When your phone rings and it's God calling, do you check your caller ID and pray that
God will hang up?
Have you ever considered that it just might be important
and that perhaps He has something you need to know?

Does your reluctance to answer hinge on the fact

that He might ask something of you?

OR – is it just the simple fact , that you have become

so busy with 'YOUR' life, that you can barely hear it ring anymore?

This very short article is simply a warning from God

that you can NOT continue to remain 'TOO BUSY' for HIM

because if you do, the day WILL COME, that you'll need HIM

desperately and He will not have time for you.

Many deceptions have become accepted today in

the 'church , at least 'so called' , and we need always remember

that He is a busy God, a GREAT God, and that He loved you so much that he gave His ONLY Son 'for you'. He is also a most patient and loving God but you need to believe and accept the truth, HIS TRUTH, which is found written in His Word.

His Word is forever, His Word is unchangeable, and it's not God who needs to change. It's us!

This article contains only ONE scripture.

It is found in

Jeremiah 11: 14 - “Therefore pray NOT for these people,

neither lift up a cry or prayer for 'THEM : for I will

'NOT HEAR' THEM in the time that they cry unto me

for their trouble.”

MANY so called Christians alive today have been

deceived into believing that they can go thru

the motions of reciting John 3: 16 like it was some

magical incantation and then just go ahead and live

their lives as though God had NO PART in it.

'TOO BUSY FOR GOD' ? He has promised that the day

WILL COME when He'll be 'too busy' to hear your cry.

With each day that passes by we are that much closer

to the 'LAST' day. There is a term used in God's Word

known as the Last Days. Consider that if this is true,

'and it is' , that eventually there has to be 'a last day'

of the 'LAST DAYS' . It makes no difference that we are

told that “ no man knows the day or the hour.”

All 'believers' need to believe that. All who believe

that it's the 'norm' to have NO TIME FOR GOD, and that He'll

understand, are in for a rude awakening. ALL who have

chosen to believe and live by the deceptions of men,

rather than what God has said in his WORD, will find out 'TOO LATE' that God is not taking your calls anymore


I recommend to all who call themselves by His name,

to make time for God in your lives. Place God first in

your life . Seek Him early while He may yet be found.

Listen for and learn to recognize His voice. Your life

in God was never intended to be put on hold while

you live your life believing that you'll have time to

'PICK UP' after the end comes. After that day does

finally come, you will pick up only to learn that the

party on the other end has hung up. Too late you

will learn that 'THESE WORDS' which you've just

read are true. If you've not yet reached that point

where your phone is no longer ringing and it's God

who's calling, then my suggestion is that you make

time for Him before it's TOO LATE. No man can KNOW when that phone will ring for the LAST TIME. There is a

LAST TIME for everything. So also it is with God reaching

out to you. The very next time could well be the

LAST TIME . So take the time and make the time to

answer. It may well be that it's God who's calling, and it may well

be , that this is for the LAST TIME.



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