Psalm 127: 1

The above verse describes the church of Jesus Christ in the earth today about as well as is possible.

This is a sad but true fact.

To begin with, there was ever only intended to be one' church.
Jesus described it thusly.
Matt. 16: 18
"And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build 'my' church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against '(it)' "

First, notice the word 'my'. How many churches does this indicate?

Our first lesson is that the words
'my and church' are both singular.
Questions? How many churches are there suppose to be and to whom are they suppose to belong.?
The answers should and can only be 'one' and they belong 'to Jesus'.
Explain something then. Why are Christians running all over this earth saying come to 'my' church? Pastors inviting people to come to 'his' church?

Bad news, people! It's not nice to call anything 'mine', when it clearly belongs to someone else.

Why to men do this? The answer is both simple and obvious. Men think 'they' built it' and so that makes it right to call it 'mine'. News flash!

Don't bother inviting me to 'your church'. If it's yours, I have no desire or need to go.

Paul described this perfectly in 1st. Cor. 1:10,
"that there be 'no', 'no', 'no' divisions among you.” (partial)
How many divisions did God say there should be? He said none!!!

The reason that 'the church' is so divided is simply that every man wants to lay claim to his little piece of the pie.

News for all those who think this is alright with God: It's His pie!
It's all His! Jesus bought and paid for it, so stop putting men's names on what belongs to God and God alone.

My congregation, my sheep, my church!! MY, my, my. To speak the words, “You ought to come to Pastor Do-dad's church is an abomination unto God.

Question?? Have you ever heard any mega church mentioned without the pastor's name (the supposed builder of it) attached?

I didn't think so.

Catch number one is: Let Brother Do-dad fall and 'his' church will fall with him.

Catch number two is: When God shakes both heaven and earth again, when the shaking's over, that church will 'not' be standing.

Catch number three is: That church doesn't belong to Brother Do-dad so stop putting his name on it.

Catch number four is: Stop copying other men's success formulas and copy Jesus' formula as recommended by the Builder.

Preach 'the word'. Preach the truth rather than 'smooth words' which offend neither saint or sinner.

Following anyone other than Jesus' example can only end up being a house built with 'bricks without straw' .

The leader of this earth's largest denomination when ask by the leaders of Israel whether or not it was necessary to believe in Jesus to go to heaven. Can you guess the answer he gave?

His answer was no!

Why would the leader of one and a half billion Christians (so called at least) make such an ungodly statement. That answer also, is as plain as the nose on your own face.

The world wept at his passing. I said 'the world' wept at his passing.

How strange does this seem in the light of Jesus' words as found in St. John 15: 18-19:

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Because the 'world' mourned the passing of this 'great man of peace', the spiritual leader of the world's largest denomination, you can rest assured that this man was 'not' sent by God. You can be sure and certain that any so-called prophet, evangelist, apostle, pastor, or teacher who's words do 'not' offend 'the world', well, there's just no nice way to say this. They were 'not' sent by God. They are 'not' of God. They are 'not' to be believed, or followed.

Any who fall into the above category are only wells without water. They were sent but not by God. They only lead unto the broad way which leads to destruction.

They are many in number. They speak only smooth words. They do 'not' offend anyone but God.

They are loved 'by the world'.

They are many!!!

my only advice to anyone who reads these words.

Heed the words of the One who paid 'your' price for you

Matt. 24: 5

“”For 'many' shall come in my name, saying (that I, Jesus) am the Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Choose you this day 'who' you will believe! Choose you this day 'who' will you follow!

The only thing depending on your decision, is your eternity.

the end


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