As the end of this age draws near
 to it's end - ALL who name
 the name of Jesus - would do well
 to heed the words of our soon
 coming King - Jesus the Lord of Glory.  

Each and every individual must
 determine in his own heart
 exactly 'to whom'
 and 'in whom' they will
 entrust their eternity.

 The Spirit of God will
 ALWAYS warn of errors
 taught as TRUTH,
 but He will 'NEVER'
 take from anyone
 the RIGHT to choose
 WHO they will believe.
 Whether it be some person
 of flesh and blood -
 or to the words
 of the ONE TRUE
 God gives his rule for
 understanding his  WORD
 in Isaiah 28: 13
 "For precept must be
  upon precept,
  precept upon precept;
  line upon Iine,
  Iine upon line
  here a little,
  and there a little."
 The word precept means the 

understanding of an idea
  but ALL error
  enters in the moment
  any person
  adds in HIS OWN
  'rather than' God's.
  Add God's precept
  to God's precept
  to God's precept
  but then add ONE
  and it will always result
  in ERROR.
  Much of todays'
  false doctrine is
  spread without
  malice or evil intent
  but regardless of motive -
  ANY and ALL lies
  which you receive
  and believe to be TRUTH -
  will ultimately bring hurt
  and destruction.

  In John 8: 31-32 -
 Jesus said
       " IF
  in MY WORD,

 are you my disciples indeed;
 and (THEN) you shall KNOW
 the TRUTH,
 and  the TRUTH
 shall make you free."
   Please, Please -
  to see the words
  IF and THEN

  Also pay close attention
  to the word
  He did NOT say -
  continue in the words
  of 'some man' or 
   'some woman'

   But he 'did say'
   in MY ('HIS' WORD).

  The title of this
   short video is
  God's Word on
  which this video
   is based can be
   found in 2nd. Tim
   3: 1 

       "This know also,
      that in the last days
         'SHALL come' "

      Understand this,
  the words 'shall come'
     are much different
        than the words
          'might come'

     If you are among
      those who really
          LOVE Jesus -
     you will take HIS WORDS
  over those of any other person

         - without regard to
         however wonderful
       you think that person
                 might be -

         how much they SAY
             they Iove God -
                  'how many'
         wonderful works they
                'seem to be'
               doing for God.

           If on the other hand
               you 'Will HEAR'
        what the Spirit of God
        is saying to the churches

           You may rest assured
         that his words will always
           be in TOTAL agreement

         with the Words of Jesus
                without ANY of
             man's assumptions.

                Remember always
                 what God spoke
                concerning Jesus
                    on the Mount

             "This is my beloved Son -
                    HEAR YOU HIM." 

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