comes from a Greek word which, in English means 'apostasy' . Webster defines this

word 'apostasy' as meaning “abandonment of one's religious or other faith” .

When one takes into consideration that according to God's Word, mankind can 'only' be saved 'by faith' then the abandonment of our faith in God and his Word seems to be the ultimate goal of this 'Master of Deceit' . This deceiver is described by many names in God's Word. In the beginning he was called the 'serpent' . Just a few of his other names are the devil, Satan, the Father of all lies, Abaddon, Apollyon and that list of names goes on and on. The important thing we need remember is that 'all' these names refer to 'one and the same' entity. The second important thing to remember is his characteristic nature of being both subtle and crafty has 'never' changed. This article refers to him as the 'master of deceit' because it is solely by using his deceptions that he has any chance or hope of defeating God's children.

The first thing Christians need to understand is, according to the words of Jesus, Satan has 'no power' . That's no, as in 'none' .

In Matt. 28: 18 Jesus said,

“All power has been given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

Every word contained in this verse is in simple English. No need for delving into ancient languages here. One only needs to understand the meaning of the word 'All' . How's your math? If Jesus has been given 'all' power (and he just said that he had) then our question becomes, how much power does that leave for Satan? I consider that this word "all" can only  mean 100%. This simple fact leads me to wonder 'why' the majority of Christians spend their entire lives 'fearing' Satan? Rather than teaching children to fear the devil, we should have been teaching them to 'resist' him.

From early childhood, Christian's children are taught they best 'beware' , or the Boogie man will get them. If one understands the word 'beware' means 'be aware of' , then that's excellent advice. Unfortunately, when most Christians today see or hear that word 'beware' , they take it to mean 'be afraid of' .

If Satan had the 'power' to 'get' anyone, why would he even bother resorting to using deceit and deception? Wouldn't he just use his enormous scary power to simply kill us all? The answer is simple. He can't use something he doesn't have. Deception is the 'only' weapon he has left since Jesus defeated him at Calvary. We need to know and understand in what areas of our lives his deceptions operate so successfully.

1st. John 2: 16 speaks of “The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life” (partial).

Every weakness of man falls into one of these three categories. Look back at the original temptation in the garden. Genesis 3: 6, “And when the woman 'saw' that the tree was good for food and that it was 'pleasant' to the eyes, (the lust of the flesh and of the eyes), and that it was a tree to 'be desired' to make one wise, (the pride of life) she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her ; and he did eat.” In this one single verse you have 'the big three' . How very strange , although that tree had been there the entire time, Eve had never apparently given any thought to desiring it. That is to say 'not' until this very subtle serpent directed her attention to it.

These very same three weaknesses Satan used against Eve are exactly those which had 'originated' in Satan and caused 'his fall' . From the day this subtle serpent tempted Eve in the garden until now, he has never once changed his method. Why should he? His motto must be, “if it ain't broke don't fix it.” He had no power then to 'make' them obey him in the garden and that same Truth remains unchanged until this day.

If the church today would only realize and admit this one single truth and learn to live by it, the world would now see Jesus' church in an entirely new light. As it now is, when the world looks at us, they see only a mirror image of themselves. Why then, would they (the world) see or desire any need to change? Why should they when the majority of Christians live, talk and walk exactly like the world? We feast our eyes on exactly the same filth as do they. We serve exactly the same false gods as they do. Which is the better way of saying this? Do the majority of Christian's live 'like' the world, or does the world live exactly like the majority of Christians? There is 'little' or 'no' difference.

Exactly as Adam sought to find someone on which to lay the blame when he said in Genesis 3: 12 ,“the woman whom thou gavest me to be with me, 'she' gave me of the tree and I did eat.” , so also do Christians today. What need have we of repentance when it wasn't really our fault? It might be worth noting that 'never once' did Adam mention the serpent's part in this great deception. From Adam's day until now, we have 'not' come such “a long way baby”. Today we sometimes blame even God, but more often then not, other people. We often seek to include even the master of deception himself, in our ever growing list of excuses for our continually living a life of sin and defeat.

Believing that Satan has great power only makes it even easier for us to include him in our ever growing list of those we can blame, one more ready made excuse for our being overcome by sin.

Consider the 'lust of the flesh' . The world teaches us from childhood that “if it feels good, do it.” If something even 'looks' like it might feel good, 'do it' .

The master deceiver will, at every opportunity, parade anything and everything that 'looks' good before our eyes.

The pride of life operates on the spirits of covetness and jealousy from our births until the grave. Christians can now feed continually on these weaknesses of mankind.

Scarcely one generation ago Christians would have been aghast to see the glamorization of sin that now besets us from all sides. With just the push of a button anyone can now feast their eyes on the sins of the flesh. The simple truth about that is, one can 'not' look upon these things continually without those things being fed ' continually' into our spirits.

This I can only liken unto "spiritual novocain" . This ceasing to condemn sins of the flesh was not accomplished in some sudden and instantaneous manner. Exactly as an injection of novocain, the numbness sets in 'gradually' . Eventually we can no longer feel anything. This process is well described in God's Word as the deceitfulness of sin.

This brings us back to the word “subtle”. Perhaps it's like dropping a frog into a pot of boiling water. Do that and the frog will hop out immediately. This is a God given life saving reflex. Drop that same frog into a kettle of cold water however, and then turn up the heat gradually enough, and that same frog will remain there until his death. By in large, the church in the earth today has been subjected to the exact same process. One by one and little by little, the church has been fed one lie after another until now Christians believe they can receive Jesus, then continually live in sin and that's just 'hunky dory' with God. After all, doesn't God himself teach that 'once saved always saved?” Does he? Wake up church. From that day in the garden the wages of sin was 'death' and that truth has 'never' changed. It will 'never' change.

Hopefully, you might now be able to understand why this master of deceit is so dependent upon being crafty and subtle.

For centuries now Satan has been slowly and ever so patiently anesthetizing The Body of Christ until we can no longer recognize sin for what it is.

So many doctrines of devils have slowly and methodically been fed into the Church that most Christians have lost their ability to recognize sin for exactly for what God says it is, a bringer of death.

We hire men to study God's Word for us and then explain to us what God actually said and what it means. The greatest danger in this is, 'if' those hirelings become deceived, they will in turn teach these same deceptions to the Body of Christ. The greatest reason for their success in such deceptions is the fact that these types of deceptions are always presented as being based entirely on God's Word. It makes absolutely no difference whether Satan himself has taught you to believe lies rather than the truth, or whether one of his many, many disciples presented those lies to you. A lie is a lie, no matter who told it. Mankind lies unto itself and there is no one we would rather believe than ourselves. Jesus himself described this as 'the broad way which leads only to destruction' .

We measure ourselves by ourselves and compare ourselves to others. It's so so easy for us to look around and find someone who is far 'worse' than we are ourselves.

The best remedy against this ungodly practice is to know and realize that only by comparing ourselves unto Jesus can we truly understand just 'how far' we've fallen and come short of the Glory of God.

One day we will all stand before God and give account for our lives.

Pointing our bony finger at someone else, who we viewed as being far worse than we were, will carry not one bit of weight.

When you look into the face of Jesus, Flip Wilson's saying “the devil made me do it” will be worthless. Satan has no power to 'make' us do anything. All who call Jesus their Lord and yet live continually a life of sin are nothing more than liars. Rev. 21: 8 says plainly that all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire” (partial). No one can inherit both the Kingdom of God and a part in the lake of fire.

When that day of reckoning comes, (and it will come), the only thought you would best have is what your Jesus did for you, 'not' all the wonderful things you've done for him. Ask yourself this question. Did Jesus really suffer and die for you so that you could remain 'unchanged' ? Hey, you could have done that without his help. You were already 'unchanged' before Calvary. To those who have been so deceived as to believe that, I ask, what then was the point?

My prayer for all who have taken the time to read these words is simple.

“Father, open their eyes and let them see Jesus. Let them see that you are a Holy and Righteous God. Let them thirst and hunger after your Righteousness which Jesus provided. Teach them to hate sin, as you do, Father.

Teach them to look continually unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of their faith. Remind them always that walking like Jesus is the 'only hope' any of us have of pleasing you. Break the bondage that their believing lies has delivered them into. Show them plainly that those who have chosen to love this world and the things of the world, will NOT in any wise enter into your Holy Kingdom.

Because I have ask these things in the name of Jesus, the most Holy name in heaven or earth, I know you have heard my prayer. I lift back up to now, your words as spoken by Jesus. He said plainly that only by knowing the Truth and walking in that Truth can anyone be set free. You have promised us that like the rain that comes down from heaven, so also does your Word. It will not return unto you void, but will accomplish that which you please. Because you have promised this, I believe it is done.”

Amen and Amen

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