Great video on a most needed subject. Religion has caused more people to turn away from Jesus than any other single thing. As we have already discussed, the 'CHURCH' (so? called) is filled to overflowing with WHITE PIGEONS (Pharisees) These are nothing more than Mimes, Mimics and Clowns. I have coined a new phrase which would eliminate much repetition. That term is EOOT & denotes the multitude of 'christians' who suffer from - an Exaggerated Opinion Of Themselves.
Feel free to use this term
which brings us back to subject. Remember the story of the woman who was brought to Jesus by the EOOT's. Caught in the act, the very act. Jesus stooped over and wrote on the ground. Much speculation from the EOOT's about what He wrote. Every answer I've ever heard was wrong so I took the time to ASK God. The Jewish law required that both the man and woman be stoned to death. Jesus wrote only 4 words. They were, "WHERE IS THE MAN" Apparently Jesus knew an EOOT when he saw one. God bless 

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