I have learned by experience that when writing or even just talking about God's Word, it is often most difficult to find a stopping place.  This due for the most part because almost every scripture is tied to many others.  I have reached the conclusion there is 'no stopping place' when it comes to GOD'S WORD.

   Time and space permitting, I will endeavor to always keep coming back to the main subject.    As the title of this writing indicates,  the central theme is the Adding too and/or the Taking away from God's Word as written,  as well as  God's opinion of those who do these very things.

  Most of the subjects contained in this article will NOT be very pleasing to 'the flesh'.  Keep always in mind that God did NOT send us his Word to please our 'flesh' however, but to show us HOW we can 'OVERCOME' our flesh.

  Every time I hear God's Word either added too or taken away from,  I find it wise  to first try and understand Satan's methods, purpose, and motives.

  You need to understand that whether being  added too or taken away from, the motive and purpose will always  remain the same.  The method will only be changed slightly. Satan is like a master artist when it comes to teaching men to do these things.  The variations are almost endless.  Take away a little here, add a little there and sometimes even eliminating entire scriptures which would contradict the lies which they are trying to convince you to believe.  These practices are in exact opposition to God's Word which commands all believers to "Rightly divide  the Word."

  I know of no believer who, at one time or the other, hasn't believed something or another which they later found to be untrue.  Those who commit the very things mentioned in this article's title may do so because of being deceived and some even do so intentionally.  It is the latter group of which this article is primarily directed.    The important difference is whether or not they will receive correction 'from God' or whether they will choose NOT to.  God has corrected me on more than one occasion with the simple reminder that there has only ever been ONE PERFECT MAN.  That man's name is JESUS.

  Irregardless of any person's motive for teaching something that is untrue,  you need to understand that believing any lie concerning God's Word will ALWAYS and can ONLY lead to hurt and destruction .

  Let's start with God's opinion concerning those who change His Word by 'adding too or taking away from'.  One is equally as dangerous as the other.  There is no difference.  Revelations 22:19 - "If any man (or woman) for that matter, 'takes away' from the words of this book of this prophecy, God SHALL TAKE AWAY (their) part from the tree of LIFE, and from the things written in this book."  Back up only one verse and in that verse we read "If any man (person) shall 'add too' these things, God SHALL 'add too' him (them) the plagues that are written in this book."  I can not read either of these verses without realizing just how wonderfully fair and just God is.  Both of the two above quoted verses are but the fulfillment of Jesus' words found in John 12: 48 - "the word that I have spoken, the same (word) shall judge him (or her) in the 'last day'."  If you refuse to allow yourself to be fooled by words that should be in RED but aren't - you will know that it was Jesus himself who spoke the words found in verses 18 and 19 of chapter 22.  Here you have an excellent example of how one verse can quickly send you to another in order to fully understand the verse you are studying.  One moment you are in Revelations chapter 22 and the next, the Spirit of God will direct you back to John chapter 12 for understanding.  Let me say that those who hear NOT God's Spirit will never make the connection.  The inclusion of the word 'woman' and anything found in parenthesis are only for the purpose of helping the reader's understanding.  The NLT version of the Bible uses 'non-gender' specific words like everyone, anyone, and 'that person' for the same reason.  This in no way is included in God's promise to those who 'add too'.  I know of no other or any nicer way to say this, except to say - 'most people of our generation do NOT read very well'.  This also is Satan's doing and if you have trouble believing that,  just look at our schools of today.  Recall the three R's of older generations.  In past times those who did manage to make it thru school could write, read, and add.  It benefits Satan's purposes well that many today can read but have little or no comprehension of what they have just read.  A computer of our days can actually read written words but can NOT comprehend.

  Let's first begin with an excellent example of 'adding too'.  Revelations 4:1 - "After this I looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven:  and the first voice I heard was as if it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither and I will show you things which must be hereafter."  MANY have taken it unto themselves to 'add too' the words of this verse "after the churches are gone".  Now what exactly was it that we just learned in REV. 22:18 was God's promised reward for those who 'add too'?  Should you have forgotten already,  simply go back and re-read verse 18 again.  Those are God's Words - NOT MINE!    THE TRUTH of this matter is as follows.  It was  Jesus speaking to John, AND John only.  John is the ONLY ONE who heard these words.  How can we KNOW this from the Word?  Had Jesus been speaking to anyone other than John, then the entire Body of Christ in the earth at that time would have gone up also.  They did not.  John said very plainly in verse 1 "WHICH I HEARD" - Only John heard and ONLY John was 'caught up'.

Why would the 'Adding too' crowd go to this trouble?  The answer is both simple and very obvious.  This is 'their proof' that the 'church' is no longer on earth after chapter 4 and they use this as their 'evidence' that this is, The Time of the 'Rapture'.  Right about now would be a good time for you to wonder just exactly who it is, mentioned in Revelations 13: 7 that the beast will make war with for 3 and 1/2 years.  The Word of God says 'with the saints'.  Who are these saints?  Does this speak of Jews who have for centuries rejected Jesus as Messiah?  That's the problem with Lies.  One good lie requires another and then another and another.  The 'adding too' bunch had to come up with some explanation, so they concluded and now teach,  "oh, these are those who are saved after the RAPTURE."  Where is that 'written'?  Save your time - it's not.  Just another example on building a doctrine by placing one lie on top of another.  A clue to the Wise; building anything on a foundation of lies is foolish, to say the least.  Jesus is the 'SURE FOUNDATION' and God's Word teaches us that he (Jesus) is the TRUTH.  God has NEVER commanded or even recommended to anyone that they consult with their flesh to gain understanding of His Word.  Hello!  Your flesh will ALWAYS  tell you only 'what (your flesh) WANTS TO HEAR.  That is exactly the case with these 'Word Adders'.  How strange it seems now to see the word 'adders' appear.  Adders are a type of poisonous serpent.  Is it possible that God just pointed out the these 'word adders' are indeed like  poisonous serpents?  They were NOT sent by God because they mean you ONLY harm and NEVER your good.  Could you possibly believe that sometimes a rattlesnake might bite you for you own good?  

  In James chapter 1 and verse 5 - God says very plainly that "if any of you lack wisdom, let him (or her) ask of God, that (who) giveth to all men (or women) liberally, and upbraideth not; and it (WISDOM) SHALL BE given unto him (or her)."  Did you read anything in that verse which tells you to believe ANYTHING because it is the MAJORITY opinion?  I don't think you did.  One of the worst mistakes people can make is to believe that just because 'the majority' of some group  believe something to be true, that makes it TRUE.  What a mistake it is to believe that if ENOUGH people believe something, anything, that somehow it MUST be true.  What did Jesus say about that?  Matthew 7: 13-14 - "Enter in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and BROAD is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be which go in thereat:  Because straight is the gate and NARROW is the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it."  Now who will you choose to believe?  Jesus just said that the MANY are headed for destruction.  Does that not contradict the notion that SO MANY can't be wrong?  I think it's very plain but what you choose to believe is your choice not mine.  God won't make that choice for you and no man can.  I did not say they (men) would not try.  MANY do and always will.  Just understand that that choice is and forever will be yours and yours alone.  That's exactly why Jesus gave his life for you.  To make it possible for YOU to choose.  Before Calvary mankind had no choice.  You lived, you died, and when you died, you belonged to Satan.  Before Jesus paid our price, the destiny of all mankind was pre-determined.  No choice and NO WAY OUT.  Only Death and Hell waited for all mankind.  Sounds pretty bleak, huh?  Well it was.  The reality was then that you only had one life to live so you might as well grab for all the gusto (sin - pleasure) you could.  Mankind did.  Now who should you choose to believe? Let me see.  There's only one who loved you enough to die for you so maybe it's just possible to put all your trust in him.  His name is Jesus.  God has already told us in His Word that His WORD  is FOREVER settled in heaven.  It can NOT be changed or altered in any way.  Then, along come the MANY 'Word Changers' doing all within their power to try and get YOU to put your trust, not in Jesus, but in them.  Hello, it was NOT the MANY who died for me - it was THE ONE.  Back to the subject at hand.  Would a 'word changer' even think about or consider dying for someone, anyone?  Highly unlikely because they serve not Jesus but their own BELLIES.  Your life, your eternity, YOUR choice.

  Another popular method of adding too or taking away from God's Word is to simply change the meaning of common simple words that always have one meaning and one meaning only.  I'm not speaking here of complex words, the meaning of which can vary according to context.  I speak of simple words which always, and can only, have one meaning.  Some examples are the words like MANY, FEW, FIRST, LAST, and ALL.  Take for example the word MANY.  God's definition of this word MANY always, Always, ALWAYS,  means the largest portion or part.  It never, Never, NEVER means only a FEW.  Likewise the word FEW can never, Never, NEVER mean 'the largest part or portion'.  The very simple meaning of the word FIRST always means the first one of it's kind, and also, that there was never, Never, NEVER one of it's kind before.  In like fashion, the word LAST always means there will NOT ever be another one of it's kind.  The word LAST as used in the verse that speaks of the LAST trump of God, means there will NOT ever be another of it's kind.  The Truth twisters, and the word changers would have you to believe that something which happens at 'THE LAST TRUMP' (for example- the Resurrection and Rapture) will occur 7 or more years before the ONLY LAST TRUMP spoken of by God.  News flash for the P.H.D.'s and doctors of theology - when God says anything is the LAST of something, it means there will NEVER be another.   Always keep in mind who it was that originated the idea of changing what God said.  Remember in the original temptation how Satan said to Eve "hath God said" (this to see if she even knew what God said) and then proceeded to  state that "surely you shall not die" - ( planting doubt or that maybe she had misunderstood) and then 'THE CROWNING TOUCH' - Satan came up with the suggestion that God had some ulterior motive,  that being that God knew  in the day you eat thereof your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:5.  Exactly as those who 'add too' and 'take away' from today, his entire motive then was to get EVE to believe what he said,  rather than to believe what God had already said.  There is no difference between then and now.  Believe what God said, and you'll live - reject God's Word by choosing to believe it is NOT True, and you WILL STILL SURELY DIE.   There is truly, nothing new under the sun. 

  You need always remember that although MANY seek to change God's Word into a flesh pleasing LIE, it can NOT be done.  I did not say that MANY won't try.  I only mention this so you realize Who's Word will stand forever.  Everything and ALL things which God said will happen - WILL HAPPEN - and WHEN and HOW also.  How realistic are the movies about the tribulation and the anti-christ?  Usually someone is seeking to kill or stop the 'anti-christ' when God has already said exactly what he ( the anti-christ ) will do and just exactly how close he will come to achieving his evil plan.  Oh well, that's movies for you.  Here we are talking about the REAL THING.  God's Word is the REAL THING and it will NEVER be changed nor can it be. 

  Satan's battle plan is simple.  For those who've Never heard the gospel - keep them from hearing it.  Satan's plan for all those who have heard and received THE TRUTH (the gospel) he simply sows doubt, lies, and his spirit of unbelief in hopes of causing as many as he can to depart 'FROM THE FAITH'.  Working thru and by deceived men and women who have chosen to believe lies rather than THE TRUTH, he commands his children ( tares ) to follow his lead. 

  Let us examine the TRUTH that tells us that the Last Few years on this earth will be literally 'hell on earth'.  How likely is it  that anyone's flesh would love hearing that lovely bit of news?  The Truth  plainly says that many saints will be required to love God enough to literally 'lay down their very lives. How many?  I can tell you from the Word, a multitude, a multitude.  Why would a christian  choose to hear and believe a lie rather than the TRUTH?  One reason is that they are motivated not by God's Spirit of Love but by Satan's spirit of FEAR.  Should you ever find yourself in the position of having to choose between denying Jesus or losing you life - which would you choose? 

  Understanding a deceivers methods and motives are your best hope of defending against them.  In summary of  all this, let's just say it all again in one big long sentence - Deceivers will seek to 'take away' from the TRUTH, they will seek to 'add too' the TRUTH, they will attempt to change the meaning of words which always have only one meaning , they will seek to eliminate entire scriptures by saying that these scriptures no longer apply to christians, and they will seek to do away with entire passages by saying they only apply to the nation of Israel.  The MANY Jesus warns us of will even go as far as establishing their 'own rules' which they  apply only in places where they seem to prove their point, but not where they would seem to contradict the lie they want you to BUY.  How very convenient for these Truth Twisters.  Not only do they make their own rules, but also get to decide when those rules do apply and when they don't, and  to whom they apply and to whom they don't. 

  Why would you think that tens of millions of books have been sold teaching this 'GREAT ESCAPE' (the man-made theory of the rapture taking place at least 7 years prior to the great tribulation) and why have they been so EAGERELY accepted?  Write one titled 'You may be required by God to lay down your life', and see how many copies you'll sell.  Not many I'm thinking. 

    Any man or woman can come to you saying that 'Jesus is Lord' which he certainly is, but, does that mean that this same Jesus is that man's or woman's Lord.  It just as certainly does NOT.  In many cases that's just their way of getting in your door.  They may even come saying that God sent them to give you new understanding and revelations from Him.  Does this guarantee that they were indeed sent by God?  Would you expect a deceiver to come saying, " I am a deceiver and I've come to deceive you."  I don't think so! 

  There are many tale-tale signs of whether  someone has or has not,  really been sent by God.  One is that the deceivers will always seek to profit by your believing in both them and their words.  They will seek to turn that which God gave them into merchandise.  Can you find anywhere in God's Word where Jesus scheduled a meeting and then charged admission or a registration fee?  I know you will find  MANY who do so today.  Had Jesus done likewise only the rich would have gotten to hear the 'sermon on the mount'.  I myself have seen tickets on sale on the Internet for as high as $150.00 for one up front seat to hear and see one of today's PROFITS. And no that word is not misspelled, because that is exactly what they are.   That's really sad and it's even sadder that most christians of our day aren't even able to recognize this evil.  It is not necessary to call any names.  Check out some of the big name preachers of today and see it for yourself. 

  When you hear any man ( or woman ) say that God can't get the job done without Money, Jets, Satellites, etc. etc. , you can be CERTAIN that God did NOT send that person.  God has never sent anyone anywhere to tell you what He can't do.  He sent Jesus to tell you what He CAN DO.  When you hear any preacher promising you a share of their reward if you'll only supply them, you might wish to reconsider that you may Not wish to share in 'their' reward.  Should you find out someone is a 'word changer' I'm fairly certain you wouldn't like the reward for that.   Remember we started out in Revelations 22 and the rewards for those who do this very thing is NOT something to be desired.

  As stated before, no-one likes to think about suffering or even dying for anything, well guess what - Jesus wasn't too thrilled about Calvary but he went anyway.  It is God and God alone who determines how things are GOING to be and no word-changer can alter that.  Get use to believing that, as it is exactly how things are going to be.  Should God show you plainly that someone, anyone, is one of those written about in this study, then do like Jesus said, " get away from them, go not after them."  Should  anyone  support those who seek to change what God has already said? I do  NOT THINK SO.  What you think brings us right back to YOUR CHOICE - YOUR DECISION.  My advice to everyone is the same.  Compare everything you hear and see  to those things that you already KNOW  God has already spoken and then, stick with God.   This is our prayer for you and  I'm equally as certain that is God's will for you also. "Let him who hath an ear, hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches"       


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