I watch daily as fear
 and Paranoia is passed
 from hand to hand
and mouth to ear.

 One can NOT keep up
 with the thousands of
videos on a site such
 as YouTube

 continually declaring all
 the horrible things coming
 upon the earth.

 When you've seen one
 of this type videos,
you've seen 'em ALL.

 They all have one thing
 in common.
 There only purpose is
 to spread F-E-A-R.

 Fear paralyzes Faith
and this is Satan's
purpose in it's entirety.

 Take for example the
 story of David and Goliath.
 Take Israel for example
 a nation of God's people.
They had witnessed
 with their own eyes
 exactly HOW GREAT
 was God's power to deliver
 them against overwhelming odds.

 Take for instance
 after God had set
free the nation of Israel
 from their Bondage in Egypt

 ( because they had finally
 cried out for deliverance)
 and Pharaoh let them
 go only to change
 his mind and come after them

 He fully intended
 to utterly take away
 this entire nation
from off the earth.

(Sounds kinda familiar,
 does it not?)
 Anyway, here was
 an entire nation with
 their backs to the Red Sea,

They were completely
 surrounded by Pharaoh's
 army, WITH NO

 Sounds pretty hopeless
 does it not? AND YET,
God reached down
 and destroyed the entire
 Egyptian army.

Do not many nations
have the very same intentions
 in our day???
Not much new here.

  Evil men in our day
 hate God's people.
 This is not limited to
only the Jews.

Accept this fact.
 ALL people who do not
 KNOW and LOVE God
will HATE all those who do.

 Jesus said
 that THE WORLD hated him
 and will feel
that same hatred
for both THE CHURCH
and Israel.

The point of bringing
 this to your attention
is simply so
you might understand,
 in this.

It has been that way
 from the beginning.
It will be that way
until the end.

All this hullabaloo
 and these Scare Tactic
 videos is not NEW.

 Many who spread this JUNK
 claim to be 'Christians',
AND, they think they
really are doing God's
children a service.

 Now, back to our story
 of David and Goliath.
 For 40 days and nights,
 Goliath came out
and by the words out
 of his mouth,

brought nothing
 to Israel's army.
They hid in ditches like
 whimpering cry babies.

 Where would you suppose
these words spoken
by Goliath came from?
 I trust you know they did
 not come from God.

Those words were only
 for one purpose.
To bring FEAR
 into the hearts
 of God's people and
 drive out their FAITH.

 It worked, OR, perhaps
 more accurate to say,
 it was working
 and working well,

 one young boy came along
 named David.
 He was NOT buying
 any of these lies
and threats from
this loudmouth giant.

Because David had seen
 the power of God
 working in his people,
 to wit,

David had been
 delivered from both
 a Lion and a bear.
 Unlike most Christians
 of today,

 He said so.
 Not only did he remember
 God's great and mighty
 power to deliver 'in any

he put feet to his
 FAITH and went out
 to meet this

 What many today call
 Faith is nothing more
 than talk, & 'Cheap talk'
 at that.

It's one thing to say
 you believe God
delivered Israel from Egypt,
 and Daniel
 from the Lions den,

 and the three Hebrew
children from the fiery
 furnace and so on
 and so on,
 Blah, Blah, Blah.

 Certainly any real
 Christian knows that
God's Word is true.

 The question then
 becomes, but will
 he do the same for you?

 Remember the old song,
 "It is no Secret"?
 The lyrics say
"It is no SECRET
 what God can do"

 but the part people
 tend to forget
 is the next line.
 "What he's done
 for others,

' If ' you believe that
 THE BIBLE is the Word
 of God,
 then never forget
this TRUTH.

 God is
 no 'respecter of persons'.
 If he delivered Israel,
 and Daniel,
 and too many others
 to name here ,

 God expects us
 to believe
that He WILL deliver
 US also.

As the old saying
 goes, "I said all that,

 Which is greater,
all the miraculous
 stories of physical
 deliverance in a
 natural situation,

 OR, when God
 delivered you
 from DEATH unto LIFE
 when you heard the
 gospel, and then chose
 to believe it and receive it?

 God delivered Paul,
 Peter and many others
 many times,
 and Yet, in the end
 of their lives,

 God permitted them
 to die as martyrs.
 Does this indicate
 that God has only
so much saving power
 in each person's life???

 I think not.
 It means simply
 that until God's
appointed time comes
 for each of us to leave
 this earthly life
 and come be with him,

 no THING and no ONE
 can take your life.
That of course
 depends on whether
 or NOT you are
 living BY FAITH in him.

 If your life is driven
 by and motivated
 by the spirit of FEAR,
 you have automatically
 made Satan your God.

If you feed your
 spirit on his
 spirit of FEAR
 then you will have
 no defense against
 wicked and evil men

These evil men do
and will hate you
 for his name's sake.

 I find it necessary
 here to repeat myself.
 Wicked and evil men
 will seek to kill you
 and wipe you from
the face of this earth.

What exactly
 is NEW in that??
 That answer is
 N-O-T-H-I-N-G !!!

Why then do so many
 feel compelled to talk
about every bad thing
 the devil intends on doing
 to YOU ???

Do they all realize
that they are but being
 used as minions
 of Satan ???
That is highly unlikely.

 They have for the
most part become dupes
 of Satan and believe
 themselves to be doing
 you a favor.

Many truely believe that
 this is their 'God called'

 This is video is only
Intended as a word
of warning to those
 who 'truly are' Jesus Lovers.'

 When you see or hear
 anything which brings
only FEAR but yet
 says nothing about
 believing and trusting God
 are not and I repeat,

 Doing you any favor.
 These are but
Their words bring
only fear, hopelessness
and the desire to hide

Any such message
which instills only
FEAR, is NOT from God

Did they neglect
reminding you that
our God is Great
and Mighty to deliver?

Then they were not
sent by him.
The words they speak
are not God's
 but Satan's

IF, the only thing
 they have to say
are words of despair
then do not continually
feed on this garbage

Over 300 times
in God's  Word
the command to
FEAR NOT, in one
form or another is
given to God's people

That gives me a
very strong feeling
that God has commanded
us to "FEAR NOT"
Do these Scare Mongers
included these two
words on their messages?

If not, you might
want to spend your
time watching something
which will BUILD UP
and edify you FAITH

Any who seek only
to leave you filled
with TERROR,
are NOT doing
you any favors.

It seems obvious
that the only thing
they might be trying
 to convince you of
 is this.

These horrors are
coming upon this earth
and God has forsaken
you. Flee, Run for your
When anyone who
has no faith tells
you to do anything
probably best you
not take his advice.

Their message is
nothing but
Be afraid, Be Very

Were these messages
from God, they would

These jokers only
messages add up to
You are 'going to die'
 a horrible death
 and God intends
on doing NOTHING
 to save you.

 But!!! I say to you
that these people
 are nothing more than,
 MIMES, Mimics and CLOWNS.
 They do 'NOT KNOW'
 anything about God

 OR his mighty power
 to save and deliver
 BEWARE of feeding
 your spirit on this
 tripe from Satan.

 They MAY not
 mean you harm
 BUT, it will DO
you harm.

 When God tells you
 to flee for your life,
 then FLEE.
When God says TRUST
then TRUST

 When some CLOWN
 leaves you with the belief
 that God has deserted
 you to a horrible death
 then avoid them at all cost.

 Stand fast and trust God.
 He alone is able to deliver
 you and save you
 in ANY situation.
 I repeat,
 I said in ANY situation

In summary I can
only say this.
 Get full of God's Word.

 Only by the hearing
of God's Word
 (not some clowns words)
 can you be full
 of FAITH,

 and only by FAITH
 in God, can anyone
 be delivered

 These are his thoughts ,
 As always, it comes
 down to this.

 God bless all
who worship HIM
 in SPIRIT & in TRUTH.
 His Word is TRUTH.

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