How To Spot A False Prophet

This will be short, sweet, and to the point. The 'CHURCH' in the earth today has about ALL the word mincers it can stand or need. This article is not by any stretch of the imagination intended to be an all inclusive list. These are only 7 of the 'most' common signs.

Sign number ONE - 'PROFIT OR GAIN'.

Their's, NOT your's. There will 'almost' always be MONEY involved. God 'GIVES'. False prophets, teachers, apostles, ect. will always reveal their true nature, because they are 'TAKERS'. If they ever do offer to give you anything, it is only to prime your 'giving pump' so to speak. A very simple and easy way of never forgetting this is – “If it's from God, it ain't for sale and if it's for sale, it ain't from God.” For any who might be interested in God's opinion of those who make merchandise of his gifts, you would do well to read Acts 8: 20-23. “But Peter said unto him,(Simon) 'Thy money perish with thee, (because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the site of God, repent therefore of this 'thy wickedness', and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the 'gall of bitterness', and in the 'bond of iniquity'.”

Sign number TWO-

Listen very closely to what they say. They are WORD OF GOD 'contradictors' and WORD of God 'changers. This is most often very subtle. Watch out for a mixture of THE TRUTH (some) mixed with 'lies' (perhaps only a little).

The Word of God can be likened to Bread. Gal.5: 9 - “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” The false prophets thrive on the majority of Christian's LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of God's Word. There is nothing I know of that works better than a good example. One very famous 'prosperity preacher' was teaching on his favorite subject, “God wants ALL Christians to be rich.” I have watched as this man cocked his head to one side, as though listening to some far off voice. Of course this voice was discernible only to 'HIS' ears. After an appropriate period of silence, he loudly declares, “YES, YES, Lord, I'll say that. 'God wants you to be rich'.” In order to gain disciples of this doctrine, it is very important to 'first' get you to believe that Jesus was a VERY wealthy man when he walked this earth. This is the 'SETUP'. Next, the verse as found in Mark 10:21 is quoted. Jesus told the rich man “go thy way, sell 'whatsoever thou hast' and give to the POOR (partial).” Next, the leven (lie) is mixed in with the TRUTH. The next words out of the F/P's mouth – “See, Jesus didn't say sell 'ALL' THAT YOU HAVE, but 'only what that rich man had with him at the time.” This scripture was chosen on purpose so that the phrase 'whatsoever thou hast' could be explained away as meaning 'only what the man had with him at the time'. I immediately turned to Luke 18: 22. Here it reads, “sell 'ALL' that thou hast (partial).” My only purpose in including all this should be obvious. It's kinda hard to explain away the word 'ALL' with a little hocus pocus. The Holy Spirit made it abundantly clear that day that I had just witnessed THE TRUTH being changed into a “DOCTRINE OF DEVILS”.

Before someone jumps up and concludes that I am condemning that man, consider this: If that were true, I could have easily 'named' names. I did not. Jesus himself said that he himself was not sent to condemn anyone. If He wasn't, then I certainly wasn't. Jesus also said to judge (condemn) no one. Not necessary because God already knows 'who' and 'what' that man is. God's judgment for ALL F/P's is already written. The CHURCH is, however, 'COMMANDED' to 'judge ALL THINGS.' We are never to judge (condemn) anyone but we 'ARE' commanded to judge every word we hear. We are told in Hebrews 5: 14 that Christians should be able to discern between 'GOOD and EVIL'. If the turning of God's TRUTH into a Lie is not pure EVIL, I have no idea of what would be. For some strange reason, for the most part, the church refuses to discern between good and evil. This devils' doctrine (false teaching about the true meaning of “Judge NOT“) has become so 'ingrained' in THE CHURCH that they will stand by listening to someone calling Jesus a liar and changing His (Jesus') words and think 'nothing' about it. You just heard someone say Jesus did NOT say ALL, when you should be able to plainly see from God's Word that he did. In Matt. 24: 4 Jesus commands believers to “TAKE HEED THAT NO 'MAN' DECEIVE YOU.” I just showed you how.

Sign number THREE-

This involves more of the same. These who Jesus warned of, change the meaning of simple words like FIRST, LAST, ALL, FEW, and MANY; to name only a few. Invest in a good concordance. Check out the above words and decide for yourself whether any of these words EVER have more than one meaning.

Sign number FOUR-

These are the 'WE'DOERS'. Forever telling others how much 'they' are doing for God. This is in startling contrast to 'those who love and serve God'. The TRUE lovers of God use every opportunity to tell others what God has done for them, NOT the other way around.

Sign number FIVE-

These are the MEN-exalters, and this includes exalting one's self. Many F/P today take turns exalting each other. As in “you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours”. Example- false prophet 'A' will swear that false prophet 'B' is a (true) prophet, while false prophet 'B' will preach the world over that false prophet 'A' is an APOSTLE. Those who love God are, by contrast, 'GOD ONLY-exalters.

Sign number SIX-

The “passed-away bunch” and the “Oh, that doesn't apply to Christians'.” In places where it proves difficult to explain it away, they simply 'pass' it AWAY.

Sign number SEVEN-

These are the “God-can't-ers”. When you hear anyone saying God can't do something (anything), my advice is that you run away as fast as you can. The best example of this is when you hear any man or woman saying that God can Not get the gospel preached without fortunes in cash – BEWARE. The first time Jesus sent out his disciples on their own he forbade them to take 'any' money. When Peter healed the lame man at the gate Beautiful, he stated he had NO Silver and NO Gold. Did Peter manage to preach the gospel to the lame man that day? Not only did he preach it, but demonstrated it with signs following. If the preaching of the gospel depends on anyone having MONEY, then it means simply that God depends on men, and NOT men on God. Jesus has already promised that His gospel would be preached in all the world and 'then' the end would come. He made no mention of it depending on money or anything else.

When you hear anyone (male or female) demonstrating any of these 7 danger signs, that is an excellent time to heed the warning given by Jesus in Luke 21:8, "Go NOT after them (partial)”. Does this mean to condemn that person? No, Jesus meant exactly what he said. He said “DO NOT FOLLOW AFTER THEM”. Those who are gorgeously arrayed in 1500 dollar suits and live in Kings houses are highly unlikely to have been sent by God, (Luke 7: 25-26).

The summary of this article is very simple. There are MANY 'false prophets' (Matt. 24: 11; and this word MANY 'always' means the LARGEST PART OR PORTION of the whole) who fit the descriptions given in these 7 danger signs. Those written of in this article are prophets of a sort; but it's spelled 'PROFITS' and they were 'not' sent by God. What MANY in THE CHURCH refuse to believe is, these deceivers are not on the 'outside' trying to get in, they are on the 'inside' trying to lead you out. Follow any man (or woman) closely enough and long enough, and you will end up 'wherever' they do. A much better idea is to follow Jesus only. ONLY then, you can know you will end up where He did. These deceivers Jesus warned of are those who only seek to make merchandise of you. The 'CHURCH' is their favorite hunting and feeding grounds, and remember always, they also seek to make you, 'like unto themselves'.

Before you reject these words, consider that I have nothing to gain or lose whether you believe these words or not. I was only commanded to give this warning. My only advice to anyone who reads this is simply - “He (whosoever) has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Rev. 3:22


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