One might assume by this title that they are about to read about some Ringling Brothers circus side show. That is not the case here however, because this article is not based on anything even closely related to fantasy or fiction. This story is not only 'true' but is in fact based upon 'THE TRUTH', God's WORD. James 1:8 “A double minded man is unstable in 'ALL' his ways.” Do not let the word 'man' fool you. There are just as many double minded women as there are men, so remember always that the word 'man' most often has nothing to do with 'gender'. The picture I am attempting to paint here is only for the sake of your being able to visualize the person identified in our title, as literally, 'a man with two heads'. If we shift into reverse and go back only 2 verses to verse 6 we can gain additional understanding. Verse 6 “But let him (that person) ask 'in faith', nothing wavering. For he (whosoever) that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” So far we should be able to picture a two-headed man struggling for his life in the sea. One head argues with the other saying, “I believe God will save me.” The other head says “oh no, I'm not about to trust my life to a God I've never seen.” We could go on and on and on with this imaginary argument but, the simple truth is, this man is about to perish. Our imaginary 'two headed man' is about to receive God's promised consequences for ALL who are double minded. That man (or person) will receive 'no help from God', unless one head takes control of his body and somehow manages to silence the old unbelieving head. There is a verse in God's Word which tells us that Jesus said “No man can serve two masters.” (partial) Like wise, no single body can live while obeying two contradicting leaders. One says go and the other says stay. One says 'I can' while the other insists 'I can't'. Shall or even can this imaginary two headed man expect to receive any help from the Lord? God has 'already' answered that for us in Verse 7 - “For let NOT that man, 'the double-minded', think he shall receive any thing of the Lord.” Back to our story of the 'two-headed man.' The one head started out by saying “I've believed God and I will STAND.” The second head replies after only a few days, “We've been standing for three days and seen nothing, we're going back to the world.” A short recap here. So far, what we've seen from this picture, sadly to say, represents the vast majority, of those in the Body of Christ today. No surprise since Jesus prophesied this very thing for the 'Last Day'. Most Christians (so-called) start out believing God for something and even before God has time to answer their prayers, they have already changed what they started out believing Him for. This person may have well started out sincere, but without the patience God mentions often in His Word, the chances of that person ever receiving from God, 'slim and none'. The U.S. Marines have for their motto “Looking for a few good men.” That's the same exact thing God is looking for. He is not seeking two headed men or women. Those who can never make up their minds about anything. Whether to come or to go, to stand or to run away, to believe God or not to believe. You need to consider also, that it is the nature of mankind to seek to find some reasons why their failures are never the result of anything they did or did not do. One of the most common explanations, is simply that God doesn't do things like that anymore. Well la te da. Next week that person will find out he's dying and then you'll see them go right back to deciding that, 'believing God is the way to go'. Should you have convinced your self that these 'two-headed, double-minded creatures are rare, you'd perhaps better reconsider. This has become the 'NORM' for the majority of those calling themselves by His name. If it should be the case that you've never seen or heard of a truly single-minded person, may I suggest you 'LOOK AT JESUS'. Have you ever found yourself arguing with 'yourself'? Jesus used the phrase “let thine eye be single,” to describe the very same thing. You need to decide once and for all, that you WILL have only ONE head. Let that 'ONE HEAD BE JESUS'. Learn to hear His voice, to obey His voice, to believe and do what he says to do. Jesus also said “if your hand offend you, cut it off.” “if your eye offend you, pluck it out.” If you find yourself living the life of a 'two headed man', cut them both off. This article concludes as it began. With the TRUTH from God's very own WORDS. James 1:7 “ For let 'not' that man (person) think that he or she will receive ANYTHING from the LORD.” It is time for the Church today to understand just what this word anything includes. When God says that a 'double-minded person will receive NOTHING from the LORD, it means exactly what it says. Salvation is one of the things we can receive only from God. There will be no, None, not ONE double minded man or woman who will inherit the Kingdom of God. There will be NO two headed men or women in Heaven. You will find multitudes of this strange species here on earth however. You must decide that there is 'no profit' in being double-minded. God said that there was NOT. Let your eye be single and set on Jesus. Let your mind also be single, guided only by God's Word and by His Spirit. Exactly how would 'anyone', have any hope of being singled minded? The ONLY hope any of us have of doing that is to do it according to God's Word. Do it the way God has commanded us to do it. Hebrews 12:2 “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” When the storms come, and they will come, when the winds blow, and they will blow, when the enemy comes at you like a flood, and he will come, “Look at Jesus.” Jesus is not only our saviour, our Lord and High Priest, but He is also to be our example as well. Look in God's Word and find out how He (Jesus) walked and then, keeping your eyes always on Him do all within your power to walk like He walked. 1st John 2:6 The only hope any person has of not being just another common, garden variety 'two-headed' man, is to make Jesus your head and you be content to be 'only the body' always following His voice. Jesus alone knows the way to Life, and no one will receive that Life without Him. This is our prayer for all people everywhere, and I believe with all my heart that this is God's prayer also. AMEN and AMEN.

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