Let's begin this study with a question. Has anyone, beside myself, ever found themself wondering, 'why' God's Word seems so often HARD to understand? I've often found myself wondering this. The only answer I've ever found in God's Word is located in ISAIAH 28: 10 - “ For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; HERE A LITTLE, and THERE A LITTLE.” The word precept as used here means 'understanding' upon understanding. The phrase line upon line is today most often described with the words, 'verse by verse'. This leaves us with only the words 'HERE A LITTLE', and 'THERE A LITTLE'.

    Only the Holy Spirit can lead anyone from a 'here a little' to the RIGHT 'there a little'. No amount of earthly education can do this. The simple TRUTH is that many verses in God's Word can NOT be understood individually (by that one verse alone) but only when looked at in conjunction with ANOTHER and very often with 'many' other verses.
    It is a well known and common saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Being that I am not an artist, I can only illustrate this by painting a 'WORD PICTURE'. Jesus did this often and when we make reference to this we simply say that Jesus spoke in 'PARABLES'. This in no way indicates that Jesus was speaking of two bulls. In today's language, we call this an analogy. Webster defines this word (analogy) as a 'likeness'. This is exactly what Jesus was doing when he would make a statement such as, “The Kingdom of God is 'LIKENED UNTO' a man which sowed good seed in his field...” (Matthew 13: 24). If Jesus was seeking to give understanding to fisherman, he might use an analogy (word picture) that fishermen could easily see in their minds. If for example, I said unto you the words 'A BIG BLACK DOG' you would not see those words in your mind, but you would see a picture of a big black dog. If I had said only the word 'DOG' to a hundred people, more than likely every person who heard this word would have visualized a completely different dog. Try it for yourself. If for example, you have a dog you would more than likely see YOUR dog. Hopefully you will get the picture.
    Now, I said all that to say this- God's Word is 'like unto' a picture puzzle. If you pour out a 10,000 piece puzzle on a table, the pieces are individually so small that you have no idea of what the finished picture will portray.
    This is a perfect illustration of the meaning of 'HERE A LITTLE' and 'THERE A LITTLE'. You can look at one single piece until the end of time and NEVER understand what the finished picture will look like. As each correct piece is added in it's proper place, the picture will continually become more and more clear, and when every piece is in place, you will understand exactly what God really said.
    The very next sentence is 'the' TRUTH that you must 'NOT' overlook. 'Only' THE HOLY SPIRIT can lead and guide you to each and every correct piece needed for you to understand God's meaning. Here is the rub. When men seek to do this, using only their own natural minds, they will most often choose the wrong piece and seek to force it into the whole, whether it fits or not. A perfect example of how this works is as follows. Take any man who prides himself on his own intelligence. He reads the words of Jesus as found in John 10: 27: “My sheep HEAR my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” More than likely, this man will reason within himself, “I've never heard Jesus' voice.” What choices, then, is he left with? He can either admit that he must not be Jesus' sheep, that Jesus lied, or that Jesus 'no longer' speaks to His sheep. Which of these three options do YOU think this man will choose? I can help you with your answer because I've seen it too many times. He will choose none of the three. Why? Because he is too 'wise' for his own good. He will reason within himself that no true lover of Jesus will believe any of his three choices. My, MY, he is wise!!! Not hardly. He will instead come up with the brilliant theory that these particular words of Jesus have passed away. They are no longer of any effect. In spite of Jesus saying that heaven and earth will pass away but His words won't (paraphrased). How very convenient for the 'WISE'. Find something Jesus said that you don't like, just pass it away. News flash for the 'INTELLIGENTSIA', any word that Jesus ever spoke will pass away right 'after' He does. That AIN'T ever gonna happen!!!!!!
    No man will ever find Jesus when he's led by the spirit of Pride. Pride has never brought anyone to Calvary's cross. The Pride of man can only lead to destruction. Exactly as Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducee in John 5: 39 “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me.” They refused to hear his voice when he stood right before them and likewise do many "wise" unto this day. God never intended His Word to be made into a pick and choose choice. He has already declared his judgment for all who add too or take away from his Word. That judgment can NOT be changed. It does not even need to be changed. It is right and it is just. God made us and His alone is the right to make the rules.
    This is exactly the explanation of how so many false doctrines are born. The natural carnal mind will ALWAYS lead you to the wrong conclusion. We all have two ways we can go. Go God's way and you will end up with NO CONTRADICTIONS. Go man's way and you will ALWAYS end up with at least one contradiction and more often as not, MANY. The TRUTH is, there are NO contradictions in God's Word. God is not double-minded, MEN are. When anyone finds what looks to be an absolute certainty that God has contradicted himself in His Word, they have simply went 'from' a 'HERE-A-LITTLE' to the 'wrong' THERE-A-LITTLE.
    This here-a-little, there-a-little, by leadership of the Holy Spirit is God's 'fail-safe' system which he has built into his Word. This was not an accident on God's part. God NEVER intended anyone to understand his WORD using only man's natural wisdom. Had that been the case, ONLY the WISE in this world would ever be able to understand. The TRUTH has been hidden from the 'wise' and revealed unto babes. A man could sit in some 'spiritually' dead seminary from the age of 20 until he died at the age of 100 and go straight to Hell. This is sad, but it 'is' also the TRUTH. Those who are WISE (in their own eyes) are trusting NOT in God but in 'their own' intellect.
    In John 16: 13 Jesus said, “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of TRUTH, is come, he will lead and guide you into all, (ALL) TRUTH: (partial)”. Question? Did Jesus promise the Holy Spirit would lead us into ALL TRUTH or just part of the TRUTH? Many who are flesh minded will, of course, just 'THROW OUT' that piece because they can never see where it fits.
    Keep in mind, this promise was given by the same Jesus these same intellectuals claim to be 'trusting in' for their salvation. It 'might' just be a good idea to believe the words of the one who gave his life for you. When someone claims Jesus as Lord of their life, yet rejects his words as being a lie, well, to say this as nicely as I know how, would anyone really trust a man with their eternity if they believe him to be a liar? Those who do this have only forced the WRONG PIECE of the puzzle into the wrong place. How many of the pieces will they cast aside claiming that those pieces have been done away with?
    Many men today are so ruled by the 'spirit of Pride' that they truly believe they have understood God's Word using only their own 'self-appraised' intellect. Jesus himself said it WILL BE the 'MEEK' who inherit the earth, NOT the PROUD. This never ceases to remind me that there was once someone who thought he could be like the Most High God.

James 3: 15 tells us that ALL 'earthly wisdom is sensual and devilish'. Verse 17 then goes on and tells us that there is a WISDOM that comes from above. Who's WISDOM might that be? Is it just possible that this is the same Wisdom that James spoke of in James 1: 5 (“if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all liberally, and upbraideth not, and IT SHALL BE GIVEN HIM”)??? There is a wisdom of this world born of pride and vanity. ( 1 Cor. 1:26- “ For you see your calling, brethren, how that not many WISE MEN AFTER THE FLESH, not many mighty, not many noble are called.”) That leaves it up to every person to decide who's WISDOM they put their trust in? Will it be God's, or man's? They might just as well have said to Jesus, “Thanks, but no thanks, I'd rather do it myself.”

Jesus died so that all men could have the right to decide whether to put their trust in SOMEONE or in SOMETHING. Some will choose to put their trust in their wealth, their positions of power in this world, and some in their impressive educations. If this were the case, one would think that Jesus would have sent his disciples to be taught by the Pharisees and the Sadducees. After all, these were the PHD's and DR.s of Theology in Jesus' day. For example, look at this word THEOLOGY. Can you see the word 'theory' lurking there? A theory is something which can not be proven or based on fact, and in reality it means, 'I think'. Those who truly KNOW and LOVE Jesus could care less what any man 'thinks'. Using myself as an example, I care only what Jesus thinks. How much vanity does it take for any man to believe that by some carnal fleshly wisdom they have been authorized to determine which of God's Words have passed away and which remain? My answer is, A LOT. These are but blind leaders of the blind and Jesus himself said both will end up in the ditch.

As for me, I have chosen to put my trust in a SOME ONE and that SOMEONE'S name is Jesus. The only right God has given me when it comes to others is the right to pray that they will make the right choice. God will NOT make that decision for you and neither can 'any man'. The last piece of God's Puzzle for every man will turn out to be an image of yourself. Will you allow God's Spirit to show you where that final piece goes? Or will you, yourself, cast it aside as you did with so many other pieces of God's Word? True enough, it IS God's Puzzle, but the decision as to where this final piece fits in, is your's and your's alone.

After all, it is YOUR eternity and YOUR choice!!!!!

Seven times, in the Book of Revelations alone, Jesus said, “He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Of course the wise men of today will answer, “I CAN'T HEAR YOU”

My question to the wise then becomes, “HAVE YOU TRIED LISTENING?????

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