(Do You Hear What I Hear?)

The question asked in the title of this article is addressed primarily to the Church. None of the things I see and hear really come as any great surprise, nor I suppose should they. God has already warned us of every one of these things in his Word and for that reason alone we should not be all that taken aback.

It just somehow seems different to actually behold these prophecies actually being fulfilled with our very own eyes.

The first thing I see so very clearly is the love of many Christians waxing cold. Multitudes, who started out their lives with Jesus as totally dedicated and sold out Jesus Lovers, have turned away. They are now rushing away at breakneck speed from real devotion to God, and going in the opposite direction.

How this must tear at the heart of a loving God who spared 'nothing' to redeem mankind back unto himself.

He watches now from Heaven as every word he has prophesied comes to pass.

Many who once loved both Father and Son have now departed 'from the faith'. Now their entire lives are consumed with 'anything and everything', except God.

So clearly now, I watch as men become more and more lovers of 'their own selves' than they are 'lovers of God'.

These changes did not take place overnight. Ever so 'gradually' this transformation has taken place over the last SIXTY years.

I watch and listen as Christians grow more and more unthankful and unholy day by day, hour by hour. Many years ago a man was known by how well he kept and honored his word. In this 21st century, few give any thoughts to what might be required for the keeping of 'their word'.

I see children becoming more and more disobedient to parents.

This is not only true in the natural sense between earthly children and parents but spiritually as well. I see Christians becoming more and more disobedient and rebellious against God. What has become of 'the fear (reverence) of God?

Many Christians in this century have now become almost totally consumed by the pursuit of things to wear, to eat and to drink. The laying up of treasures in earth as provisions for their 'old age' has become the driving force of MANY in our days.

What has become of seeking 'first' God's righteousness and believing that all the necessary THINGS for life would be provided by God?

One can listen today to conversations between Christians and it appears that they prefer talking about 'anything' and everything except God, Jesus or God's WORD.

I find it now impossible to escape the conclusion that somehow and in some way, Christians have lost their hunger for God's Word. Perhaps it's because so many Christians believe they already know everything God would have them to know.

I see brothers hating brothers without even a cause. What was once called natural affection has become passie and almost non existent. I watch as Christians condemn other Christians simply because they can not agree on everything that each believes.

What has become of loving one another, praying for one another?

Many Christians start out by trusting God for everything and anything, up to and including their ETERNITY. When America was in her lean years back in the 30's and 40's, trusting in God was about all that most people had. Today I can NOT help but hear God's TRUTH saying that prosperity 'RUINETH the fool'. I can not cease thinking that this must also apply to nations as well as to individuals.

By simple observation and overheard conversations, it seems like more and more 'Christians' today trust in their 401K's, their bank accounts, their jobs,and a robust economy than they do in God. The wonderful 20th century invention called television has become the god who speaks. Any and all words spoken over this electronic beast has become the voice of TRUTH. Mankind now seems to prefer placing their trust in anything and everything, except the God who made all 'things'.

If one didn't know better, it might look as though many Christians who once belonged to the church of Philadelphia are now racing frantically to join some church of the 'Laodicean type'. The desire to be 'rich and increased with goods' has long since replaced the desire to please one's heavenly Father.

I watch in amazement as Christians who are rich and increased with this world's goods seemingly have forgotten how to have pity on the poor.

Not only have they forgotten those things which they should do, but the large majority of the 'rich' Christians have turned so far from God that they are now actually ROBBING from the poor, just to lay up for themselves treasures here on earth. What has become of neighbor helping neighbors in their time of need? You can still see and hear reports of wonderful charitable works but the vast majority of these are 'TO BE SEEN OF MEN'. These 'wonderful' deeds hardly count as things done out of a love for God or your neighbor. The rule of the day seems to be, 'don't get involved', or to avoid helping by pretending as though you don't see someone else's needs.

I see and hear MULTITUDES of False Prophets 'mutilating' God's Word until it no longer even resembles what God said. I watch as great multitudes of Christians devour these lies as a starving man would wolf down earthly food.

I witness the 'EAR TICKLERS' in Jesus' CHURCH becoming rich in this world's goods and multitudes running after them in hopes of sharing in the spoils. Many even bring their own feathers so that their ears might be tickled.

I hear Jesus crying out “Go not after them”.

I can NOT help but observe that very few Christians seem to hear any of Jesus' words any more.

I see multitudes of those who have become both deaf and blind, and who no longer seek God, but everything and anything except.

I can hear their vain thoughts. “My house will abide forever; The Lord helps those who help themselves; God will not require this at my hand; I've got 'my' ticket to heaven so all I need do now is take care of number one.”

Oh, My God! Is this the great falling away you warned us of? Has it taken place so gradually that your people didn't even realize they had turned away from you and are now rushing headlong back toward perdition?

I see, I hear, and NOW I understand WHY Jesus said, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth?” (paraphrase)

I often find myself wondering, “Will he find any real LOVE either?”

I can so very clearly understand why that 'Only' when the CHURCH has all of these earthly riches ripped from their hands will they cry out to God. Now I understand why God said, “Only when my judgments are in the earth, only then, will the inhabitants learn RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

When I look at THE CHURCH today these are only some of the things I see. These are only some of the things I hear. God help us!

I search in vain to find the bride of Jesus Christ. How can His church ever be without spot or blemish with neither LOVE or FAITH? Where are those who love him enough to lay down their lives for him? Where are those who have left all to follow him?

I see the world rushing headlong towards hell because they can find no one who reflects the true light of Jesus.

Many 'of the world' have looked unto the church of Jesus and have beheld only 'a mirror image of themselves'.

I have looked. I have listened. I have searched in vain.

These are the things I see. These are the things I hear.

The only question now remaining is,




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