(a true testimony of God's Love)

This morning, in the wee hours of the morning my Loving Heavenly Father
brought to my rememberence an event
from many, many years ago.

This story actually has nothing 'unique' only
 to with me personally, although it happened  to me.
I say that because this story has more
than likely taken place in the lives of many,
many people.

As in the words of a very old gospel song
which some reading these words may or may
have never heard.

 The name of that song is “It is no
 Secret” (what God can do)
 I make no claims of being much of
 a writer but can only
 relate this true story as best I can.

I was about 20 years of age and married a couple
of years and had two sons.
The first we named Kenneth Dean
and the youngest we named Keith Allen.

I was in the U.S.Navy and had been sent
to Washington D.C. For schooling on
a new computer system about to be installed
on the U.S. Saratoga, a U.S. Aircraft Carrier.

For the first time in my marriage I
was separated from my wife and children.
I hated being split apart.

I was schedualed to attend schooling for a couple of months.

This took place so long ago that I can only
estimate the dates as best I can.

I had been there in Wash. D.C. For only
a few weeks when I received a phone call
from my wife saying that our youngest
son Keith was in Stanford Univ. Hospital
with double pneumonia and was
not expected to live until the next day.

Because it was after hours (around 6 Pm
as I remember) I could not leave for Calif.
until the next morning.

To attempt to describe the agony and torment
would require far much more writing skill than
I have, so let it suffice to say
that I was tormented beyond anything
I had previously thought possible.

Minutes became like hours and seconds ticked by so slowly
 that it seemed like that second
hand moved one tick forward and two back.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity
it was time for lights out. That was 10 PM
and I still had to wait until 8 AM before the personal office would be open so that I could obtain the necessary paperwork.

Then there was only darkness and I had no
idea of how much time had passed.
For what seemed to be an eternity
I prayed, I begged, I pleaded, I cried.

I can thank my God that he didn't allow
Satan access to tempt me at this time
because I'm not certain what I would
have given for my son's life.

I know now for sure and certain that
my God will not allow us to be tempted
beyond that which we are able to bear.

When I think about the word Eternity
today I feel as I do have some idea
as to how very long that would seem to
one in Hell, because that's exactly
where I felt I was at.

Finally, after this eternity or so it seemed
had passed, I heard the nightwatchman
making his rounds thru our barracks.
As he passed my bunk, I whispered
to him, asking what time is it.

He shined his flashlight on his watch
and whispered back, “it's exactly MIDNIGHT.”
12 PM in Wash.D.C.

That was the last thing I remembered.
It seemed the very next instant it was
morning and I was on a plane headed
for Calif.

My wife was to pick me up
at San Francisco Airport.

My eyes searched frantically the front entrance to S.F.airport and then,
 I saw her coming in the front door.

As I walked towards her
 my eyes looked deeply into hers
and I remember the feeling of dread
for what she might say as to Keith's

For what seemed to me like forever
not one word was spoken.

Finally I broke the silence.
I ask, and Keith?

The most amazing look came
on her face and her words were,
something very strange
 happened last night at 9 oclock.

One minute there were
as many doctors surrounding Keith
as they could get around him,
and at the exactly 9PM
he was instantly well and whole.

Keep in mind that Keith had already
ceased to live several times.
They would bring him
back, & then he would die again.

As we headed off to Stanford Univ. Hospital
I don't remember a word being spoken.
I do plainly remember the deal I
had struck with my God.

“Please don't let my son die.”
“Save my son
 and I'll serve you
 all the days of my life.”

Of course there is much more to THE REST OF THE STORY
 as Paul Harvey would say, but,
would you like to know the very most
amazing part of all.

It was almost 12 years later when I came
across a story in the Bible.
That story is found in John 4: 46 – 52
It reads as follows.

“So Jesus came again
  into Cana of Galilee,
 where he made the water
  wine. And there was
  a certain nobleman,
 whose son was sick
 at Capernaum.”

“When he heard that Jesus was come out
 of Judaea into Galilee,
 he went unto him,
 and besought him
 that he would come down,
and heal his son:
 for he was at the point
of death.”

“Then said Jesus unto him,
  Except you see signs
 and wonders,
 you will not believe.”

“The nobleman saith unto him,
  Sir, come down ere my child die.”

“Jesus said unto him, Go thy way;
 thy son liveth.
 And the man believed
 the word that Jesus had spoken
 unto him, and went his way.”

“And as he was now going down,
 his servants met him, and told him
 saying, Thy Son liveth.”

“Then enquired he of them THE HOUR
  he began to amend.
  And they said unto him,
 at the seventh hour
  the fever left him.”

“So the man 'KNEW'
  that it was (at the same hour),
  in the which Jesus said unto him,
 Thy son liveth: and himself believed,
  and his whole house.”

 Just in case anyone who reads these words
 has missed the similarity between this story
 an mine let me provide a clue.

At 12 midnight in Wash. D.C. A poor tormented
soul cried out to his God in agony and torment.

Cried out to the same God he had believed
in since 7 years of age. This same God he loved as a child
but had thought he had outgrown any
need for.
This same faithful friend who I had
so long ago forgotten,
He heard the cries of a lonely
and tormented soul.

He gave unto me
the greatest Peace I had ever
known. I came back to him
and he gave me rest.

I called on his name
and he remembered me.
This very same person
 who I had so joyfully sang praises
to and about.
 He remembered. He heard my cry.

 I pray you know of whom I speak.
 He is truly
 the faithful and true witness.
The Beginning and the End.
To many, He is Alpha and Omega.
to tell only the Truth,
on that particular day I knew
none of those names,

I knew only ONE NAME
on that day
That name as I pray
 you have figured out
 by now, was JESUS!


 If by some miracle you missed this
 let me just conclude by mentioning
 that MIDNIGHT in Wash. D.C.
 Is exactly 9 P.M.in California

God bless all for taking of their time
to hear my true testimony and story.

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